This news shouldn’t affect me so much because my instincts told me it was happening, but he seemed like a genuinely good guy. Flawed perhaps, but he was always nice, caring and honest towards me and I guess I fell into the trap that everyone else does. Just disappointed, I guess.

O poder seria colocado nas mãos de José e, através dele, Deus seria revelado como o Governador dos Céus e da Terra. Ele deveria, porém, ser ensinado na adversidade – a escola na qual Deus deseja que Seus filhos aprendam (Youth’s Instructor, 11 de março de 1897).
—  1CB
Taney Dragons Fall To Nevada 8-1

CBS LocalTaney Dragons Fall To Nevada 8-1CBS LocalThings didn’t start too well for Taney. Dragons’ star Mo’ne Davis gave up three runs over the first two innings, giving up six hits and striking out six. Meanwhile, Las Vegas starter Brad Stone ripped through the Taney lineup until the fourth, when the …