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Woody-Vember: BULLETS OVER BROADWAY (1994)

Opening Credits Music: “Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye” by Al Jolson


David Shayne is a struggling Broadway playwright in the 1920’s who finally gets the funding to make his passion project, but the play’s producer is a Mafioso who wants his flapper girlfriend, Olive, to have the lead part. David wrestles with selling out to get his big break while trying not to get shot in the process.

The roaring 20’s always brings out the best in Woody’s work. While it’s still the usual story about a struggling writer, what’s different here is the struggle. Instead of an angsty ego, David actually has a gun in his ribs. I don’t think there’s been another movie of his with so much modern violence, with about a dozen gangland hits throughout. Written with such wit and exuberance this is a joy to watch.

The real praise here must go to the cast. John Cusack in a natural fit at delivering the Woody one-liners without just doing an imitation of the director. Jennifer Tilly is spectacular as the dumb, fiery, talentless dancer who perfectly balances Dianne Wiest’s boozy broadway burnout, Helen Sinclair. Both were nominated for Best Supporting Actress, which Wiest won. Chazz Palminteri is the biggest highlight of the movie as Cheech, the mobster who’s seen so many rehearsals that he become a script doctor. His good ideas trump David’s and the playwright realizes that ‘Cheech’ is a genius trapped in a goon’s body. Tracy Ullman, Jim Broadbent, Rob Reiner round out the rest in probably one of the best-cast movies of the director’s career.

Overall, this is one of his best works simply because it’s such a breath of fresh air. Especially the little moves that set this apart from the rest of the comedies in his cannon: a successful, age-appropriate relationship, an optimistic ending, deadly antagonists, and an ending in the streets that is reminiscent of his “earlier, funnier work.” A delightful watch, not just for Woody-philes.

Favorite Line: “For me, love is very deep. Sex only has to go a few inches.”

4.5 out of 5 stars

Starring: John Cusack, Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Tilly, Chazz Palminteri

Available for rent from Chicago Public Library

97 minutes


Man Ray ,1920. Priapus Paperweight. This phallic object is dedicated to Priapus, the god of virility. Original object destroyed. 1972 Edition of 500 copies in white marble.

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I'm watching a show that takes place in the 1920's. Everyone is smoking, all the time and I want a cigarette. I want an unfiltered 1920's cigarette
Athleisure chic.


The upswing of awareness about health trends and fitness is changing how consumers look at complementary health related items. For example, work out clothing. Shown below is an image of work out attire from the 1920’s. You can see how the industry has transformed over the years.


According to Diana Smith, Senior Research Analyst for Retail and Apparel at Mintel, “the fitness clothing industry is at a three-way intersection of fitness, leisure, and fashion. This is driving the hottest trend in the industry right now, known as “athleisure chic.”


According to the Mintel study, “growth in the fitness clothing market is driven by an overarching trend toward casualization as consumers are shifting expenditures from other categories into activewear.” This in effect is causing the existing market boundaries to blur as activewear for exercising blends into daywear for leisure and fashion purposes.

Not only is the trend of “athleisure chic” changing the clothing people wear on a day to day basis, but the growth of this market is also leading to diversification of the apparel worn during exercise. “These clothes are becoming more fashionable and available in more options across styles, colors, fabrics and fitness related-technology” (Mintel).


According to a Lifestyle Monitor article, 92% of consumers say they wear their activewear for purposes other than exercise. 


This shows that similar to other areas of their lives (diet, beauty, etc.) consumers are demanding clothing options that are as versatile, reflective of their busy lifestyles, and customizable to portray individualistic style.

"They are increasingly investing in comfortable clothing that can be worn both inside and outside of the gym. The industry is literally being transformed by consumers’ changing lifestyles, shopping habits, wallet thresholds, and technological prowess” (Smith 2014).

Consumer choices are transforming the fitness wear industry.


Not only are higher end retailers, such as Victoria’s Secret, designing stand alone sports wear lines, but this trend is also trickling down to budget friendly retailers such as Forever 21. 


High fashion designers like Alexander Wang demonstrates the athlesiure chic trend in the new line released with H&M this past month.



According to a Huffington Post article, “Leggings (and yoga pants from Lululemon) were ranked the most popular trend among female teens this spring, according to a study released by financial services firm Piper Jaffray. Nike was the No. 1 brand among teen boys. Jeans were nowhere to be found on the list, after years of consistently ranking as a top 10 trend.”


Fitness clothing marketers should continue to make attire that can used for more than one occasion, clothes that can be worn as leisure wear and/or athletic wear.

Multi-tasking clothing fits into themes about “convenience, efficiency, and saving time, that resonate with today’s busy consumers” (Mintel).

Fitness clothing marketers should also highlight the theme of comfort, which means different things to different people and different types of athletes.

According to Diana Smith, “While there are many brands competing in this territory, there is still an open opportunity to truly dominate the busy intersection where comfort, fitness, and fashion meet.”



Author: Frederick H. Evans (English, 1853–1943)

Date: 1900s-1920s

Medium: Platinum print

Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Did you know #SFMOMA has on-the-go exhibits throughout California? Currently on view at @theBMOA, Photography in Mexico explores a century of photography from the 1920s to present-day Mexico. Pictured here is the wrestler Ponzoña (Spanish for poison) photographed by Lourdes Grobet, who documented the lives of luchadores in and out of the ring, often showing the masked superstars in domestic settings. For exhibit info and to see Ponzoña 💪 visit → | #SFMOMAgo | Lourdes Grobet | Ponzoña, Arena Coliseo | 1983 by sfmoma