Todd Terje – Swing Star, Pt. 2 (2014)

A sweet piece of electronic disco from the norwegian Todd Terje.

From Pitchfork’s review of the album:

Most of the music on it could be classified as disco, with shades of cocktail lounge, exotica, surf instrumentals, and other styles that favor whimsy and novelty over sober artistic expression. Not that Terje isn’t an artist—he is, and a careful one, fluent in history, expert with texture, and with a grasp on composition more akin to a 1960s film composer than a contemporary techno producer.


And won’t you just look at that cover art? Fantastic!

snowwhitegoddess asked:

bae <3 let me give you my address here because facebook is weird: 2540 S Sheridan St Philadelphia, PA 19148 honestly an ask on tumblr letting me know you have an empty day would work excellently to begin our newest adventure <3

Omg I don’t know when you sent this but I’m usually on tumblr on my phone and it never tells me about messages aaaaaaaaccckk :((((

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