Sleepies - Weird Wild World

In the mood for some rambunctious (I own a thesaurus!) punk rock? Of course. Sleepies are the band for you. The Brooklyn threesome are set to release the clattering Weird Wild World next week. The ten track album is for the most part a breathless affair but far from being one-dimensional, they also alter their style through the album, with the Pavement-esque ‘Waste Water’ and the instrumental title track providing welcome breaks from the 100mph rocking. 

The album is set to be released by GODMODE and can be streamed in its entirety over at Noisey. 16oh Records are releasing a run of vinyl soon so keep an eye out for that.

Wednesday, August 15th, 3am - 6am: Acid Problem
Brooklyn’s heavy punk rock maniacs Acid Problem (formerly known as Passive Aggressor) visit the WFMU studios this week. Think about The Stooges but way harder and you will get an idea of what these life-long New Yorkers are all about. Fresh off of a week on the road with North Carolina’s fantastic Whatever Brains, we get a chance to hear this band in their post-tour element. Be sure to check out their awesome brand new EP on 16OH Records (Slices, Lewd Acts, Sleepies, Swann Danger, Mindless, Scam discography, etc.). For the true freaks. Not to be missed. 


(a brief interview with 16oh co-founder jeffry engberg)

while GODMODE handles digital, jeffry is releasing the fantastic SLEEPIES’ “Weird Wild World” LP on limited run vinyl. no pre-orders! but the physical record will be on sale tuesday august 21. you can buy it directly from jeffry at 16oh’s big cartel.

1. where is homebase for 16oh?

16oh started in two locations in 2004, one being Baden, PA and the other being Van Nuys, CA. Nowadays the label has two homes, one being Long Beach, CA and the other being Washington, DC, with spotlights from New York, NY.

2. how did it start and who did you start it with?

16oh started as a brain child of myself and Jason Senecal of Baden, PA. We both liked a lot of the same bands and we thought it would be cool to put out vinyl. Jason hasn’t been as involved in the past few years so right now the label consists of myself, Bunny Hutch the shipping guru and general bad ass, and Marc Grillo who basically keeps me honest and on point.

3. what would you say are the defining characteristics of 16oh releases?

I try and invest a lot of time and effort into everything. I’ve always put sound and feel of the record above the rest. I tend to let the bands decide on everything else and I only really view 16oh as a funnel of radness, I only contribute the platform for people to hear something, I like to let the bands shine and retain artistic control.

4. how did you find out about sleepies?

I was walking around Brooklyn with my buddies doing silly things and we went and saw them in a basement in Park Slope. We all started talking about Carl Sagan and that was good enough for me. Josh, Thomas, Max and now Doug all are great guys and it’s been a total pleasure being friends with them above anything else.

5. what’s your favorite song on the new record?

Got A Way or Combat. It’s hard to say though because every song on the LP is great.

6. what’s your best (which is to say worst) “running a record label” horror story?

OOF. Too many. I’ll put it at “Judas preorders” and say not much else. One of the coolest things that ever happened to me as a result of the label is in “Thrasher” magazine which I grew up reading, one of the bands I did a record for got a bit upset about a situation and called 16oh “a bunch of assholes”. I still laugh about that to this day, to me it’s cool that I got into “Thrasher”!