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Shawn Stasiak Vs. Kurt Angle
WWFSurvivor Series [November 14, 1999]

Man, this was meant to be this big, great introduction to professional wrestling for Kurt Angle, and it truly was. I just can’t help but wonder how it feels to be Shawn Stasiak. Stasiak is the son of a former WWWF Champion, Stan Stasiak, who’s regarded by most as being a legend. As a polished, solid athlete who could genuinely work in the ring, he was used so sparingly by the WWF that I kind of feel bad for the guy. Though Angle’s debut was a successful one, I can’t help but wonder… what about Shawn?

But if I can just make it until morning, I know the light will save me. I know it, because the sun on your face can change everything. Even the faintest, and softest glimmer can save you from the darkest parts of yourself, satisfying a primordial need for light that must be leftover from our former, simpler lives, when we survived through photosynthesis.

Adam Stanley  All My Sins Remembered

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