1D Photo/Gif Challenge - Day 1: Favourite member

Harry stole my heart quickly after I discovered 1D and the situation hasn’t changed since then. I mean look at that hair and dimples and alsdhlskd he’s just perfect. He’s also the first celebrity that I’ve actually taken the time to find information of and I’m glad I did. It would be my dream come true if I ever got to meet him, because wow. I’ve never in my life met anyone as genuine and kind as he is. I just hope everything good for him in his life and, yeah… He’s one of the only people that I can honestly say, thank you for existing.


1D Photo/Gif Challenge - Day 3: Favourite girlfriend

I thought about putting Eleanor here but a) I couldn’t find good photos of her and b) she is a beard after all, so. Hah. (I do find Eleanor really cute and she probably is a nice person, though, so. Yeah.)

So, Perrie it is. I don’t really know anything about her because I don’t care about the girlfriends in this band, but from what I’ve gathered via my dash she seems really funny and nice and hey, she is pretty. I mean, she is one of the people that make me doubt my sexuality. Seriously haha.