i havent posted about fitness in a LOOOONG time but i thought its about time i did an update, to highlight how far ive come over the last few years.

the first picture is the one that changed my life.. my graduation photo at university, the day that should have been my proudest and one of the happiest in my life so far, ruined by this picture.. it wasnt how i wanted to look nor was it how i wanted to remember that day. it made me realise i was unhealthy.. and that continuing down that path would not end well.

that was the kick up the ass i needed to make the change, to dedicate myself to my health. from there on i began to train and diet, to an almost fanatic level.. i went from nearly a 40inch waist and well over 15stone (210 lbs for the americans) to 11.5 stone (161 lbs) and had a 29.5 inch waist in just over 6 months.. this was too much and i had gone the too far the wrong way.. i looked too skinny and unhealthy.. BUT that was my goal to tear away what i was a leave myself with a foundation to build on, to create a level 0. from then i began to train to build muscle become stronger, fitter and above all HEALTHIER.. there were ups and downs.. injuries along the way but you must persevere.

the second picture shows the before pic i took a few months into my journey.. i had lost a few pounds and was beginning to notice a difference.. and it also shows how i look NOW. a couple years in and training steadily away, eating healthy i now weigh 185 lbs and have a body fat of 14.6% which is pretty ideal.. i want to cut up a little more but overall i am happy and HEALTHY.

i am the fittest i have been since back when i played rugby and the strongest i have been.. currently topping the gyms monthly challenge board!

my only regret that my graduation picture wasnt taken by the man i am now instead of the man i was.

my goal is to remain healthy, and to help others achieve that goal as well.. even those who train to look good need to realise that you will look your best when your FEEL your best… beauty and health go hand in hand! its been a long journey.. around coming closer to 2 years.. and i hope it will continue for much longer!

my current stats are

weight 185lbs

height 6ft

body fat 14.6%

waist 30.5 inch

if anyone wants support or advice.. i am here to help!