"Here I am, dear, waiting for you"

A crowned eagle (Stephanoaetus coronatus) brings a snake home to its mate. Snakes are some of the smaller prey that crowned eagles hunt. They routinely eat bushbuck (a mid-sized antelope) and large monkeys.

While most birds of prey have a breeding cycle that lasts around 6 months, the crowned eagle’s breeding cycle lasts more than 500 days.

The World of the Great Forest. Paul du Chaillu, 1900.

Writing Research - Edwardian Era

The Edwardian era or Edwardian period in the United Kingdom is the period covering the reign of King Edward VII, 1901 to 1910, and is sometimes extended beyond Edward’s death to include years leading up to World War I.

The death of Queen Victoria in January 1901 and the succession of her son Edward marked the end of the Victorian era. While Victoria had shunned society, Edward was the leader of a fashionable elite that set a style influenced by the art and fashions of Continental Europe—perhaps because of the King’s fondness for travel. The era was marked by significant shifts in politics as sections of society that had been largely excluded from wielding power in the past, such as common laborers and women, became increasingly politicized.

The Edwardian period is frequently extended beyond Edward’s death in 1910 to include the years up to the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912, the start of World War I in 1914, the end of hostilities with Germany in 1918, or the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. [1]

Includes 1900s information from outside of the UK as well. [2]


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An emerald and diamond handkerchief brooch, circa 1910.

The lozenge-shaped surmount set with a step-cut emerald, weighing 8.53 carats, within borders of old brilliant and single-cut diamonds and calibré-cut emeralds, suspending an openwork floral and foliate pendant designed to resemble folded lace, millegrain-set throughout with similarly cut diamonds and emeralds, terminating in a fringe of pear-shaped emerald and single-cut diamond drops, mounted in platinum and yellow gold.