William S. Burroughs | Graphite on Paper | 40x50cm

Desperation is the raw material of drastic change.

Only those who can leave behind everything

they have ever believed in can hope to escape.

William S. Burroughs

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The Maze Runner - The Video Game

"He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and dusty air." And so will you. In this new game, you'll be forced into a place called the Glade, a land inhabited for years by a group of other people, Gladers, surrounded by a giant maze. You may be trapped, but you'll be safe from the deadly creatures that lurk outside those walls as long as you stay within them.

With no memories of your life before that moment, it's up to you how you proceed. You'll have the chance to make friends —or enemies— with the other Gladers, try out each of the jobs the Glade has to offer, or even break the rules by trying to find a way out. Will you be content with the life you've been given, or will you risk it all in a chance to find something better?

Welcome to the Glade.


Well hello everyone, Lea’s calling.
Today I just reached 200 followers and I just wanted to thank each of you because this blog is a part of my life (such as football), and I’m glad you chose to follow it whichever the reasons. I hope you still enjoy its content and appreciate it.

When I first stepped into this fandom, I thought I’d be considered as a newbie, that I’d never reach this much followers, but I did it thanks to my passion for football. And today, I feel like home.

I want to do special thanks to some of you, these ones I’ll always follow and that I endlessly love. Thank you for existing, for being you. (I bolded some important persons to me, my faves of the faves) 

If you’re not in this short follow forever, don’t feel bad. I love each and every follower and I always feel like I forget 100 people in this list, damn. YOU ARE THE MOST FAB FOLLOWERS ON EARTH, PEOPLE. DON’T FORGET IT.


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I hope we’ll continue to have fun there together, enjoy football and life. You are all important. 

I love you again, take care of yourselves