1dfulday said:

hey what is post/30927919031/but-harrys-face-when-that-girl-winked-at-him from???? the photo of harry being winked at? x

well here’s the video for a start. it’s on next week’s x factor australia, where one direction are judge’s houses mentors for the groups. in the new girlband put together a la belle amie/little mix, this annoying as all shit theatre chick winked at the boys during their song, and hence the face he pulled. looks funny. won’t be airing on tv until next week. :) xxx

1dfulday said:

can i just watch the olympics on tv?im from australia and do i need to watch it at 6 on the tv or on the live stream? xxxx message back please :)

um well if your from Australia not including perth coz thats just a shit hole where we are two fucking hours behind but anyway then it might be on channel 9 or fox but check, if not just live stream at 6

1dfulday said:

hey can I please have a "Keep Calm because 1D love Georga" IT WOULD MAKE MY DAY!!! xxxx

I’m so sorry but I currently have 43 requests waiting so requests are closed. I will let you know when they are opened again :)