Intake Diary #4

So basically I’m on a family trip and yesterday I feel like I binged because they eats loads on these trips and would get suspicious if I didn’t have anything:///
So this is for yesterday.
Salad of tomato and chicken and beans (180cal)
5pieces of chocolate (175cal)
Some potatoes (200cal)
Apple (60cal)
Two pieces of toast (300cal)

So total= 915cal oh my god I really need to do better today!!!:’///

Intake de hoy


Cereal Special K de kellogs= 180cals
2 rebanadas de pan bimbo diet= 80cals
Alfalfa= 2cals
Pan árabe= 123cals
2 lonjas de queso amarillo= 80cals
Yogurt natural con mango= 230cals

Total= 695 calorías