after work and my shower i fricken binged on two bowls of cereal and piece of toast with nutella AND i kept scooping my fingers into the nutella fuck me; have i mentioned i had a bagel from tim hortons and a caffe misto (nonfat milk) and a piece of pizza from work (HUGE, might as well be two slices) and a fuze juice (180cals alone wow)

i wanted to do that 910 calorie exercise thing, but my brother fricken snaked the basement, the only room that wasn’t in use that had doors so i’ve been staying up late trying to let it get out of my system but downing a 750mL water bottle, a 709mL water bottle, and a 500mL water bottle (about 2 litres). standard routine when i want to get rid of food out of me fast.

today (seeing as it is 2am) i’m grabbing sushi with my friends from quebec, so i’ll be fasting until dinner AND exercising like crazy all day

August 20, Wednesday 2014

*Meant to have: 400

-Frapuccino (180cal.)

-Cookie (50cal.)

-Lunch (120cal.)

-Dinner (130cal.)

~480cal. 80+ than I should.

It has been a bad day.. I’ve forgot my iPod password, the boy that I thought, liked me back, is stil in love with other boy. And also, because I’ve eaten sooo much. Wanna cry and lay in bed all day.