Politicians Behaving Badly —- The Lyon - Griswold Brawl of 1798.

The rivalry between Vermont Representative Matthew Lyon and Connecticut Representative Roger Griswold ran deep.  At first the rivalry was mere political, as Lyon was a Democrat-Republican and Griswold was a Federalist.  However the rivalry became personal when Griswold spread false rumors that Lyon had been convicted of cowardice during the Revolutionary War, and was forced to carry a wooden sword as punishment.  Later Griswold called Lyon a scoundrel, a very offensive term at the time, which provoked Lyon to spit in Griswold’s face.  

On February 15th, 1798 Griswold confronted Lyon in the Chambers of the US House of Representatives, and proceeded to beat Lyons across the head with a wooden cane. Lyon retreated to a nearby fireplace and armed himself with a pair of metal tongs, counterattacking with ferocity.  Griswold, however, sidestepped Lyon’s attack and tripped him, causing Lyon to topple to the ground.  Griswold then tried to beat Lyon while he was down, but in turn was pulled to the ground by Lyon.  The two grappled in wrestled with cane and tongs in hand until eventually other representatives separated the two men.

Griswold had to be pulled by his legs to be separated by Lyon.  Lyon acted coolly and calming, until unexpectedly he took up his tongs and attempted to bash Griswold over the head.  Griswold in turn counted with his cane, thus reigniting the brawl.  Once against the two had to be separated, this time placed in opposite sides of the room with guards posted to watch over both men.

fun fact: During Frankestein’s lifetime, Geneva was not a part of Switzerland. Throughout most of history, it functioned as a diocese and as a small city-state, until 1798, when it was occupied by the French. It wasn’t until 1815 that it officially became a part of Switzerland. Frankenstein’s story takes place in the late 1700s, so while it’s possible he may have still been alive when Geneva became a part of France, he would have been long dead before it ever officially became a part of Switzerland.
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Scottish Basket-hilt Broadsword Infantry Officers 1798 Pattern 

  • Used by the Wellington Army

The 1798 Pattern was the first attempt of the British to standardize sword patterns for the Scottish regiments. This standardization made the pattern become very “loose” in some aspects, with blades coming from Solingen, England and Scotland.

In the case of this sword we have a magnificent brass hilt, a truly impressive piece but fundamentally weaker than the steel hilts. The triple fullered blade is 84.5 cm long, and it has some very distinct temper lines. These kind of swords were carried in the battle of Waterloo.

The blade is marked "James Woolley" on one side and "Warranted" on the other one. The name stands for James Woolley from Camberwell who set up his shop on 74 Edmund Street Camberwell in 1798, a few miles south of London Bridge.

Source & Copyright: Swords Collection


Presentation Smallsword

  • Dated: 1798-99
  • Maker: hilt and scabbard mounts made by James Morisset, English (active in London), 1738 - 1815
  • Culture: English
  • Place of Origin: made in London, England, Europe 
  • Medium: etched and partially blued and gilded steel [blade]; chased and gilded silver set with enamel plaques [hilt]; leather, chased and gilded silver [scabbard]
  • Measurements: overall length: 40 inches (101.6 cm)

This smallsword with its scabbard was presented in 1798–99 to Sir Henry Johnson (British Major General 1798 to 1803; born 1748, died 1835) to commemorate a battle that he won at Ross, Ireland, over Irish insurgents on June 5, 1798.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Philadelphia Museum of Art

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There’s a SHIELD facebook group. Darcy started it. It includes all of the Avengers, their significant others, and certain choice members of SHIELD.

Darcy tends to put polls up on the page. They include;

Best Butt:

Most of the guys vote for Natasha, but Clint ends up winning by a landslide.

Cutest Couple:
-Tony and Pepper
-Thor and Jane
-Bruce and Betty
-Steve and Beth
-Phil and Darcy
-Phil and Maria
-Maria and Fury
-Steve and Tony
-Tony and Bruce
-Bruce and Steve
-Bruce, Steve and Tony

Bruce, Steve and Tony ends up winning because the girls vote for it to mess with them.

Best puppy eyes:
-A puppy
-David Tennant

David Tennant end up winning, but Tony gets second place. He’s very hurt when he finds that Pepper voted for David Tennant instead of him.

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The Naming of Beasts: Adam, in the Garden of Eden

An angel holds a scroll with the title of the book and points toward Heaven, as Adam points toward a Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules).

An Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) rests on the side of the rock Adam sits upon, and a Pipevine swallowtail butterfly (Battus philenor) and white dragonfly (subfamily Anisoptera) are depicted aside the scene.

Entomologie, ou, Histoire Naturelle des Insects: Coleoptera. Antoine Guilame Olivier, 1808. [Fourth edition, original publication date 1798.]