Scans - Young George with his father Harold and brother Peter (posted on the blog previously here); and in 1974; scanned from the German Stern special Beatles magazine and Harrison.

Photo 2: Rex Features

In appreciation (of both of George’s parents), on what would be Harold’s birthday (28 May 1909)… for so kindly, warmly and graciously replying to countless fan letters and inviting visiting fans into their homes, and for how deeply they loved and supported George:

“Once when I was eight or nine years old, Mr. Lyons… a teacher, caned me and got me on the wrist. It was swollen and when I got home, I tried to hide it but my father saw it and the next day he came down to the school and Mr. Lyons was called out of the class and my dad ‘stuck one’ on him.” - George Harrison, I Me Mine [x]

“His parents were very welcoming to me, when I’d go around the house. His dad was Harry Harrison, who was a bus driver, and a very laconic sort of Liverpool guy - didn’t talk that much, very practical. And Louise, his mum, was a blonde lady, Catholic, and tough. I think he got his toughness from her. Once there was somebody who had been knocking at the door, probably junk mail or something, and she got annoyed with him so she went to the upstairs bedroom, poured a tub of water over the guy: ‘Go away!’ Didn’t suffer fools gladly - and neither did George.” - Paul McCartney, Living in the Material World

“Never quit, and never give up.” - Harold to his children [x]

“George has got a lot to thank his parents for, for the way he is today. Even up to last year, [George’s parents] were very protective of him, because they knew he was vulnerable, a trusting soft-natured person. They worried a great deal about him and I don’t think he knows how much. I know it’s true from things they said. They worried constantly, I’m sure he was never aware of it. If he had known how much they worried about him, he’d have been amazed.” - Irene Harrison, George’s sister-in-law, I Me Mine [x; xx]

“[In terms of support through the incredible fame and pressure of Beatlemania] George always had his father in the background, and his mother, they were both really sweet people.” - Klaus Voormann, SR2 German radio interview, 19 January 2004 [x]

“That was one thing that was very nice. My parents both liked music; they used to go out dancing a lot. And when I first wanted a guitar, my mother bought me this very cheap guitar worth three pounds, ten shilling, or about six dollars. And she didn’t mind that I used to stay up until two in the morning polishing my guitar and trying to learn how to play. Later, when I got to know John and Paul, she used to love having them around singing in the back room. She was very encouraging about that.” - George Harrison, 1987 [x]


19 December 1974 Madison Square Garden I Photo Credit: Steve Morley (since this photo is a bit dark I decided to use a photo editing program to lighten it up just a bit, the edited photo is at the bottom - Brenda)

“I know we get ten people who say the show sucks every night. And we get a hundred who, when we ask them, did they like the show, say ‘we got much more than we hoped for’ ..” - George,

“Even so the hectic schedule of the tour, the critical spleen, the state of his throat, the Beatlemania hiding in the shadows, and the fact that George was in charge of the whole damn circus must have been a strain. That George carried it off with a smile and humility is testament to the man’s greatness.”  -excerpted from “Mystical One: George Harrison : After the Break-up of the Beatles” by Elliot J. Huntley