UNC-Chapel Hill building to drop name of prominent KKK head

UNC-Chapel Hill building to drop name of prominent KKK head

Ku Klux Klan (Courier File Photo)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) _ Trustees at the country’s oldest public university decided Thursday to rename a University of North Carolina classroom building so that it no longer carries the name of a 19th century Ku Klux Klan leader.

The decision reverses one made in 1920 to honor William Saunders, a Confederate officer and politician credited with helping to…

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Benny Goodman, one of the true giants of American music, was born 106 years ago today.

Known as The King of Swing, Goodman is remembered as one of the greats of the swing era in the late 1930s and ‘40s, but he began playing professionally way back in the early ‘20s. He can be heard as part of the ensemble in some of the greatest records of the 1920s and early ‘30s.

We had the great pleasure of seeing him perform at Carnegie Hall on June 25, 1982. We’d moved to New York City just four days before, and we had no business spending the money it would cost to get a ticket, but this was just the sort of opportunity that had inspired us to relocate to the Big Apple, the chance to experience the best the world has to offer in every artistic discipline. To be in the same room with the likes of Mr. Goodman and the musicians who graced the stage with him that night—Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton, Panama Francis, and Phil Flanigan—as they shared their estimable gifts with the audience in that historic hall.

That was what New York meant to us then; it still does today.

After the show, we ran over to Colony Records near Times Square to buy a Benny Goodman album, with the intent of waiting by the backstage door and asking him to sign it when he came out.

That meant waiting several hours for the evening’s second show to end, but we stuck it out. Why we didn’t go find a coffee shop and have some dinner, we don’t recall. We probably thought there would be a mob of people awaiting Mr. Goodman’s appearance and figured we’d better stake out our spot as close to the stage door as possible.

But when he finally exited the Hall, there weren’t more than eight or ten people there, and he wasted no time in whisking right by every last one of us to duck into a waiting limousine.

It was disappointing, of course, that he didn’t stop to interact at least briefly with us, but hey, we can say we got to see Benny Goodman perform at Carnegie Hall and how many people can say that? What’s more, we stood not five feet from him as he exited the building and made his way home. So no regrets at all on our part, even if our LP went unsigned and our hands went unshaken.

Happy birthday, Mr. Goodman, and thanks for a wonderful evening.

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Now at Bakker Gallery, Harbor Hotel Provincetown, and Seashore Point, Evelin Bodfish Bourne!  

Evelin Bodfish Bourne was born in Wareham, Massachusetts on July 10, 1898. At three months old, she was taken to New York City where her father, William Parker Bodfish was a successful artist and illustrator. Bodfish exhibited his paintings at the National Academy of Design in the 1880’s and following in her father’s footsteps, Evelin studied for six years at the School there. Bourne received an Honorable Mention for her work in Painting in 1912. She won Honorable Mention for her work in the Still Life School in 1913 and was awarded the Suydam Bronze Medal in 1914. Evelin also received Honorable Mention for her work in the Life School in 1912 and the Suydam Silver Medal in 1914.

Following her marriage in 1918 to John Knowles Bourne, Evelin moved back to Wareham and ultimately settled in Buzzards Bay. Many of her paintings feature the flowers, vegetables, cats, farm animals and furniture at their Cape Cod home purchased by her husband in 1920. Starting in 1923, she exhibited her works at the Provincetown Art Association, where she developed a close friendship with artists, Blanche Lazzell and Dorothy Loeb. She continued to exhibit at the New York Water Color Society, the New York Water Color Club, the Baltimore Water Color Club, the Philadelphia Water Color Club and at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Bourne had one-person shows at the Macy Galleries in 1928 and at the Delphic Studios in 1933. She continued to exhibit her oils and watercolors in group shows at the Opportunity Gallery, G.R.D. Studio, Helen Hackett Gallery and Morton Gallery in New York City.  From 1930 to 1940, Bourne showed with the Wayne Gallery at 794 Lexington Avenue, New York City. At Boston, she was represented by the Grace Horne Galleries and an oil was exhibited in the 1938 at the Boston Institute of Modern Art. Evelin was one of the first members of the Boston Society of Independent Artists. Bourne continued to exhibit regularly at the Provincetown Art Association until her death on January 4, 1954.

A classic Chanel quilted bag is every fashionista’s dream. The luxury brand created one of the most iconic purses in the history of fashion when Coco Chanel was struck by inspiration in the 1920s. The style then was a focus on clutches and handbags that were carried in your arms which was…

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The Leipzig Zoological Garden, or the Leipzig Zoo, was opened in Leipzig, Germany on June 9, 1878. It was taken over by the city of Leipzig in 1920 after World War I and now covers about 225,000 square meters (56 acres) and contains approximately 850 different species. The zoo is internationally noted for its spectacular building projects and its large carnivore exhibit. It has bred more than 2,000 lions, 250 rare Siberian tigers, and other carnivores like bears.Leipzig Zoological Garden is known as the “Zoo of the future” source Wikipedia

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