Al Severson’s photos of the 1920s aggressively sold an idealized Florida. Aside from some waves visible to the right, this photo gives the illusion of being completely immersed in sun and sand on a Florida beach.

See also: amazing swimwear from the 1920s.

From the Al Severson Photograph Collection, University of South Florida.

“Ain’t We Got Fun” - Betapalooza reveal

Ain’t We Got Fun” is a look at the lives of the four Beta Kids in New York State during the 1920s. Rose and Dave live in Manhattan; John and Jade in the far-northern small town of Massena. They correspond during the Spring of 1924.

Miss Rose Lalonde
The Dakota, Penthouse C

March 18th, 1924

Dearest Jade,
I trust this finds you, and John of course, in your usual frighteningly robust health. I also trust that you are exercising some care in just how you make use of that health. “Trust” is in fact putting it strongly; “pray” might be nearer the mark.

This was for HorribleThing, who asked “Historical AU! I don’t care what time period, as long as there are attempts at accuracy! Although I will admit a fondness for a focus on relationships between women when it comes to other time periods, so some extra attention to Rose/Jade would be lovely!” I had more fun than should be legal doing the research.