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Im 13 and i hate how everyone listens to Young Thug these days. Nas, Eminem, Nas, Eminem, Nas Eminem, Tupac were the best rappers

what happened to music these days??? rappers these days are only talking about sex and drugs.. have you seen the new juicy j song? so many illuminati references too… im 15 and even i know this

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Im truly fascinated by how much some of these ppl know, like ppl who are experts in rugs… i wanna be an expert in something like that. I wanna be able to look at a rug and tell u exactly where it came from, and how much its worth

i like to imagine that they keep their power levels concealed in everyday conversations but after three or four drinks they just start talking nonstop about knots per square inch and restoration methods

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I didnt really like math until the girl i liked was in my 10th grade math class and i wanted to impress her by being good at math because i was severely misguided due to love and now i cant get enough.. ;)

truth be told, love and happiness and being good at math are all the exact same thing. This is kept secret, not through any malicious intent, but rather because no one really understands what any of these things mean