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1986 November 5 Juventus Italy 1 Real Madrid Spain 0 Champions Cup
What Pride made me learn about AIDS in the 80s

On my little research spree last night I learned among other things that the AIDS awareness commercial that Joe sees in Pride actually existed like that.

But it was really made and widely shown in 1986. The voice over was by John Hurt. And historians think that the clip among other measures was very successful in spreading awareness about the disease and helping people to protect themselves.

Apart from the commercial there were leaflets that were distributed to all British households and infomercials about how you can get AIDS and how to use condoms.

That happened mainly in 1986 and 87. And it seemed to have worked because after that there were considerably fewer new cases of AIDS than in 1985. There were also considerably fewer new cases in Britain than in other western European countries at that time period.

But obviously that was too little too late for many members of the gay community. Most of them who died, got AIDS between 1980 and 85 when it didn’t have a medical name or definition at first and when even scientists and doctors didn’t know much about it.

In 1984 and 85 when Pride is set it was clear to most people who were at risk, i.e. gay men and haemophiliacs, that the diseased could be passed on through sexual acts and through the blood. Society as a whole was even less knowledgeable thus people suffering of AIDS and gay men were discriminated because people would think they were contagious. Among the gay community there was a culture of denial because the disease couldn’t be cured so it was rather devastating to know that you had it.

In some cases the side effects of the treatment were even worse than the disease. Hospital staff was disgusted by or afraid of the patients. Often partners and friends were not allowed to see their loved ones in hospital.

Among most people there was a general believe that gay and bisexual people weren’t victims. They only got what they deserved for their lifestyle and promiscuity. In Pride this point of view is shown through Joe’s brother in law.

The reason Jonathan has survived is probably that he has some kind of immunity. Today it is known that there is a certain gene mutation that results in being immune to AIDS or slowing down the way it progresses.

All in all there was an atmosphere of fear and desperation because sui many people were dying, the lack of knowledge and the lack of sympathy and help from the rest of society.

Half way through the season... FC Barcelona

  • Bravo has recorded an astonishing 12 shutouts in the first 19 games of the current Liga season. 
Only seven teams have been able to put a goal past him, and only one, Real Madrid, has scored two or more. Celta, Almeria, Sevilla, Espanyol, Real Sociedad and Atlético all scored just once in their meetings with FC Barcelona. He’s on an average of just 0.48 goals a game, a better record than any winner of the Zamora Trophy since the 1993/94 season. The last time a Barça goalie matched Bravo’s current record was back in 1986/87, when Andoni Zubizarreta was only beaten seven times, although there were two fewer teams to play in those days. The best Barça record in a 20-team season was, until now, set by Víctor Valdés with ten goals conceded in the 2009/10 season.

  • Barça have finished the first half of the league with 44 points from 14 wins, three defeats and two draws.

  • Luis Enrique has used 22 different players. The injured Vermaelen is the only outfield player not to have featured, while goalkeepers Ter Stegen and Masip have played in other competitions but not the league. Munir and Sandro of Barça B have also been used.

  • The only two players to have featured in all 19 games are Claudio Bravo and Leo Messi. The Chilean has played the full 90 minutes of every game, while the Argentinian only sat out the first half at Real Sociedad.

  • Barça’s 48 goals make for an impressive average of 2.5 a game. Of these, 24 have been scored with the right foot, 16 with the left, seven with the head and on Sunday night Deportivo provided the first own goal of the campaign.  The final quarter of an hour has been the most effective period, with 15 goals coming after the 76th minute.

  • Leo Messi leads the goalscoring at Barça with 19. Against Deportivo, he got his third hat-trick of the season and the 30th of his career. He also got three against Sevilla and Espanyol. Messi also leads the team in assists, with eight.

  • Eleven different Barça players have scored goals so far this league season. In addition to Messi and Neymar, goals have also come courtesy of Rakitic (3), Pedro (3), Piqué (2), Suárez (2), Sandro (2), Jordi Alba (1), Munir (1), Busquets (1) and Xavi (1).

  • All six of the different strikers that have appeared have found the target at least once. Messi, Neymar, Suárez, Pedro, Munir and Sandro have 39 goals and 21 assists between them.

  • Barça lead La Liga in passes. They have completed 13,029, an 88.2% effectiveness rate. The top passer is Sergio Busquets, with 1,336, while the leader in passes in the opposition’s half is Leo Messi with 1,026.

  • Neymar has been on the receiving end of the most fouls. In 16 games, he’s been fouled 49 times.

  • Barça are heading for a fifth consecutive Fair Play Award after committing less fouls than any other side in La Liga, 194, and also being shown the fewest yellow cards, 32.

via: FC Barcelona.com

RPG365: Universe The Role-Playing Game of the Future

When I was playing DragonQuest, I also discovered this game, the GM at the time was a huge fan of DQ and also slipped in a session or two of Universe when a regular player couldn’t make the DQ session. 

Universe will always hold a soft spot in my heart.  Even though the game came out in 1981, I didn’t play it until 1986-87 when there was a game club up in North Bay, On. A fellow at a table only had one other player and he was looking for one or two more to run a proper adventure.

I created a lawman, giving him the original name of Napoleon Starkiller. The GM and his buddy had been playing a few sessions of this and I was being introduced midway through the adventure. Napoleon had got a call that a couple of Freefallers (Zero G soldiers) were having too much of a good time at Walker’s Pub.

When Nape got there two Freefallers were duking it out with some colonist and I stepped in to break it up. Nape gave them a warning and one of the Freefallers took a swing at him and he ended up arresting the fellow (another player) and Nape was bringing him back to the jail to let him sleep it off. The transport to jail was a hell of a journey since my craft was shot down and we were running through the streets eluding elite hitmen who were after the Freefaller since there was a contract out on him.

It was like a buddy cop movie but it was freakin’ good session.

In 1986-87’ Jeff Phillips could do no wrong. He just beat out Hawk,McGill,Hosoi,Mountain,Cab,Miller & Blender at the Ana-hype pro/am contest in 86’(cover). Years later the skate park he ran/owned succumbed to financial difficulties & on xmas day in 1993 he took his life. Depression & addiction is no joke people. This just shows you can be on the mountain top & end up in the gutter(mentally) at a flip of the switch. If you’re thinking of ending your life,please seek help & talk to friends & family first. National Suicide Hotline +1(800)-273-8255 #Thrasher #Rip #JeffPhillips #FlashbackFriday


Diego Maradona playing for Spurs in 1986

Here is an amazing clip of Diego Maradona turning out for Spurs in Ossie Ardiles’ testimonial back in the late 80s.

Glenn Hoddle gave him his Spurs no.10 shirt and Martin Tyler grilled him about his intentions playing in the upcoming World Cup, where he scored his famous hand of god goal. 

It must be said, hummel did have some amazing shirts and this Spurs offering has to be up there.


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Soundtrack to Suburbia, 1983/1984. The movie was released in ‘83, though my album gives the year of its release as 1984. I’m not sure if I heard the record or saw the film first, but it came into my awareness in 1986/87. And most especially from the soundtrack: DI (“Richard Hung Himself”).

We saw DI, along with Doggy Style, play at Kutska’s Hall just outside of Green Bay, WI in November 1987. Insane crazy show, someone in the pit landed on me hard and I’m pretty sure I broke a toe that evening. The dude selling t-shirts looked very familiar - turns out it was Joe Schmo (real name Wade Waltson, who later played bass in US Bombs) from Suburbia. Some of us decided to invite him and the bands to a party in Appleton and after the show, the bands arrived. Wild wild night, think sandwich meat on the ceiling crazy, a few of my friends hooking up (in the day’s parlance: had lips) with band members - and Joe Schmo. I was keeping a diary at this time and I have a lot of details about the night that cannot be revealed to protect the not-so-innocent but in hindsight it’s a what-the-hell-were-we-thinking scenario.

The record itself is fairly light on songs: only DI, TSOL and the Vandals have performances, side 2 is all score/sound clips by Alex Gibson. I’ve seen the movie many times since the 80s, still shaking my head that Flea became, well, Flea (favorite quote: Haircut. How ‘bout a haircut?). Virtually none of the other performers went on to have any significant film careers. It’s not a great movie, though a few memorable quotes peppered our teenage conversations for years: Jack Diddley, “My old man’s gonna be back soon and if we’re still here he’s gonna shit Twinkies” and “I hate buses,” Joe Schmo, “Later days.”  For the quotes, the snapshot into the life of punk kids and the small but significant soundtrack contribution, it’s hard not to remain fond of Suburbia 30+ years later. 

RPG365: The Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game (d20)

In case you people have forgotten, this block operates under the same rules as the rest of the city. Ma-Ma is not the law… I am the law. - Judge Dredd (Dredd 2012) 

This was a present from my youngest daughter, who only games every now and then when the mood strikes her. She saw this in a shop and since it had the d20 logo on it, she figured she pick up the core rulebook for me since it’s not a book I have on the shelf.

I had played Games Workshop version of Judge Dredd back in 1986-87 and had a blast. My first character was Judge Hatcher, along with Judge Doyle and Judge Fett we were sent into a block to deal with the Rippers who were causing problems with the citizens there. Not even ten minutes into the session Judge Doyle was slain, so the player (Ken or Kent, I don’t remember his name) was given the NPC to play, the NPC was a citizen by the name of Silence who helped us out. I remember the sessions were brutal and a lot of bloodshed and Judge Hatcher finally went out in a blaze of glory.

I always wanted to pick up the GW version of the game but never did. Flash forward over two decades later and now I have a d20 version of Dredd which is cool. Haven’t run a session yet but have written up a few notes on what I want to do when I do run it.