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loucentric, jurassiclouis, 1dfanficrealness, imaginelarry

l- lovely posts and cute sb pic

j- nice blog

1- it’s a fanfic blog…wtf do you want me to say

i- i hate the theme and there’s literally just answered asks like how the fuck do i judge it 

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One where Harry and Niall get angry over Elouner and Zerrie and decides to forget it all with a trip to Spain. Where they share a cute kiss, with blushing Niall ?? Fluffyness Toothache??

Choice - 1dfanficrealness

Zayn isn’t ready to come out with Niall and Louis is delusional, thinking that he loves Eleanor more than Harry. 

Sorry, can’t write it. There’s already this story that I freaking love to the moon and back so I’ll just end up regurgitating the same plot line! I’m sorryyyy ): 

So I was just sitting there, in the living room, reading Tommy’s “Exhibitionist” on my phone and munching on choco smoki when my grandad asks me: “what is that?”
“just a choco smoki”
“what is that?” he looks confused
“It’s somki covered in chocolate” I say slowly
“oh” and with that he takes one from the bag and eats,  and his face looks like Dumbledore’s when he ate earwax jelly bean on first year.