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How You Meet

What He Calls You

He Cheats On You   |   Part Two   

You Go To A Wedding Together

He’s Punk   |   Part Two   |   Part Three

He Gets You A Gift

A One Direction Member Likes You (Ashton/Calum)



You Adopt A Pet Together

He’s Sick




Psychotic!Michael   |   Part Two


Half A Heart (Ashton)

This (Calum) 

#179 - When You First Hold Hands

Harry: It’s during your first public outing. It had only been a couple days wince had officially asked you out, and you two had just decided to go public immediately after. However, as the crown gathered and continued to grow, Harry’s fingers automatically and unconsciously laced with yours tightly and protectively.

Liam: It’s during your first date. It was a cliche movie date, but you had both agreed that it would be fun. It was during a particularly scary part, and as much as Liam was trying to hide, you knew he was frightened. A jumpy part popped up on screen and he jumped as well, his hand grabbing onto yours and squeezing.

Niall: It’s also during your first kiss. Your nerves are getting the best of you and you aren’t even sure you can do it. Your palms are all clammy and you’re just about to back out but Niall stops you. He grabs your hands, not caring that they were the way they were, leaning in and closing the space, leaving you to forget about the nerves and focus on him.

Zayn: It’s when you come over and he’s quite eager to show you something. The minute your shoes are off, he has your hand tangled with his, pulling you up to his room. He stops in the doorway, gesturing to the giant mural he’s started. As much as you were admiring it, you couldn’t help but notice your hand still in his.

Louis: It’s when he’s introducing you to his family for the first time. Your heart is pounding and your hands are nervously playing with a loose string from your sweater. He notices this and reaches over, grabbing both of your hands in his and turning to you. He gives you a reassuring smile, keeping one hand in his as the door opens.

Niall ~ He’s the School BadBoy/Punk

I arrived at my new school quite early this morning, since I was new I didn’t want to be late because there’s a massive possibility that is get lost and be late for class. I spoke to the deputy head and she got another student in the same year as me to show me around. She showed me around to my classes, she used me as an excuse to be late to her classes, which was accepted. Then I sat with her and her friends at lunch. We all had a lot in common and became friends.

I looked up from my food and saw a very attractive guy. He had pink hair, a lip ring and lots and lots of tattoos. I’m not usually the girl that goes for the punk or the bad boys but I was drawn to him. “Wh-who’s that?” I asked not wanting to point. “Oh Niall, no. You need to promise us you stay away from him. Don’t even say hi, Y/N, seriously. He’s trouble”

“like, what kind of trouble?” I took my gaze away from Niall and to the girl that spoke before. Another girl spoke, “he’s trouble Y/N, that should be enough to know to stay away from him”

“uhh, okay” I was a bit disappointed and returned my gaze to where Niall was standing, but he was gone.

The bell rang and we walked to our classes, one of the girls was in my next class and walked with me. I sat next to her in the middle of the class and listened to what the teacher was teaching us. Someone tapped my shoulder, I tried to ignore it thinking it was an accident but they tapped again. I turned around and saw a boy that I recognised, he was standing with Niall at lunch.


“Go to the bathroom”


“I said, go to the bathroom. Like now”

“why? I don’t need to go”

“Just. Go”.

I could tell he was getting a little impatient with me, but why did I need to go to the bathroom? I got curious and raised my hand, “yes, Y/N?”

“May I use the bathroom”

“sure” I got up and he handed me a pass.

I went to the bathroom, walking around a bit not really sure where it was. Once I found it there was a boy standing outside the door, Niall.

“Ahh, you actually came?”

“Uhm” I didn’t exactly know what to say. I had a tiny feeling it was going to be Niall just because that boy knew Niall.

“So Liam got you to come then, looks like I owe him”

“Did you want to talk or something?”

“More than talk” he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the girls bathroom. “You’re not allowed in-” I was cut off by his lips being roughly pressed against mine. Once I realised what was happening I kissed back. He pulled away but left his lips lingering on mine, our foreheads pressed together.

“I saw you staring at me at lunch”

“Oh uhm. Sorry I-”

“Hey, never said I didn’t like it. What’s your name gorgeous?”

“Y- Y/N” I stuttered, breath Y/N breath. “Lovely name”, Niall kissed me again and pushed me back into a stall, closing and locking the door behind him. I was pushed against the wall in the tiny bathroom stall while Niall’s fingers were playing at the hem of my shirt. He pulled away and tugged my shirt off, then pulling his off.

His lips returned to the heated skin of my neck and left a mark. I moaned out as he kept kissing, sucking and nibbling on my soft skin. “Gotta be quiet so we don’t get caught” he made a valid point, if I got caught having sex in the bathroom on my first day I’d be in deep shit. Niall’s fingers wrapped around my back and unhooked my bra, putting it on the closed toilet seat.
His hands massaged my boobs for a few minutes before we kissed again and he began unbuttoning my bottoms. The fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. I did the same for him and he stepped out of his jeans. Leaving us both in our underwear, Niall’s hands grasped my bottom and pulled me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and was slammed against the stall door.

His lips began kissing at my neck and jaw again as he put me down and pulled down my knickers. I pulled down his briefs and he picked me up once again. He lined himself up with my entrance and plunged himself into me. He kept the same speedy pace, thrusting into me. I bit my lip to try and hold my moans in, because I didn’t want to get caught. Niall continued thrusting into me and I wouldn’t last much longer. Niall thrusted deeper than before and hit that spot in my as I nearly screamed out. “Baby, although I’d love to hear you scream my name you’re going to have to wait until after school” Niall whispered into my ear. I moaned out at the thought of going for round two at his house. Niall continued to hit that spot within me and I was so close to my release.

“Ni, I’m I’m gonna”

“let it go baby, cum all over my cock” his words finished it for me. He rode out my high but he still hadn’t finished. I was spun around and seated on the closed toilet seat. He pulled out of me as I gasped at the emptiness of myself. He pumped his member quickly, flicking his wrist occasionally. “Open your mouth baby, wide” I opened my mouth as wide as it would go as Niall came. His warm release squirting into my mouth and around my lips. I swallowed willingly and licked my lips.

Niall groaned at the sight and brought me to him for another heated kiss. We put back on all of our clothes as Niall kissed my lips sweetly.

“Meet me at my car after school?”

“Of course” I smiled back, kissing his lips again. We hurried back out of the bathroom and into our classes. I had to make up some stupid excuse of why it took me so long, I said it took me most of the time finding the bathroom, then finding my way back.

The bell rang seconds later and Liam gave me a wink him knowing the real reason I took so long. And once school was over I met Niall at his car to go back to his for our second round.

Yes I put a Veronica Mars picture in, because I ship them hard (and it’s an amazing TV show)

Two Truths & A Lie - Chapter 11

Well, if anyone knew how to make me feel like shit about myself, it was Harry Styles. For the rest of the day, and the day after that, and even the day after that, I was tormented by the fact that I really had treated him like he was a complete asshole. To be fair, for a while, he was. It took him forever to warm up to me, but as soon as he did, I became the asshole. But I was only being cautious because he was an asshole before. Gosh, everyone was an asshole.

It didn’t matter how I went about explaining it to myself - I officially felt horrible. He was attempting (in a very odd way) to make friends. The least I could do was find him a decent date for Homecoming, and with just two days left before the dance, I needed to move fast. Oh, don’t hate me. It was part of my personality - helping people all the freakin’ time. Instead of trying to suck girls into a “Harry Styles” themed conversation and determine how worthy they were to be Styles’ date, I resorted to just flat-out asking who had a date and who didn’t. When a girl told me she had yet to be asked to the dance, my next question was, “Have you ever started a rumor about dating Harry Styles?”

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"More Than This" - Niall Mini Series (part four)

[Catch up with parts one, two & three]          

          There seems to be endless amounts of time to think when you’re flying 30,000 feet above ground, on an eight and a half hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean, by yourself. And to be honest, thinking was about all I ever seemed to do these days. Thinking about my life, my future, Niall Horan, and the outrageous fact that I was currently on my way to seeing him in person for only the second time in my life.

            It has been exactly six months, and eleven days since I’d last seen Niall, and that meant it was approaching the three-month mark of when he and I had first started sending our daily messages to each other on Twitter. Three months of effortless conversation, and three months of late night text messages, and various phone calls. Three whole months of face breaking smiles, and relentless butterflies swarming in my tummy, and endless amounts of laughter shared. In fact, I still remember the day he sent his last Twitter message, because that was also the day he’d given me his cell phone number. I like to think that was also the day my life changed for the better.

            I woke up everyday that following week to a good morning text, each one complete with a smiley face, or the occasional heart emoji. I spent countless hours with my fingers glued to my cell phone, afraid to miss even a single opportunity to talk to Niall. Boy did we talk. We talked about everything– our families, where we grew up, what our favorite flavor of ice cream was, and all the far-fetched, crazy careers we dreamt of having as children. I learned more about him in the spans of a week, than I’d come to know about most of my cousins I’d known my entire life. I discovered that Niall was afraid of clowns, and had developed a strange dislike of pigeons over the years. Along with his fears, I now knew his dreams, and the thoughts that seemed to keep him awake at night. I knew, that despite growing up with only one older brother, he and Greg weren’t as close as most people would assume. He often felt like second best, and struggled to do as well as his brother in school. That’s when he truly found his love of music.

Of course, he’d grown up listening to the classics with his Dad, singing at the top of their lungs on the way to every Derby game he could remember. But it seemed that music was his true comfort whenever he felt down on himself. Knowing he was good at music, and that his fingers somehow seemed to teach themselves just how to pluck the strings on a guitar were what got him through the bad parts of his childhood. The hardest one being when he was five years old, and his parents decided they no longer wanted to be married to each other.

            It was also during one of our many late night phone calls that I learned Niall had only ever been in love once in his life. Her name was Molly, and they were ten years old. The two of them had been sitting in her back garden, lying with their backs in the freshly mown grass as they picked out shapes in the puffy white clouds, overhead when suddenly, she kissed him.  

            “I don’t know if that counts as love,” he had muttered to you through the cell phone, his voice heavy with sleep, the time differences keeping him awake into the early morning hours, “but for now its all I’ve got.”

In the moment it had made you sad, to hear him talk about some girl you’d never met, and to think about all the life he’d lived without you in it. You couldn’t help but feel envious of that ten-year-old girl who got to see Niall before braces had straightened his white-toothed smile. The girl who got to see him before he decided to permanently dye his hair its sandy shade of blond, or who got to spend summer afternoons lying in the grass with him. Especially of that same girl who got to feel Niall’s smooth lips pressed to hers, something you yourself could only dream about.

            Later that same night, as the two of you finally surrendered to the persistent aching of sleep that pulled at both of your eyelids, you began to murmur your goodbyes.

            “Good night Niall,” you sang, trying to keep the sadness from drifting into the words you spoke.

            He hummed out a soft sigh, clutching the phone to his ear as if it were your hand instead, “Night, Bryn. I lov–”. Suddenly, his words were cut off as he clamped his mouth shut as his eyes scrunched shut in fear of what he’d almost said. “I, uh– I meant, I love talking to you.”

He was shaking his head, while mentally kicking himself. You couldn’t help the smirk now spreading across your lips, a hint of shock written across your tired features. “I love talking to you too, Niall. Good night,” you murmured, easing his worries with a sweet goodbye.

“Good night,” you heard him utter, a smile clearly on his own face as you disconnected the call.  

              All these memories seemed to weigh heavily on my mind the closer I got to London. So, I dug the headphones out of my carry on, deciding a musical distraction might help calm my nerves. Diligently untangling them from themselves, I shoved the buds hastily into each ear. Scrolling through my expansive music library, I happened upon a playlist Niall had sent me. It was loaded with, as he’d put it, “all the songs that make me miss yeh just a bit more.” I smiled at the memory, shaking my head to my self before tapping shuffle and letting the music pour into my awaiting ears. Leaning my head against the grey upholstered airplane seat, I let my eyelids droop closed, evidently sleeping the remainder of the flight away to pleasant dreams of Niall Horan.

            I awoke to the nasally sound of a flight attendants voice ringing through the loud speaker, just as the plane came to land on the sprawling London Airport tarmac. A fresh wave of anxious excitement, and nerves jumbled together inside of me. Making my way through the gate, my carry on bag slung over one shoulder I kept my eyes pealed for Niall’s familiar face. Turning in a slow circle my eyes were met only with faces, and people I’d never met. I headed toward baggage claim, hoping he’d be waiting there for me, when suddenly I heard my name being called from somewhere nearby. Standing there, in the middle of the crowded lounge, his hands shoved casually into his jeans pockets stood Niall Horan, a warm smile plastered on his face. 

            “Hi,” he spoke breathlessly, never taking his eyes off of me.

            “Hi,” I responded softly.


She was always around him. She wasn’t afraid to go up and talk to him while I looked on from afar. I was way too nervous to ever say much to Michael, so I simply listened. But when he would ask me a question and all I had to offer was a stuttering, jumbled mix of words that made sense in my mind but betrayed me out loud, there wasn’t much to talk about. Then She would happily come to take my place and chatter him up and make him laugh, all the things I was too nervous to do.

Today was no different. When I walked into the classroom, I could see them joking around near the front of the class. Some bystanders even listened in.

I quietly took my seat in the middle of the classroom, not in the front so the teacher stares you down, but not too far back so the teacher would call on you to see if you’re paying attention. Michael glanced over at me and caught my eye. We both smiled before going back to what we were doing before. My friend tapped me on my shoulder.

"You know, you two would be really cute together. You’re so alike: you like the same music, you’re both nice and totally hot. You should go for him!" She whispered in my ear.

I looked back at her and shook my head, smiling. Of course I had thought about that before, why else would I be so nervous around him? I had really liked him for a while now, but he seemed to be interested in someone else. Her. I didn’t want to force myself on him and I always thought too hard about what I was going to say to Michael so I tried to avoid conversation with him. I let him come talk to me, which usually worked out for my stuttering mouth since he rarely came to talk to me.

"Lel, Michael has been checking you out for a good five minutes, say something!" My friend ushered.

I looked up from my phone to see him smirking at me. I took a moment to admire his currently black hair and unshaven face. I noticed something glint on his eyebrow.

"N-nice eyebrow p-piercing," I tried to pull it of with a smile.

He chuckled before answering, “thanks, I got it over the weekend. It doesn’t hurt much when you get it, but it’s a good amount of maintenance to keep it clean.” He kept talking for a while and I contentedly listened, nodding, grimacing, and admiring at the appropriate times.
I could have listened to his voice all day. The way his mouth moved when he spoke was interesting, all the different ways he would move it to create letters and words. It was especially beautiful when Michael’d catch me staring at his mouth.

"Oh god I’m babbling aren’t I?" He laughed, his cheeks turning rosy. I grinned at him.

"N-no I love hearing about the possib-bility of facial infection," I giggled and bit my lip as if to punish myself for stuttering.

His eyes glazed over for a moment and he stared cheekily at my bottom lip between my teeth. He seemed to get out of his trance long enough to say words that made my heart pound.

"Sorry, Lelia, you just make me nervous."

I almost snorted. “I make YOU n-nervous? How?”

"I don’t know I mean, you’re really pretty and have good music taste and are nice enough to let me talk at you about stupid shit for hours." I recalled our texting conversation from the night before. I preferred to text him rather than I speak to him in person because of my nervous speech impediment, but I loved his voice too much not too.

I looked down and saw our hands had somehow interlocked.

"You make me nervous because I like you Lelia," he whispered just loud enough for only me to hear.


"Yeah, really… God if you don’t say something I’m going to explode. Shit! I was thinking that and it just came out. God dammit im sor…"

I placed a hand on the side of his cheek and stroked it a little with my thumb. Michael was silent as I leaned into him and softly placed my lips on his.

He rested his forehead on mine and whispered, “ya know you have really rough fingertips.”

"That h-happens when you play guitar f-for five years." I smirked.

He pretended to look at me lustfully and said, “jesus, I’m in love with you!” Before crashing his lips into mine.


If you want an imagine or preference like this all you have to do is ask! (Anyone from 1d or 5sos)

Harry ~ Drunken Teasing

You stumbled through the door, not taking your lips off of Harry’s. All night you have been teasing each other, so clearly as soon as you get home, you can’t wait any longer. Harry closed the door behind you both and slammed you against the wall, his hands moving down along your bum, slowly lifting you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him closer.
Harry moved his hands, moving the hem of your dress up your thighs, the wall helping to hold you up. Your dress was around your stomach when Harry carried you into the living room sitting down on the couch. You sat on his lap, legs on either side of his waist. Pulling away from the kiss, you pulled his top over his head and throwing it on the floor, Harry did the same with your dress. You pushed your lips back on Harry’s, him leaning back against the back of the couch. Your hands fumbled with Harry’s belt but eventually got it off. Your lips left each other’s as he moved his bum up so you get his jeans off. Once off you were both left in only your underwear.
You grinded your clothed crotches together, creating a reliving friction. “Fuck, Y/N”. Harry’s lips were nipping on your neck, leaving a mark on your heated skin. Harry’s fingers hooked into your knickers, tugging them down. You stood from Harry’s lap as he pulled them down. Harry grabbed your waist and pulled you down onto the couch, laying you down and hovering over you. You giggled as Harry wrapped your leg around his waist.
He pulled down his briefs and lined himself up with your entrance. You pulled Harry in for another kiss as he thrusted himself deeply into you. Resting for a few seconds to let you adjust before pounding in and out of you with force. Neither of you could last long, with the amount of teasing you were both doing to each other all night. Since you decided to put on a short tight dress and Harry wanted payback.
Constant touches and whispering dirty things in each other’s ear all night, getting you both excited about what would happen once you got home. Harry started hitting the spot in you as you screamed out his name. “That’s it baby, scream my name Y/N let the neighbours know” Harry’s words brought you closer.

“Harry, I I’m close”
“cum for me Y/N let me hear you scream”. You clenched around Harry’s member as you let out your moans and screams. You came screaming Harry’s name along with some curses. Harry rode out your high and after a thrust, came himself. His head was buried in your neck, leaving light little kisses as he moaned out your name over and over. Harry rode out his high and collapsed on top of you, not bothering to pull out. He rolled to the side of the couch, leaning against the back cushions. He pulled out from you leaving you with an empty feeling. He brought you in to his chest, kissing your forehead. You wrapped your arms around Harry’s waist and lent in for another kiss.
“Although I hate teasing, we should do it everyday if that’s the outcome”

EMAs with Louis by michelle-contardo featuring a parfum fragrance

Alice Olivia open back cocktail dress, $385 / Prada ankle strap shoes / House of Harlow 1960 gold tone necklace / Charlotte Tilbury lips makeup / Chanel parfum fragrance

Preview for Ride

I was in the winter of my life, and the men I met along the road were my only summer.At night I fell asleep with visions of myself, dancing and laughing and crying with them.Three years down the line of being on an endless world tour, and my memories of them were the only things that sustained me, and my only real happy times.

I walked out the small convenience store and cracked open my pepsi , I took a long sip and let the liquid coat my dry mouth and throat.I walked the streets , not knowing where I was going or how I was going to get there, all I knew was I could never go back. I continued my stroll along the secluded street until I reached a gas station , I made myself comfortable near a gas pump and pulled out my box of cigarettes.I wasn’t much of a smoker before because I knew how unhealthy it was but now I didn’t really give a rats ass about my health , I mean what do I have to lose?My life?I laughed at the rhetorical question as I reached in my box, my fingers fished for a cigarette I realized I was all out .”Goddamnit”, I hissed to myself as I chucked the box to the side.I leaned my head against the side of a pole and listened to the sounds around me.I listened to cars speed by until they were no longer audible , the wind blow through the air and brush softly against my skin giving me the chills.These were some of my most peaceful moments, but of course as always the good things had to come to an end.I had yet to open my eyes but I heard the sound of the gravel beneath my feet being shuffled and footsteps growing closer toward me.”Are you okay?” , a raspy voice asked .Whoever he was , he didn’t seem to be threatening or a potential threat.Your eyes fluttered open and you laid eyes on a gang of boys and girls on motorcycles , as you eyes focused you saw a boy with beautiful emerald eyes standing in front of you.”Hi I’m Harry “

Louis Imagine

“Louis, this isn’t necessary at all.” You said, gesturing towards the lovely, but expensive food in front of you on the table. Louis smiled, taking another sip of the wine. “I like spending money on you. You gotta know that by now, love.” He took a hold of your hand.
“I do know. I know like everything about you.” You said, matter-of-factly. “Yea. Quite some people do, but you’re the only one who puts up with everything I do. That’s one of the things why I love you so much.” “One of the things? There are more?” You teased. “Much more,” he chewed on the chicken he put in his mouth and swallowed, before continuing.
“Like I love waking up next to you, seeing your messy hair and barely opened eyes and the little kisses you put on my neck to wake me up. Or how you always seem to know if I’m in the mood for coffee or tea and make them just right. Everyone else could learn from that. And whether I want to have a lazy day or do something more active, you’re always up for it, even playing footie with me when the boys aren’t around me. And how you help me plan and pull a prank on someone, Niall may be my brother with who I prank a lot, but you’ll always be my partner in crime. While at the same time you keep me out of trouble as well. Just like you manage to turn every bad day into a good one, sometimes only by being there. You always know what to say and you don’t mind me calling at 2 am because I’m homesick. And you put up with me when I’m in a bad mood and cuddle me and kiss me and let me fall asleep on your chest, even though we both know it’s supposed to be the other way.” This made both of you laugh. He kissed you knuckles and went on.
“I can’t wait to wake up next to you every morning for the rest of my life. I promise that I will love you until the day I die and even after that.” That’s when he sank down on one knee, making you gasp softly. Louis hadn’t plan to do it tonight, but now seemed the right moment.
“Please be mine forever?”

Will you please please do one where you and Niall are high school sweethearts and you both go to the same college and you are madly in love. Then you get in a fight and you go to the bar and there someone drugs you and takes advantage of you. Niall goes out for a walk to blow off some steam and finds you in an alley and is super pissed but also super protective and concerned. And idk where I’m really going with this, I just suck at writing and I think it might be a really great story…. Please?

I’m sosososososososososososoSO sorry this was so much later than I said it would be ): Also. Sorry its she I’ve never written anything this long/specific before. I didn’t think school and work would get in the way that much. It got super long but just stick with it, if you like! :) Sorry if it wasn’t what you were looking for. I’m down for whatever feedback anyone wants to give! Xx

~ ~ ~

Taking one last look at your almost empty room and the last two boxes on your floor you had tears in your eyes. Reaching for one last thing on your shelf you knocked something over and what was lying on the ground almost instantly made you smile and forget the tears and nerves.  It was your high school yearbook you’d gotten a few months ago. It had opened to a page you bookmarked to the class superlatives page. You sat down and picked it up and just stared at the picture of you and your boyfriend of 3 years, Niall and his goofy big smile when you won class couple. You were so mesmerized by the picture and the memories of you guys and all your friends that you didn’t even know Niall had come in until you felt him plop down beside you.

"Jesus! You scared me!" He let out a small laugh and said "Sorry babe! What’cha doin?" You sighed and began flipping through some of the other pages and said "Nothing. Just thinking… everythings going to change…" He put his arm around you and pulled you closer and said "Yeah it is. But in a good way! A whole new adventure!" You loved how he was always so optimistic and found the good in life. You said "I know but I’m going to miss everyone. We’re leaving family and friends and home.. Our futures are in our hands now and thats so scary!" He waited a few seconds before answering and then said "I know. But this is just the next step you know? Families and our homes will always be here but now its time we start out lives. And you know one thing that wont ever change?" "Hmm?" You mumbled. "I will always love you.. And I’ll be your home" He said softly and kissed you on the head. You smiled away tears again and nuzzled into his broad chest and said "I don’t know what I would do if we were going to different schools.." You were interrupted by the blaring horn of the moving truck outside and Niall said "Well you don’t have to!" He popped up and held his hand out to help you up. You grabbed it and he pulled you up into his arms and close to him and he said "Try not to be so nervous babe, everything’s gonna be okay. Starting the next adventure!" He kissed you and grabbed a box from the floor and walked out shouting "RAMS BABY!" He never would get over the fact that his college mascot was the same as his beloved Derby. You grabbed the last box and followed him downstairs.

After a long 4 hour drive together you finally arrived and headed to the gym for an freshman orientation presentation. Niall walked over to your side and opened your door for you. You still hesitated to get out and he held his hand out and half smiled at you and said “C’mon princess. A new adventure” You couldn’t help but smile and grab his hand. Walking towards the gym you intertwined your fingers with his and squeezed it as you walked in and found seats in the bleachers. He felt your grip tighten and looked down and you and gave you a sweet, reassuring smile. He led you halfway up the stairs to a half empty row. He had actually already met a lot of guys from being on the football (soccer) team and found a group of them to sit by. He introduced you and you two sat down, you as close to him as possible, and he put his arm around your waist. The presentation was long and pretty boring and everyone was drifting off and thats when you noticed one of the guys sitting with the football group staring at you. You looked back and he smirked and it was kind of awkward so you looked away pretending you didn’t see anything.

After the presentation there was a BBQ on the quad with music and tons of food. All the guys were talking and laughing and you still felt a bit nervous but Niall kept a hand on you and made sure you were included in the conversation. After a little while one a few guys with a football walked over to a group and they all decided to have a kick about. You were nervous to be by yourself but the group of new guys had a girl with them and she came over to you and introduced herself as Sarah, one of their girlfriends. You both stood there and chatted and got on really well while you watched the guys run around and scream at each other and well, just be boys. You noticed the same boy from before was staring at you and raising his eyebrows every time you made eye contact. You quietly asked Sarah “So umm, who is that guy? The one with the black shirt and longer hair?” Her eyes grazed the field for a minute until she spotted him and said “Ohh.. That’s Tyler.. He’s the senior captain. He’s a player alright..” You looked a little taken back and she continued “He chases the newest thing, gets what he wants and is on to the next. Trust me, I’ve been there” Surprised you blurted out “Oh.. He keeps looking at me!” Sarah rolled her eyes and said “Yeah, thats Tyler. Always has an eye out for the freshmen. Stay clear of him” You just nodded when you realized they stopped playing and walked over to you.

 About a month later ~

You had adjusted to college life really well, just like Niall said. You two had found a really great group of friends and everything was going really well. You also enjoyed all of your classes too. Except your one introduction lecture which had a few seniors who needed it to graduate, including Tyler. You kept telling yourself the looks he was giving you were all in your head until one day after lecture someone rushed passed you and made you drop your book as you were putting it back into your bag. Before you could grab it someone reached down and snatched it up and as you stood up you were staring at the guy you didn’t now but knew all too well. He flashed you a smile and said “Here ya go love” You rolled your eyes so hard in your mind, that was so cheesy. You took the book and said thanks and shoved it in your bag as quick as possible and began to walk away. He stepped right beside you, noticing that you were wearing Niall’s football hoodie, which was like a dress on you, he said “So you going to the game later?” You knew exactly what he was doing and since you’d been dating Niall since your sophomore year you really had no experience with actual flirting you tried to be as casual as possible. “Yeah, my boyfriend is on the team” He nodded and said “I can see that. Horan. He’s a good guy” You were surprised by this but saw right through him. “I know” You plainly answered. Niall was coming right towards you guys and you met him halfway and Tyler just stood still. Wrapping you in a hug Niall glanced over at Tyler and back and you and said “What was that about?” You paused for a minute, not wanting to say anything knowing how jealous Niall can get so you shrugged it off saying “Oh. Nothing. He just asked about an assignment” You knew even this would sort of get to Niall but he interrupted your thoughts by grabbing your face and giving you a passionate kiss. You knew exactly what he was doing and you couldn’t help but smile into his soft lips. He broke apart and you smirked “What was that for?” He gave you a cheeky smile back and said “Just cause I love ya!” He wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulled you close and you two headed off.

A few hours later you and your friends were sat in the student section of one of the biggest games of the year against the school rivals. It was a close game and everyone was going mental. Niall had gone in to substitute an older player who was hurt which made you so nervous but also so excited for him. It was coming down to the final seconds and it was a long shot to score but Niall put all his strength into a powerful kick that somehow sneaked its way into the corner of the goal. The student section erupted and began to storm the field. You and your friends were screaming and jumping and hugging before jointing everyone else. You scanned the crowd of people for that familiar blonde head and when you finally spotted him you screamed his name and he turned to you with a huge smile on his face and opened his arms and you ran and jumped up into them. He spun you around and you cheered “Babe that was amazing I’m so proud of you!” He kissed you deeply and then the campus police were getting everyone off the field and the coach was yelling for all players in the locker room. Niall said he’d call you later, gave you a quick peck on the lips and jogged off towards the lockers. You stood and watched until he disappeared behind the door because come on, he was fit in that uniform.

A bunch of the guys were crowded together and laughing and Niall moved in to hear what was happening. He saw Tyler at the center and overheard what he was saying “…I’ll have her begging for it in no time mate!” A lot of the guys who noticed Niall was there stopped laughing and Tyler continued “Y/N has a sweet ass, give it two weeks and I’ll be getting some of that!” He started making thrusting motions and at the mention of your name Niall almost lunged at him and had him pinned by the neck between his forearm and the metal lockers. Tyler tried to said “What the hell!?” and tried to break free but Nialls grip was too strong. He almost spit at him and said “You fucking even look at my girl I swear to god…” Tyler smirked and said “I’m just saying if she were mine I’d be scoring more than goals” Niall pressed harder and couldn’t even think of words. Two of the other guys stepped in and pulled Niall off and one said “Hey, mate calm down!” Niall was fuming and glared at Tyler who was still standing there trying to catch his breath. Niall grabbed his bag from the bench and spit his words at Tyler “Watch yourself” and he stormed out. He was so pissed off at the thought of anyone else touching you, especially in that way and just using you he could barely think straight. He took a walk out on the running path through the woods to blow off steam, like he always did when he needed to think. 

The next morning you searched the dining hall for Niall since he didn’t call you the night before or answer any texts. Finally you saw him sitting alone with a plate of untouched food which was so unlike him. You walked over smiling and sat down and tried to hug or kiss him but he just played with the food in front of him. Getting even more concerned you said “Babe whats wrong?” Still staring at his food he just shrugged. You grabbed his bicep and pleaded “Seriously Ni, what is bothering you? Talk to me” He moved his arm from you and grunted “Nothing, I’m fine” You paused, looking at him puzzled why he was acting so weird when he was so happy the night before. “Okay then… Well if you want to talk you know where to find me” Holding back the tears you took your plate and went to an empty seat on the other side of the room. Your anxious mine began running around with different thoughts and started wondering if he’s had enough. You guys had been together for almost 4 years and maybe now being in college he realized he didn’t want to be tied down. Noticing the time and not being able to eat now anyway you just headed straight to class.

When it was time for your break between classes you instinctively went to the place where you and Niall always met for lunch. On the way you felt someone walking step for step with you and glancing up you saw none other than Tyler. He said hey to you as if he was just waiting for you to acknowledge him. You politely said hi back and then looked down pretending to concentrate on your phone. He of course had to continued the conversation “So did you enjoy the game last night?” Honestly debating whether or not you should answer or not you finally said “Yeah. Congratulations” He smiled a cocky smile actually believing you meant the compliment and said “Ah, it was nothing.. So. you going to the victory party tonight?” Niall usually filled you in on those things so you had no idea there even was one. Not wanting to give him any details on your plans you tried to throw him off “Uhmm. Haven’t decided yet” He wasn’t thrown off. “Well you should. It’ll be fun! Get your ass in something hot and come to the team house” Your jaw actually dropped. A little anger rising up in you you said “Actually I think my ass will be in my room studying” He quickly came back with “Ohh, thats hot too! Am I invited?” Getting angrier still you said “In your dreams” You stopped at the spot where you and Niall had always met and Tyler stopped as well. He smiled and said “Ooh, feisty! I like that” You couldn’t even hold it back you angrily spat “Wow. You’re a prick” He smiled and began to walk backwards away and said “I can change your mind. Consider tonight” He winked at you before turning around and walking away. You shivered and looked around for Niall. 

Little did you know he had been walking towards your spot when he saw you two talking. The anger rose back up in him and he also began to question if you were wanting to look for other things in college. He couldn’t handle that thought and was taking out his anger on you. He stormed back to his room.

After a few minutes you were tired of waiting and guessing and you decided to confront him again. Knocking on his door you heard him get up and walk towards it on the other side. He opened the door, not as wide as usual and he looked so unlike himself. You immediately said “We need to talk” He stepped aside and you walked in, thankfully his roommate was gone. You stood in his room and he sat on his bed facing you. You started the conversation. “Niall what is up with you? You didn’t call me or answer my texts and this morning at breakfast. What is going on?” He was playing with a thread on his bed and staring at it. “So you’re just not going to talk to me?” He finally spoke up “Why don’t you go talk to your new friend” You had no idea what he was talking about “Excuse me?” Looking at you now he said “I saw you with Tyler. Looks like you two had a pretty good talk what’dya need me for?” Stunned at what he was implying you got even angrier “are you serious?! That creep was hitting on me I was trying to get him to leave me alone!” He rolled his eyes and said “I know that guy Y/N. He gets what he wants. And maybe you want him too..” “You couldn’t help but let out a little laugh. “So its funny” he continued. “No Niall this is literally so stupid I can’t even believe we’re having this conversation right now!” He said “If I’m so stupid why are you still with me?” You could not believe how crazy this whole thing was. “You know what? I can’t deal with you like this. Let me know when the old Niall, the one I fell in love with, comes back” You stormed out letting the door slam behind you.

A few hours later you were laying on your bed studying and couldn’t stop thinking about your fight with Niall. You guys had never fought like that before. Or ever really. You had no idea what had him so worked up. If it was what he saw with Tyler it was such a stupid idea. Your best friend and roommate came in and interrupted your thoughts. She was dressed to go out and was shocked you were still in bed. “Aren’t you coming?!” Still trying to look at your book and be casual you said “Naah” She walked over to your bed and shut your bookend dragged you to sit up. She grabbed your tight little black dress from your closet and tossed it at you ordering you to go get dressed. “I know you’re upset but come out with me! Just for a little bit! Pleeeease!” You couldn’t resist her puppy dog face.

You two were on your way to the football teams house and in the back of your mind you were actually nervous to see Tyler. He was such a jerk and his reputation really had you scared. Especially since it was bothering Niall so much. You and your friend walked straight over to the drinks. Everyone from the team was there and some other people you knew. Except the most important person. You two both took drinks and headed out into the crowd. People were dancing and talking and after a little while your friend begged you to go to the bathroom You left your drinks on a back table and headed into the toilets. 

Tyler had been watching you and took this opportunity to pull his signature trick. He sprinkled a bit of a date rape drug into your cup. He mad sure no one was watching and waited nearby for you to come back. Once you returned you both picked up your cups and gulped down the last few sips. You didn’t feel the effects immediately but after a little while you began feeling a little dizzy. You just thought it was the crowd and the heat of the room so you continued dancing with your friends. After a little while of still not feeling well you decided to go get some air. 

On the other side of campus Niall was still in his room kicking his football back and forth. His phone was blowing up from his teammates begging him to go out to the party. Finally he decided to blow off some steam and he headed to the team house. 

You were sitting on the stairs outside when your vision was starting to go in and out. In your disorientated state you thought it would be a good idea to try and walk back to your room by yourself. And of course Tyler was right there to help you along. At first you tried to fight him off saying you could do it on your own but then you tripped along the gravel and he held his arm out and stopped you from falling. You were becoming less and less aware of what was happening and began to let him lead you. He had his arms around and with each step one of his hands was making its way to your chest. You were still aware enough to realize this  and tried to fumble his hands away but he said “Come on babe” Going out of it again he was full on groping your boobs. under your jacket. He was leading you to the alleyway next to the house and you knew it was the wrong way and stared to piece together what was happening. You tried to stop walking with him but his grip on you was too strong. You tried to scream out for help but could barely get any sound out. You were wriggling around and he stopped you and pushed you against the house. He slipped your coat off and it fell to the ground. You were so out of it and felt like you had no control over your limbs. He started kissing your lips and your neck as one of his hands was going up your dress. You were doing your best to squirm away from him and you started crying uncontrollably and were barely even aware you were even doing it. He stopped and became evilly angry. “Shut the fuck up bitch I’m going to do this and you’re going to like it” He started kissing and touching you again and you could feel his fingers slip under your lace thong and you were begging him to stop. You couldn’t feel anything on your body but vividly felt his fingers about to enter you when you heard someone scream your name.

It was a familiar voice but one that you had never heard that angry. Suddenly Tyler was ripped off of you and you fell to the ground. You heard something slam to the ground. Next thing Niall was in front of you. It took few seconds to process everything and you realized he was calling your name and asking if you were okay. “Y/N!? Are you okay? Did he touch you?” You were still out of it and began crying again and nodded remembering what just happened. Niall left your side and Tyler had gotten up and all you could hear was shouting. Niall spat “What the fuck did I tell you?!” Tyler laughed and said “What do you care you left her mate! Fair game!” This set Niall off and he lunged at Tyler. He dodged the punch and they were began fighting. You were crying and begging them to stop.

 One of Niall’s best friends on the team was late and heard what was happening and ran over to find Niall sat on Tyler punching him. He pulled him off yelling at him to calm down. Niall stood up and was fuming and basically had fire in his eyes and smoke coming out of his ears. Tyler stayed down on the ground bleeding when Niall finally calmed down and heard you crying. He ran over to you and just wrapped you in his arms and said “Baby are you okay? I’m so sorry babe I’m sorry!” You were still crying and weak but you tried to wrap your arms around him and just nodded into his chest. He kissed your head and said “I’m so sorry I was so stupid before I never should have acted that way I love you so fucking much Y/N” You couldn’t do much but nod and cry but you whispered “love you” and Niall picked up up bridal style and said “Let’s go love” His friend was leaning over the still conscious Tyler and Niall said “Leave him mate. None of this happened, okay?” His friend looked at you in Nialls arms and nodded. He picked up your coat and covered you with it and nodded and said “take care of her” Niall nodded and started to walk towards your building. 

You were slipping in and out of sleep on the walk back but you felt a drop of water hit your cheek. You opened your eyes and saw tears rolling down Nialls face. You reached up with one hand and wiped them from his chin and whispered “love you” he smiled and said “love you too”

The next day you woke up and almost had no idea where you were until you noticed the football poster on the wall. Then everything from last night had hit you all at once. You had a horrible headache and Niall was on the floor watching the TV on mute. He heard you move around and jumped up and sat on the bed by your side. “Morning babe, how you feeling?” His blue eyes were sparkling with concern and you couldn’t help but crack a small smile and said “I’ve been better” He laughed a little and pausing before he looked down and grabbed your hands and intertwined your fingers and said “I’m so sorry, again. I never should have let that get to me” You were still confused as to what he was so angry about “Yeah I don’t get what happened?” He explained what he had overheard in the locker room and how he had seen you two talking. “I couldn’t handle losing you and didn’t know how to act. I can get a little jealous..” You raised your eyebrows at him and said “A little?” “Okay, a lot.. but I just don’t know what I’d do without you now” You smiled and kissed his hands and said “You don’t have to. I love you and nothing is going to change that. I’m yours. Forever.” He smiled and leaned in and gave you a deep kiss. He went to sit up and you pulled him back down beside you and whispered “stay here with me” He situated himself next to you and you nuzzled into his neck. He kissed your forehead and whispered “Always.”

~ ~ ~

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