Day 24

I’m no stranger to Jillians creative moves but I think I spent at least 1/4th of todays workout staring perplexed at what I was supposed to be doing. Welcome to Level 2 of the six week six-pack! Even the warm up was a major wtf. I burned around 180cal for today which I think would definitely be improved on when I can actually flow from move to move… or during actual moves.

So many #GREENS ! Spinach , broccoli and tomatoe #frittata for #breakfast that I cooked at the weekend.Adding #coconutflour to the mix helps it keep its #bite for afew days and not go soggy.Also adds a little extra #protein and #fibre so its a win win with no compromise on #taste 👍
🌟Wilt a 150g bag spinach in a tsp #coconutoil in the pan and boil 100g #broccoli in a pot for 2mins to keep its crunch .Whisk 6 #eggs and 15g coconut flour in a jug then add in 1/2 the cooked #veg with the other 1/2 in the pan.Scatter over some #tomatoes and cook on a medium heat until the bottom is set, then under the grill to cook the top. #easypeasy . 180cals 1.5g cho 15g protein 12g fat, 2.5g fibre per slice (1/4 frittata) by nutritionnutter


1/2 cup bran flakes:88cal
1/2 cup skim milk:18cal
1 piece rye bread:52cal
1/2 avocado:22cal
Peppermint tea:0 cal
:176 calories
Air popped pop corn 13g:55cal
Forme Greek non fat yoghurt:78cal
1tbsp hummus:60cal
1/2 medium carrot:13cal
Zero sugar mother energy drink:16cal
1 cup cauliflower mash:45cal
10 beans:17cal
3 broccoli florets:10cal
:72 cal
Weight:56kg!! Whohooo down 10lbs!!!!🎉🎉🎉

anonymous said:

I bought a heart rate monitor and chest strap to see how many calories I burn in my workouts and used it for the first time on my run today. Previously I'd been using the nike app and running the same 30min route and it was saying i was burning approximately 300 each time. Then I used the monitor today and it said I only burned 180! Does this mean i need to eat a bit less to lose weight as I'm not burning as much as I thought?

No because 180cal really won’t make that much of a difference so just keep doing what you’re doing :)


Just filling snack reminders
All under 300cal
(will continue to add on)

1cup Broccoli, Steamed - 54cal

1cup Honeydew, diced - 61cal

Artichoke, Globe, Medium, Cooked - 64cal

Egg, Large - 72cal
1tbsp Cream, Half & Half - 20cal
(92cal total)

2cup Progresso: Soup, Chicken Noodle, Light - 140cal

Nectarine, Medium - 62cal
2tbsp Skippy: Peanut Butter, Creamy, 25% reduced fat - 180cal
(242cal total)

2cup Salad, Organic Spinach & Kale - 50cal
Grilled, Skinless Chicken - 4ounce
Cheese, Cheddar, Shredded - 1/8cup
2tbsp Marie’s Dressing, Raspberry Vinaigrette - 50cal
(248cal total)