Yes, that means YOU, lurkers of the tumblr tag, and my casually-watching followers! :D

I have exciting news! We need you. Natalie needs you. Desperately. If you saw that last video, I’m sure you saw how Natalie went to that weird dark foresty place and then just kinda backed up into the pitch black. She’s stuck in there, and lost. Roivas is trying to find her, but she needs help. More help than us chat regulars are able to give her.

Which means we come to you, you lovely people. It’s okay if you don’t want to get deeply involved in the series permanently. That’s fine, you don’t have to. All we ask is that you do this /one/ thing to help Caught and Natalie not die, and then you can go back to casually observing. No pressure, you don’t need to “pick a side,” you don’t need to come into chat, you don’t even need to talk to any of us if you don’t want to.

This is all we need: Find 10 flowers, as many varieties as possible (If you can’t find 10 different flowers, that’s ok. It’ll still work with 10 of the same kind, but it’s stronger if there are different types). Burn them to ashes (I suggest drying them out first, though. It’s a lot easier to burn when they’re dry). Rub the ashes on your hands. Film all of this (or at the very least take photographs of each step, but filming is better if you can), and show your ashy hands to the camera. Then upload it to youtube, tag “RoivasSevil” and/or send a link of it to Roivas’ channel. That’s it. You don’t have to say anything, you don’t have to talk to anyone, and you can go right back to lurking when it’s done if you want to.

What this will do is give Roivas enough power to learn how to navigate that dark place and find Natalie and bring her back out. And maybe, someday, if this works, she’ll be able to help get Caught back to normal, too.

We only have a couple weeks of window in which this will count, though, so if you decide you’d like to help, please do this soon. Like maybe this weekend or early next week at the latest if you can.  The more people who are able to do this, the stronger Roivas will be, and the better chance she has at saving Natalie. Please remember that this is an ARG, and it is entirely possible to lose, so if we don’t hit whatever magical secret quota of flower rituals there is, she could very well be stuck there forever. This isn’t like some of the other series where they just find a way to put it back on track if viewers do the wrong thing. They’ll let our mistakes play out.

Please, if it’s at all possible, help us out here. We don’t want Caught and Natalie to die. But we can’t do this alone. This is in no way a commitment on your part. This can be the only thing you ever do for this game if you want it to be. But if you can help out at all, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, all, so much.

If you choose to do this, I have some safety tips here: http://iammissanna.tumblr.com/post/36690750011/flower-burning-safety-again


I just wanted to appreciate how nice these are since I was a bit too emotionally compromised at first.

Unless I derped and lost a few, my count comes to 79 flowers, including the one that had the key to the last lock.

Also, many thanks to the Fab Five - Starling, Hellion, Tanuki, Red, and Sage - for passing the combinations along. <333

Rule #17 Do not feed those who feed the beast.

I’m looking at the patterns of those who have killed to fend off the Beast and they all fit into patterns.
Caccee’s sister drowned people.
The Mars Brothers killed only young girls and devoured them.
Help3r killed one Infected and intended to kill another (though we still don’t know that Help3r is infected).
Showtime seems to be the most creative with the most diverse kills. But from what we know of his murders he only kills people who in some way have something in common with a specific butterfly.

All of this smacks of ritual.
Even the creativity and method that goes into each of Showtime’s individual kills is highly ritualised.

The idea that these killings somehow hold back the Beast combined with the highly ritualised element displayed suggests to me that these killings are somehow sacrificial, even if the killers do not intend them this way.

I think the Beast is intentionally driving them to this point and is somehow gaining power from it.

I believe that rather than Roivas or Mirrors “those who feed the beast” refers to those in the Compelled Stage of Infection.
That their kills /literally/ feed the Beast.

Apparently, she was, in fact, stupid enough to go wandering around the city at night, like Red Riding Hood, luring out the wolf

I had a vague though on what would happen if Help3r and I accidentally ran into each other: nothing. Except me probably not even seeing him and him thinking I’m an idiot for going through with it before continuing with his business. 

backgrounds are hard