I just finished with watching Where Are My Children? (1994) and…well…what should I say? 

First of all, there’s no right word to describe how amazing is Marg Helgenberger in it. Really, she’s a goddess. Why she hasn’t got better movies? She should be in big, cinema-movies. Not just saying. 

I believed every moment of her acting. She’s so incredible in that movie. Though it couldn’t be easy for her to play a mother whose children were taken away while she is a mother in real life, too. 

And that’s the other thing. The film showed to us, how much a woman and a mother can handle, can survive and keep going on and it’s nothing just honorable. 



Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey are in love with each other!  Awesome, right?  No.  Not awesome.  Terrifying.  You probably know that this is based on the real life story of a girl and her best friend who murdered her mother with a brick before watching this movie, but it kind of tricks you into rooting for them for a while.  You think, “Oh, how nice, they love Mario Lanza.  And this fantasy world they’ve created is kind of fun.  And they’re exploring sides of their complex sexuality.  Good for them for finding each other.”  Then you remember: oh yeah, they’re about to murder her mother with a brick.  It is very, very good and very, very hard to watch.  Also the inspiration for an incredibly weird Simpsons episode where Lisa befriends a girl in art class named Juliet (Emily Blunt) and they develop an obsessive friendship involving a shared love for Josh Groban and creating a fantasy world called “Equalia.”  If you’ve seen Heavenly Creatures, you’re kind of waiting the whole episode for them to kill Marge and/or make out, but it’s The Simpsons so they don’t do either.