i'm doing this!
1D Editing Challenge:
  • Favourite member
  • Favourite ship/bromance 
  • A bromance/ship you would like to see more of
  • The first One Direction video you remember watching 
  • Make a lyrical edit using a non one direction song
  • Make a lyrical edit using a one direction song
  • Funniest moment - whether in an interview, video diary, twitcam etc.
  • Favourite x factor performance
  • Favourite music video
  • Your favourite quote from any of the boys
  • Favourite scenery from one of the music videos
  • Create an AU or ‘dreamcast’
  • Any sort of edit showing the physical transformation of one/or all of the boys
  • An edit that represents zayn
  • An edit that represents harry
  • An edit that represents niall
  • An edit that represents louis
  • An edit that represents liam
  • A moment where you were really proud of them