it always bothers me when dan gets on himself about his discussions not being interesting or that it’s stupid because his thought process and articulation is absolutely fascinating to watch he has the most amazingly thought out opinions and ideas that i could honestly listen to for hours on end without getting bored but he still thinks that no one wants to hear it and i wish i could tell him that i really love his little ‘rants’ so to speak and think he’s a very interesting person but i can’t so i’m just left here internally screaming do you feel me

I loved the recent dan liveshow omfg 

Its now like cue if he says “dont pay attention to anything I say” that’s when his discussions are much more noteworthy. I loved his opinions on songs as I frankly feel the same way about lyrical music, also his views on youtube and how its becoming a platform that pushes people to conform to their standards and how he, and I assume phil is breaking out of that mold and playing by their own rules, its amazing, its the most that we’ve really heard from him as Dan Howell ever. 

Canons are further confirmed that dinof is basically an filtered cleaned out version of his persona, younows are sporadic and instantaneous so he couldn’t filter out most of what he says, and how he is afraid of opinions and being analyzed, it’s really quite a great liveshow and it gave me so much insight like wow thank you so much dan


Some preview shots of my pic for Tales of the World: Memoria Festi, an illustration charity artbook based on the Tales of video game series!!!! I ended up drawing for Tales of the Abyss which has some of my favorite character designs aaaaa  ( ´ ▽ ` )

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My Sophomore year Biology project was FRICKING AMAZING good job little me.  Sleepy Little Organelles.  Mama Was Recessive.