Wrapped @DKNY! My 2nd shift tonight is DJ’ing at @WebsterHall @1992theparty - then you can catch me at my 3rd shift REALLY celebrating with my friends @Giani_NYC @DavidAlexanderFlinn @RomanGrandinetti at @UADNYC. Let’s hang and take grams! 🎉

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Caught a body bout a week ago! @bobbyshmurda turning Webster Hall up! #BobbyShmurda #HousePartyNYC #1992TheParty #1992 #websterhall #nightlife #clublife #newyorkcity #turntup @samegangsafe @charliedovesnyc @nigelsylvester @cheechdon

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@vashtie + @djhuggybearnyc had everyone dancing. This guy was going in. #goodvibes 😀💯#1992theparty #slique🌹

New York City🗽! Tonight is the debut of my new weekly at @websterhall (America’s oldest nightclub 🇺🇸). I am honored to be billed amongst these greats, to DJ at such an iconic establishment (Google it!) and stoked to be apart of NYC’s newest nightlife headquarters #QG #QuartierGénéral. Come hang with me every week and let’s take grams📱#1992THEPARTY

spent a little time with my dear old friend @pigalle_ashpool. he showed me his #Pigalle #Duperre Basketball Court and laced me with #Pigalle goodies! so proud of him and his grand accomplishments! sending you good thoughts and positive vibes today, Stephane my friend🙏! #painochokolat #poc #1992theparty

8 Years Ago, @1992theparty was born to proud parents; @oscar_1992 and Me 👪. It was the first of its kind! Photo from @papermagazine 2007 Nightlife Issue.