All I’ve ever wanted is for someone to save me.

Body Evolution through the years
She is beautiful no matter what size she is.
And she loves herself and she is happy and healthy.


You were just getting into bed with your book. You turned the TV on, put on the radio and curled up with the pillow that Louis used when he was home. It smelled like him.Your phone rang and lit up with a picture of Louis pursing his lips into a kiss so it pressed up against the screen so when you held it to your cheek it seemed like he was kissing you. “Hi baby,” you said into the phone cheerfully when you answered. “How was your night?” You asked. Exactly 12 hours time difference, you were going to sleep and he was waking up just in time for lunch.

“Hi, love,” he said with a world-weary sigh. “It was okay,” he mumbled. He missed snuggling with you and really wanted to be in his warm cozy bed with you.

“What’s wrong, babe?” You asked. “You sound upset,” you frowned. “What’s up?” You asked and closed your book.

“I miss you,” he said quietly after a minute. You smirked sadly and sighed.

“I miss you, too, baby,” you said softly. “But I can come visit. And you can come home for a few days if you’d like…what’s the matter?” you questioned. It had to be somehting else. It was easy to fix missing each other because you were coming up on weeks where you wouldn’t be teaching and even so, all you had to do was take a couple days off or something and get a good visit in with Louis.

Visiting Louis was so much fun. It was busy and made you exhausted, but it was so much fun. You had to squeeze in as much time as you possibly could with the love of your life and quickly adjust to the time zone before you had to go back home and readjust. Which is why you felt bad Louis missed you this badly. He knew you could come out to see him soon…so you figured it was something else.

“I think I miss my mum more,” he said softly. “And I want to see you so badly…but I feel like it’s been months since I hugged my mum,” he said and his voice cracked. “I miss her so much, love,” he said softly. He felt like a little kid but he had to say it. He loved his mother and desperately wanted to see her.

“Louis, what are you telling me for? Go visit her,” you rolled your eyes. Louis was getting annoyed. He didn’t want to sound like a Momma’s boy or offend you or make you feel bad.

“If I go see her, then, I won’t see you…” he mumbled in conclusion

“So?” You asked and shook your head not understanding what he was rambling about. You put your book on the nightstand.

He sighed heavily–a bit peeved that you couldn’t put two and two together. “I don’t want to make you mad by not seeing you,” he said softly. “Because I really miss you too and want to see you too.”

You paused a second and you tilted your head as you listened to Louis huff and puff. “Are you asking me for permission to see your mother?” You asked curiously.

He sighed. “Yes,” he grumbled. He could hear the argument ready to go in your tone.

“Louis Tomlinson I’m currently booking you a flight to land in your mother’s backyard, you idiot,” you rolled your eyes and grabbed your laptop out of your bag beside your bed. “You’re free when? Next weekend?” You asked.

He chuckled. “Love,” he said softly. “I just…”

“Shut up,” you said. “You’re literally an idiot. Do whatever you want,” you said knowingly. “Friday morning 11 AM, you’ll get there around dinner, sound good?” You asked sweetly.

He smiled into the phone as he listened to you. You were a force to be reckoned with. He loved that about you. You meant business and you wouldn’t take no for an answer if it’s not the one you were looking for. Louis knew you for years. He met you when he was twenty and he was just gone for you. He thought you were hysterical and you were always ready to get what you wanted when you wanted it. It took him three years of friendship to admit to you that he was in love with you. Now he was just wrapped around your finger. You did everything to keep your relationship sound. It was easy. Yes, you missed him. But you visited him more than he deserved. It hurt your sleeping patterns but you promised you did it out of love. “I’m gonna call my mum, I’ll call you back, yeah? Don’t fall asleep?” He asked.

“I’m here,” you promised and snuggled into his pillow. He grinned excitedly as he talked to his mum. “Can I come visit Friday?” He asked and told her that you were cool with it.

“Of course,” Jay said to her son. “Are you bringing your lovely lady?” She asked.

Louis hadn’t thought about it. “Uh…I don’t know. She might–”

“Did you ask her?” Jay wondered.

“Erm…no, I told her I really missed you and I didn’t–”


“Jeez! Sorry, Mum, I know. I’ll bring her. I’ll see you Friday. Kiss the kiddos for me,” he said sweetly. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too, honey,” she answered. “I’ll see you both Friday,” she said knowingly. Louis dialed you back immediately his heart bursting in excitement at the thought of seeing you and his family.

“Mm,” you hummed sleepily.

“You have to come with me or I’m not allowed to go,” he said softly. “Mum’s orders.”

You smirked. “Mm…” you sighed. “That could be arranged,” you mumbled.

He sighed heavily with relief and a huge smile. “Really beautiful?” He asked excitedly.

“Anything for you,” you said tiredly.

“Thank you, thank you, love. I’ll let you sleep. Have the best dreams. I love you so much, baby, you’re wonderful–I’ll see you soon, yeah?” He asked.

“I love you too, Lou. I’ll see you Friday,” you yawned. “Have a good day,” you dropped your phone on the floor and fell asleep.


Louis was bouncing all over the back of the cab in excitement. He was going to see all the girls (and the little lad) he wanted to for a whole weekend. He was barely out of the car before he was attacked by his sisters. It smelled like home, perfume and just everything he loved about Doncaster. Lottie was carrying Ernie and his mum had Doris in her arms. Louis kissed and hugged all of them and then he passed Doris to Fizzie and he squeezed his mom in a hug. He buried his face in her neck and she smiled softly and held him tightly. One of the babies cooed and reached for you as you came outside. You smiled brightly at the sight of Louis and grabbed Ernie from Lottie. “Hi,” you kissed his forehead. “Is Lou here?” You asked. “Huh?” You bounced him gently and held him on your hip as you looked on. Louis looked up hearing your voice and his heart skipped a few beats.

“Hey gorgeous,” Louis said. His voice was choked with emotion. You smiled softly at him. Jay took Ernie from you and Louis scooped you up into his arms and twirled you around. The girls awed and you blushed as you snuggled into his neck. Yeah, he missed his mom a lot–but looking at you he didn’t realize how much he missed you. He would have shoved his foot in his mouth if he didn’t listen to his mother and invite you. You giggled as you squeezed him tightly. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, baby,” you smiled. “I’m here now. And we can have a snuggle party with the kiddies later, so enjoy your visit, go on,” you nodded to him. He kissed your lips once and it wasn’t enough, but it would hold him over till later. You were playing with Ernie while the kids were getting their ducks in a row before bed time. You smiled at him and kissed his forehead. “Hi, little one. You must be so happy to see your big brother,” you cooed. “He sure missed you,” you told him.

Louis smiled at Doris and kissed her nose. “I’m gonna play with Ernie now,” he told her as if she understood. She squealed happily and he looked over at you. “Babes,” he said softly. You smiled at him and kissed Ernie on the cheek before trading the babies. Louis pulled Ernie close to him and looked at him. “You’re my big boy, right?” He asked. “You’re going to get big and strong and defend Doris right?” He asked. “Because I’m not going to be here to keep an eye on you two all the time.” Ernie giggled at his big brother and you snuggled with Doris until she was drifting asleep. “I love you so much,” he told Ernie.

You smiled gently. “You’re going to be an amazing dad,” you told Louis. He bit his lip.

“Am I?” He wondered insecurely and he whispered. “In my lifetime, I’ve had…Jesus…four dads?” He asked. “I don’t know if I know the first thing of being a dad.”

“You do though. You’ve helped take care of all your siblings and they all love you and you’re supportive, kind, caring, and just wonderful, Louis Tomlinson. Don’t you dare put yourself down because I won’t let you. You are going to be an amazing father,” you promised. He couldn’t stop smiling at you. You knew what to say always. Always knew what to do to make him feel better about everything. From a trip to his mum’s, to a word of encouragement for his future. You were wonderful.

“You’re going to be my partner in crime–right?” He asked shyly. You blushed.


“C’mon babe, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about kids with your hair and my eyes. They’d be gorgeous,” he smiled. “And you’d be a wonderful mother. Probably better than my father skills.”

You smirked. “Are you sure? Because we’re likely to have twins,” you told him.

“Oh, babe, we’re having kids until I have boy,” he told you. “So you better hope we get a boy and a girl on the first set of twins or you’re going to be awfully busy,” he said with a knowing smirk that made your stomach flutter with what his implication was. You bit you lip as you blushed.

“Louis! The girls want a song!” Jay called. Louis smiled.

“Duty calls,” he said and kissed each of the twins leaving them with you and then pressing another kiss to your lips. “Lots of babies,” he promised. You blushed more and smiled after the sweet boy who was going to sing his siblings to sleep. You looked down at the twins and smiled at them as you tickled each of their bellies.

“You guys have the best big brother in the world,” you promised. “And he loves you both with all his heart,” you smiled and kissed their noses and they giggled. You smiled as you listened to Louis’s voice sing the girls to sleep upstairs. This was going to be a wonderful weekend.

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