Harry Potter marathon

George and I just finished our Harry Potter marathon not too long ago. :) Wow I’m tired but those movies are so worth it. 19 hours and 41 minutes and I feel emotional! Seeing them all grown up at the end makes me so happy and sad. The 19 years later is the year 2016 witch is the year we will graduate muggle high school. Harry Potter is my life, I grew up with those kids, that school, all the magic. I will never forgot it. I can’t wait to show my kids (in a long time) this amazing way of life. (I feel really sappy now, haha). There are some things I wish they put in the movies but they ate totally amazing the way they are. I love them n the books n everything so much! omg I need some sleep. :)
~Fred, Potterhead Always

Okay this is the one grabmane tagged me in

Nicknames: Em, Princess

Birthday: October 20

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Mostly Straight

Favorite color: Tiffany Blue and almost every shade of Pink. But not together please.

Current date/time: 6:07pm on Dec. 20th

Average hours of sleep: Anywhere from 90min to 19hours

Last thing I googled: Church of Bones Czech Republic

A place that makes me happy: Anywhere with Ponies

How many blankets I sleep under: Like a thousand

Height: 5’10”

Hobbies: Watching TV, online shopping, making boys I don’t want fall in love with me. You know. Normal girl stuff.