To our Blue Night Radio Listeners

Due to Jonghyun’s current schedule and with the upcoming tour for SHINee, Jonghyun wont be DJ for Blue Night until Oct 5. I also wont be posting any translations unless the translators do, because they mainly translate for Jonghyun. I do apologize and i will miss hearing my favorite DJ in the morning but that doesn’t mean you cant still listen to the broadcasts of course!

And if you miss Jonghyuns voice that much there are uploads of his previous broadcasts here!

- Admin K

when you’re happy:
cling to that feeling
remember that night and the way the streets look
neon signs become liquid light on rainy streets
air filled with carcinogens and red cheeks and hope
paint a picture, write a poem, write a book with your lips on hers
just try not to forget what happiness feels like;
hold on to it, keep it close
like a five year old with her favorite pink stuffed rabbit
kept near to the heart in battles with skinned knees and tears shed

it is so much easier to remember pain than it is to remember happiness,
that’s why we dwell on it so much
it’s familiar, it’s what we know

pain leaves bruised skin
nightmares at 3 AM and a sore feeling in the chest
happiness is light,
weightless, lungs that only ever want to keep working
it’s the most beautiful thing, but it also makes it so much easier to forget

do not forget the happy moments.
do not forget how her smile sent electricity through your veins.
do not forget that, someday, you’ll smile again.

—  weightless.