at WWA El Paso on September 19th, Harry picked up my sign onstage during You&I. After three years, this is what I was waiting for. Just a simple gesture made my birthday the best, not even kidding. Thank you so fucking much Harry! and he sang part of You&I in front of me :) 

You can find the video here x 


NPH talks about his upcoming book on ’Rachael Ray’ 9/19/2014 

you are allowed to be unhappy if you don’t like that someone won. you can speak out against it until you’re blue in the face, because you’re entitled to your opinion.

once you start talking down about and attacking that person’s fans, you’re officially an ass hole, because it’s not like the fans run wwe creative.

So after waiting like 4 years, I finally got to see You Me At Six and Josh pointed me out when I gave my friend a piggyback ride and I got to mosh for the first time and sliced my arm lmao alSO JOSH PULLED THIS KID ON STAGE TO DO OLI’S PART IN BITE MY TONGUE AND IT WAS SO GREAT

i think we need to stop pressuring children into believing they have to have everything figured out by a certain age because all that does is cause the child to stress out when they’re, 18 or 20 or 25 when their life doesn’t fit the magic mold they grew up thinking it was supposed to.