ok hi guys.

so i’ve had this blog for a little over a year, and yea now i won’t have it anymore.  tumblr has truly madly deeply been my life for this year and its been good and bad.

good because i’ve met people like alex, melanie, robbie, sarah, vanessa, rachel, sofia, alexa, stacey mae, momo and mari.

also because ive cried because theres so man hilarious mother fuckers on this website what the fuck

bad  because i’ve been doing bad in school and i have misplaced my social life l o l

this is so cheesy i don’t know why i’m doing this but yea i just thought that it would be nice to let you guys know that i’m leaving :)

you can still talk to me on twitter - @haerrystyles

                                    on instagram - @sofiarojaas

                                    on snapchat lol - sofiarojaas

yea.  so im going to miss vanessa and our dylan o’brien GTs i love u vanessa bitch do u hear dis.  

and sara oMFG i love u bby like u dont even kno nobody compares :””””(  spelling eachothers names wrong cos we can 

stacey ay bitch u still tweet at me ok ok luf ye

so yea guys i’m not DELETING per say, but i am going to like not use it and imma find one of those themes that like just says “not in use” or whatever.

ok.  bye i love all of you and thanks for making me piss my pants every day after school :)


-sofia AKA tommotits RIP