I hate that I was never as much
of a part of your life as you are of mine.
I hate that I gave so much of myself
to you, and all you did was say goodbye.
I hate that when you try to hug me
I can’t even look you in the eye.
I hate that when I’m about to let you go,
you act like everything we had was a lie.
And I hate that you never wanted me,
yet you still won’t let you go.
I hate that when I found you,
I wanted everyone to know.
I hate that you broke me down so much
that I spent a whole night in tears.
I hate that even though I say I hate you,
a part of me still wants you here.
—  this could have been a love poem. // r.e.s

"satins latins" pablo contreras by terry tsiolis for vogue hommes japan, fall 2010

(Raw Doujinshi) Anata to zutto itsumademo 2

Title: Anata to zutto itsumademo 2

Circle: Pinkch

Rating: R18

Pairing: Sarumi

Notes: Hoooooooly hell, this doujinshi. Okay. So, the safe description is this: Yata and Fushimi are living together (as shown in Anata to zutto itsumademo, which this one is the sequel to). However, they haven’t had sex in a while. Fushimi gets annoyed with Yata walking around in his underwear after a shower and they argue for a bit before Fushimi storms out. Yata is really pissed off at first, then thinks about it and gets kind of turned on. So, while Fushimi is out walking off his frustration, Yata is at home dealing with his via a little “self love”. Anyway, long story short, when Fushimi gets back, Yata awkwardly tries to seduce him (srsly, Yata, you don’t yell at someone you’re trying to get to have sex with you) and they end up going off to the bedroom to get naughty with each other. Which… brings them to a small problem. I’ve left out a lot of detail in the interest of keeping the description safe (more details are in this post here), but this doujin pushed so many of my buttons, holy fuck. It’s hot as hell, especially for not having a complete sex scene.

Translation: Please, someone translate this, I beg you!

Download: Mediafire