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Tom Delonge Leaves Blink-182

Travis Barker: blink Is My #1 Priority Over Everything That I Do

by Zack Zarrillo

Travis Barker speaking on the Kevin & Bean show:

He’s [DeLonge] absolutely still my friend, it’s just he doesn’t want to play in a band. It’s like a chick. You’re not gonna make a chick that says ‘Hey I don’t want to see you indefinitely and I don’t know how long, I might not want to see you forever.’ You’re not going to be like ‘You get over here. You play with me right now.’ You need to give her her space, you need to let her go live… and it’s the same thing.”

“I juggle a lot of things outside of Blink. I record with tons of different artists, and I always seem to still know how to prioritize Blink. I still love Blink and it’s my #1 priority over everything that I do. But it’s like when you don’t have the same passion to make that your priority as well, it makes it hard to come together as 3 people when one person doesn’t care about it.”

Interesting to note that despite the public feuding, Barker still considers Tom DeLonge his friend. You’d imagine it’d be easy to think otherwise five days later.


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