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That's why I asked though -all I know about British History (well, not all, but you know;)) I get from British Comedy... I don't really know what English king reigned when. But I know what you mean. Thank you very much for the answer!

You’re welcome. Thanks for your message. 

I can break down the time periods a little bit, for you and anyone else who needs to brush up on historical movements. Here is a rough timeline, and generally the timeline I use to tag my art. 

  • Medieval: 1200-1400
  • Renaissance: 1400-1600s
  • Elizabethan: 1520-1600s (Mannerist Movement)
  • Baroque: 1600- 1730s
  • Rococo: 1730- 1780s
  • Regency: 1780- 1830s
  • Victorian: 1830-1900
  • Late Victorian: 1890-1900 (I differentiate late victorian from victorian because in terms of fashion, technology and art movements, it was very different from the rest of the 19th century. )
  • Edwardian: 1900-1919 (Technically the time period goes from 1900-1910 or from 1900-1914 but I tend to refer to the whole decade when I am tagging it on here) 
  • Art Deco: 1920-1930s (Art Movement started in the early teens and spanned throughout the 40s)
  • Modernism:1950-1960s
  • Post Modernism: 1970-1980s
  • Contemporary 1990s-Today

This is just a rough timeline, and I do use other markers for the time period like more specific art movements. If you need to know the date of a particular art movement you can ask me, or google it, wikipedia is generally pretty good for information in art history.

Thanks again!

Tirto of Grisek
Javanese painting depicting Surapati killing Captain Tack in Kartasura (1684) under Susuhunan Amangkurat II

Indonesia (1890-1900)

For a while now, I’ve been looking for pre-20th century Indonesian images of white people. Finally discovered the right search terms! More to come soon.

The Tropenmuseum says:

François Tack was the leader of a V.O.C. delegation to Susuhunan Amangkurat II, ruler of the kingdom of Mataram, who held court in Kartasura. The aim of this mission was to make a settlement concerning the money the Susuhunan owed to the V.O.C and to ask for extradition of Surapati, a former Balinese slave, who raided the countryside south of Batavia and who had sought refuge at the court of Amangkurat II. The Dutch who thought of Surapati as a murderer, never succeeded to caputure him. The Javanese on the other hand thought of him as a warrior for freedom. The story of Surapati’s life is told in the Javanese text Babad Kraton.

Blacksmith and wood work, Iowa City, Iowa, between 1890 and 1900

Photographer: unknown

Source: http://digital.lib.uiowa.edu/cdm/ref/collection/ictcs/id/693

There were a number of blacksmiths and wood working shops in Iowa City up until about World War II when automobiles and factory made furniture overtook horses and locally made products. The building features a painted advertisement on its west wall, an item common late 19th and early 20th century and you can see a few ghost images of this type on the West side of the Jefferson Building and another on the Boerner-Fry building on Gilbert and Washington Street advertising the Davis Hotel that once was located in the building located on the southeast corner of Capitol at Washington Street.

The building directly to the west of the blacksmith was the College House hotel, later the Berkeley Hotel, and for a short time the Imperial Hotel, or Berkeley Imperial Hotel. It shows up in City Directories and Post Cards. The entire block was razed for the Old Capitol Mall, and the International Program is housed on the ground floor at this corner today.


The dark sky, the clouds, the bricks - you can almost smell it. Can you feel the harsh wind, the drizzle on your skin? Smooth yet dirty paving stones underneath your shoes? Street lights and bannisters made of rough metal? Hints and memories of the industrial age?

This fits the mood of my novel perfectly and that’s why I needed it in my writing inspiration tag. 

(I took screenshots from the dvd and struggled my way through an editing program that is not photoshop so excuse the bad quality of these pictures - they do not look exactly as I want them to but just as good as I was able to make them)