18th september

september 18th, 2014

"I hate you so fucking much."

Viviana had repeated the litany with so much malice that it could only make Bryony. Their fingers were intermingled, but Vivi remained behind her, guided step by step. Bryony could hear the apprehension crunching in the dry leaves under her heel.

"I know," Bry returned with a grin so wide it could have split her face down the middle. She squeezed the girl’s fingers and tugged her onward, toward the charred bastion in the darkened horizon. Moonlight shone on the skeletal remains of an old, derelict building. The fences were still intact, but around it was a ruin built of ash and decayed wood.

Ozymandias before his kingdom.

"I brought a blunt if it’ll calm you down—"

"I don’t fucking smoke!" Viviana interjected. Only she was able to disguise a scream in a harsh whisper. "And you shouldn’t be carrying that around anyway! What if the police catch us? This is criminal trespass!"

Bryony scoffed. “Cops. Here. Right. Because police give two fucks about some burned down barn house. I’ve been here like a bajillion times, Vivi. The cops don’t care.”

"Bajillion isn’t a word," the girl she dragged groused, the only response that seemed to make sense at the time.

The cops had good not reason to care. The place was too infamous for even the most rebellious to come snag a chance at mischief. It was perhaps the only place in Tacoma not tagged by graffiti, nor torn apart any more than the fire and time had. People were rightfully suspicious. Rightfully scared.

But Bryony was rightfully stupid.

She straddled the fence, the tips of her toes digging with purpose as she glanced beside her. Viviana’s arms were crossed with defiance over her chest, eyes downcast at the grass caressing the sides of her pumps. Who the fuck wore pumps on an excursion into the fucking woods, anyway?

City slickers.
Just like them.
But Bryony had learned.

She reached into her coat pocket and took out a small flashlight. She shone the light abruptly into the other girl’s face, causing her to gasp and stumble back so far that she threatened to fall.

Bryony laughed. And as usual, Viviana couldn’t see the humor in it.

"Don’t fucking do that!"

"Will you chill out?" Bryony breathed as she pointed the beam of light skyward. It faded just above them, dissipated, almost as if the light itself scattered and morphed into the stars dotting the canvas of night. "I brought it for your sake. Were it up to me, we’d only have the candles."

"Which are where?" Viviana asked. "Stuffed up your ass?"

"Stuffed up your ass?" Bryony mocked in a high pitched voice. "No. I asked Whit to pick up the stuff at my place and bring it here."

"And she’s going to what? Meet us here?"

"Yeah," Bry breathed, before laving her tongue over her bottom lip. "Hey, wanna hear a—"

"No," Viviana cut her off immediately. "You’re lucky I even agreed to come."

Bry chuckled wryly. “I know. I don’t get why you’re so scared.”

Vivi’s shoulders lifted, and she cast her eyes to the star-studded canopy above them. “Because there are some things in life that shouldn’t be messed with. Like this.” A small, tired sigh escaped her nose, barely audible. Bry wouldn’t have caught it had it not been for the utter, stale silence that enveloped them. It was a world of its own, this ranch.

Viviana continued on, as always. “Too lazy to gather your own stuff, anyway? Did you at least bring your cellphone?”

Bryony pulled the smartphone from her pocket, waving it in the other’s face in an obnoxious fashion. “Yeah, Mom,” she sassed. “And I wasn’t lazy. I had the last shift at the shop, Whit had the earlier one. I asked her to do me a favor. Is that a crime now?”

"Whatever," the other conceded. "When does she get here?"

And with that, Bryony began to swing her legs on either side of the fence she mounted, looking as nonchalant as any person could ever be. “Soon.”


People, do NOT write or draw on your ballot papers, or your vote will not be counted, and your paper classed as spoiled. I have seen a ton of pictures of postal ballots, like the one above, that have been written on by yes supporters in particular and it is infuriating. For goodness sake, don’t throw your damn vote away like this. Your vote could be the one that tips the balance.


September 18th 1837: Tiffany and Co. founded

On this day in 1837, the jewelry retailer Tiffany and Co. was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in New York City. The first Tiffany store was marketed as a “stationery and fancy goods emporium”. In 1862 during the American Civil War, Tiffany supplied the Union army with swords, flags and surgical equipment. From then onwards Tiffany continued to make a name for itself as a high quality retailer, especially after winning accolades at the 1867 Paris World’s Fair. Due to its popularity the company received several notable commissions, including designing the New York Yankee’s ‘NY’ logo, revising the Seal of the United States in 1885 and the Navy’s Medal of Honor in 1919, and designing the White House china in 1968. Tiffany is today best known for its diamond jewelry and is based at 727 Fifth Avenue, New York City.


The Woman Who Actually Made Up Her Mind

Fantastic rebuttal to Better Together’s The Woman Who Made Up Her Mind TV ad

yeah, yeah. i get it. september 18, destiel anniversary, the day it all started. this really is a big date to all of us. but there’s someone else who’s also a huge part of this date, someone fundamental, someone who sacrificed everything. thanks to that amazing person who I hope right now is in heaven’s presidential suite, dean and cas have been able to stare at each other, hug each other, give each other gentle smiles, comfort each other and become bestest friends over the years. if you still don’t know who I’m talking about, I’m judging you just like he is here: 

I salute you, Jimmy Novak. I salute your courage and your sacrifice.

I see it is definitely September. It is almost like September is the designated month of ridiculous around here. We are literally getting the exact same stuff this year as we did last September. We have girlfriend rumors, we have annoying twitter things, we have Harry going out and about all the time and Louis MIA, and we have Harry suddenly hanging out with Grimmy all the time. Same thing, different year.

Scottish Independence Referendum

As some people might know that on the 18th of September Scotland has the biggest decision on whether we should separate from the UK (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) to become a separate country and leave the union.

In the wake of the Independence referendum the voting age was lowered to 16 instead of 18, therefore making me eligible to vote.

There are many people voicing their opinions about what they’re voting for with people plastering their opinions on social media accounts, public service announcements, debates being broadcast on TV and big billboards and stickers everywhere.

it’s brilliant to see so much of Scotland taking a massive interest in politics and lowering the voting age has really opened the eyes of so many young people that I know.  I’m not incredibly into politics because it’s depressing and I know that it’s all real and that I should be, but I’d much rather have my heads in the clouds reading a fictional book.  My family though are and I learn exactly what’s going on in the world from them, we discuss these types of subjects over dinner.  I know I am getting the correct political knowledge because my sister is currently a politics student at university and this is what she lives and breathes for.

I’m the generation who had to sit the new qualifications (National Fives) first, I was one of the many students who took the very first exam this year and I am also doing some of the new Highers. Now, to say the Nat 5’s were a mess was an understatement, I was very stressed because the course guidelines changed every week, the teachers didn’t know what they were doing as well as the students and I felt like it was forced upon us too early.  There was also a lack of study guides out for certain subjects for Nat 5, for example in Music the study guide was out under a month before the exam, so i had no other material apart from my prelim and my teachers help for the final exam. The new Highers seem to be going more smoothly compared to the National Fives and I feel that the SQA was more prepared this time round.

Although I did manage to pass all of my exams, it made me ill.

I’ve decided to vote no for a number of reasons, but one of the most important ones is how they failed to provide courses last year that made exams better, instead I had to visit the doctor for stress.

Many other reasons include:

- We aren’t getting the pound for currency and it will take a while before we even get into the euro (and i wouldn’t want to be in there anyway).

-What will happen to all of the il and gas businesses that is essential to where I live? I’ve heard that a lot of them will move away creating unemployment.

-What will happen to our taxes? Seriously, will they go sky high if we get independence, because if they do it will make it harder for a lot of people I know.

-What about our education? Will we get a new system again? (I’ve heard a few murmurs that in a few years time they will create another education system to replace the Nationals) Will we have to pay for university tuition? If so that will crush my hopes and dreams of going to University.

-What will happen to our health? Yes we get to keep the NHS, because there is a totally different part of the NHS for Scotland. Will we have to start paying for prescriptions again? If so, that i going to effect me majorly because I have expensive medication that I need to take twice a day to stop me form going blind.

I’m not voting No because I can’t stand Salmond or Sturgeon, which is what a lot of people will think I am doing, because they won’t even be leaders because if we get independence they have reached their party’s political aims and will have nothing else to do. 

I’m voting No for my future, for my democratic right.  Independence won’t do nothing for me-I’m pretty sure of it. I’m quite happy staying in the UK and having the Queen as monarch and a Prime Minister. I am the next generation of Scotland’s future who will have to put up with the final decision, me, my children and my grandchildren. 

I don’t want to force my opinions down anyones throats because that’s not the point and I’m only sharing this in the hope that someone actually reads it and makes their own decision. 

I also think that when people need to stop degrading other peoples views in this to get their point across because there’s an obvious reason that people have these opinions.

This was meant to unite Scotland instead it’s been separated into two sides which is very upsetting when you can’t voice your opinions without fear.

Dear friends, I realise that the reason that you follow this blog is because of the amusing/odd/weird pictures I take and other ones I share about my wonderful city. And I thank you all for that. Never did I imagine that I would have over 1500 followers, because I really just started taking pictures of discarded mattresses, hah. How time changes!

Anyway, I digress.

It is now September. And contrary to what the man from Green Day said about this month, this is where we need to be at our most awake. I haven’t done too much reblogging on Scottish independence because, well, I didn’t want to deluge you with so much. Although judging by the pictures I see on my own dashboard, it would certainly break up the pictures of cats, Dr Who, plants, kitchens and, err, pseudo-‘art' shots. You know the kind I mean.

But this month is terribly important and I also know that many of you don’t even live in this country either so the vote will have very little impact on your life, so I will understand if you choose to unfollow for whatever reason.

I was once of the opinion that political discourse and discussion was dead in this country, dead due to apathy and a lack of interest. But now it is simply impossible to get away from any talk about the referendum. Naturally, this has involved a lot of heated debate and arguments as well. Certainly, I make no apology for arguing with my sister’s friends at her engagement party and nor am I going to apologise for the customers at my work that come in spouting nonsense. Not a day goes by where a text message isn’t received or sent with discussions we’ve had.

As a political geek, it’s been brilliant.

I’ll also say this, over the past year, I have not met a single person that has changed from being a ‘yes’ to a ‘no’, but I have known many to change their mind after they’ve read more about it from a ‘no’ to a ‘yes’.

So, September. The most important election that I’ve ever taken part in. And I can only hope that we don’t fall to the fear and intimidation of the no campaign, but embrace the chance of being a proper country and taking control of our own affairs. 


Scottish referendum next week

If the Scots vote “yes”, they will have made a landmark decision in British and Scottish history, the date of the referendum will become famous, and all the maps will have to be updated…

If they vote “no”, well, it’s just going to be remembered as that awkward time Scotland tried to rebel. And then quickly forgotten. Always best to forget. Ahem.

It was a very important day for Scotland. This was expected to be the busiest day ever in Scottish electoral history, with an exceptionally high level of turnout, so Algy felt that he ought to be right there on the spot, making sure that everything went smoothly. The local polling station was open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., but as there were only about 190 registered voters in this remote area – and a third of those were voting by post – activity was not exactly frantic …

Fluffy birds had not been granted the right to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum, so Algy could only provide moral support on this occasion. He flew the five miles or so to the polling station, and found himself a perch which was prominent, if not exactly comfortable. He then devoted all his energy to encouraging the local electorate with appropriate quotations from Shakespeare, such as this famous speech from Julius Caesar:

           There is a tide in the affairs of men.
           Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
           Omitted, all the voyage of their life
           Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
           On such a full sea are we now afloat,
           And we must take the current when it serves,
           Or lose our ventures.

Algy is thinking of all his friends in Scotland today, and sends you all extra special fluffy hugs from the West Highlands xoxo

[Algy is quoting a speech from Act 4 Scene 3 of the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.]