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  • 180px Posts
  • 2 Columns
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Faded Images & Greyscale Overlay
  • Hover Post Information
  • 5 Additional Links

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My first theme! Super simple, beautiful for blogs focused on photography.

» f e a t u r e s  &  n o t e s

  • 500px Posts only
  • Avatar 150 x 180px ; well resize to fit
  • 3 custom links
  • Optional captions on post
  • Optional  description box
  • Optional Infinite Scroll
  • Sidebar background image:  will hide overflow

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You may use this as a base as long as you keep the credit.

Claudia Corral talks about Obamacare for employees

/* Ooyala Player Container */ .ooyala-player-container /* width: 600px; height: 340px; */ /* 16:9 */ margin: 0 auto; @media only screen and (max-width: 320px) .ooyala-player-container width: 320px; height: 180px; /* 16:9 */ @media only screen and (min-width: 321px) and (max-width: 480px) .ooyala-player-container width: 480px; height: 270px; /* 16:9 */

Marketing consultant talks about health insurance for employers and employees.


;;I’m only 7 people away from my first 100 (yeah I’m so famous lmao) but I tell ya, if I reach my first 100 followers I’m going to do a little give-away. 

I’m going to colour screencaps of 

- 500 to 540px,
- 245 to 260 and
- 160 to 180px. 

And I’m going to colour and edit icons of any kind (all sizes) … I’m also gonna make a follow forever thingy since there are some important blogs I don’t wanna miss anymore. I will pick the people at random. I’m gonna do that up to 10 blogs so your chances ain’t low to win this. I’m offering black-line removal as well as colouration with black lines.

You can check out my black-line removal on my Bleach coloration blog.

insomniar asked:

I'm using theme 62 on my photography blog, but the links aren't working? I would really appreciate it if you could help out. Thanks!

hi! i’m not entirely sure what you mean by not working, sorry. is it just that you can’t click on them? i can’t see anything especially wrong with the html but maybe if you try moving them up or down:

           margin-top:10px; <—- if you make this value less it will move up

hope that helps! (if it doesn’t i’ll see what else i can do)

180px replied to your post180px replied to your post: Can someone help me? i…

omg i KNEW it, i was like wait what this came out so wrong. but i missed the crying part and lol isn’t really a movie where you could cry, it’s just cute so um dear john, the notebook, a walk to remember, ps i love you, the vow. i have no life

omg really? i thought it was:( but oh well i’m watching it haha

might watch another after and cry to it, aw ahaha me neither yay