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Time-lapse: Chicago, 15fps. View from Hotel Monaco, overlooking the Chicago River.

The tools: Tripod-mounted Nikon D90 with Satechi TR-M remote, Tokina 12-24mm lens.

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Gorp finds a friend. A test at 15fps from today.

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DAY 103 - 13-04-2013

Filming in 15 frames per second on miniature mode. 

After braving the UK postal system, my shiny new webcam arrived. As did the surprisingly professional tripod [given how little it cost] and a huuuuuuge powered USB cable, that doesn’t seem to want to play nice with said camera, at least not at the moment.

Said camera works. The picture quality isn’t quite as spectacular as some of the reviews have made out, however for a two year old webcam that cost less than £50, I really can’t even begin to complain. The bundled software cripples the device - 720p @ 15FPS with it switched on, 30FPS @ 1080p without it.

I would imagine that by improving the lighting, and playing around with the output in lightworks, should help bump the quality up a wee-bit.

Speaking of the editing process. I recorded my first “full” video - The A to Z Bookish Survey. It’s about a 50 minute file, as I just hit record, and went for it. By the time you remove the out-takes, pauses between questions etc. it’ll be considerably shorter.

I’m going to go grab something to eat, then I’ll spend the afternoon splicing and editing it all together.

My original plan was to start uploading “front of camera” videos for public viewing in December / January. There’s a part of me, however - a part that’ll likely regret it, that’s contemplating making this first full video public.

We shall, as always, see.

Being off of my medication, even for a few hours, feels like I’m playing an online game using shitty wifi, like I’m lagging and glitching hella hard.

I hear things before I see it, the frame rate drops down in the 15fps, and ever step I take I feel like I’m going to fall through the map into the yawning sky box beneath me.

Day 27 - Gaming day

I played games all day, as I usually do. I’ve reached the final boss of DDS 2 but because I’m running it on an emulator, it runs at ~15fps, fluctuating between 10 and 20, so it’s not the best experience since the battle takes 3 times as long. It’s been a lot of fun to see this story conclude, I love DDS… I kind of wish there was a 3rd game, but due to how the story has gone, it’s better this way. I tried making a few gifs of DDS, but they are just too large for tumblr, so I’ll have to compress them a tad

I added a few more mods to Skyrim, so now I’m Cloud Strife, riding a chocobo whilst doing blade beam with ultima weapon. That authentic FF7 experience

I also played through Metal Gear Rising:Revengance again,  but this time on Revengeance difficulty. To put it this way, it’s good that I was doing no damage runs repeatedly, because one hit on Revengeance is fatal really. It makes the boss fights that more intense

數位學習---Video2brain - World-Class Training: Getting Started with EDIUS 6

Video2brain - World-Class Training: Getting Started with EDIUS 6
MP4 | AVC 911kbps | English | 1024x576 | 15fps | 3h 15mins | AAC mono 94kbps | 1.24 GB
Genre: Video Training

Super-Fast Multi-Format Editing. Grass Valley’s EDIUS is well-established as the nonlinear editor of choice for many broadcasters, partly because of its fantastic real-time support for multiple formats (which makes it great for news broadcasting) and partly because it is one of the most user-friendly systems on the market. In this workshop from experienced editor and trainer Maxim Jago, you’ll learn all the core editing skills, workflows, and technologies needed to unlock the potential of EDIUS and its very powerful real-time effects, multi-format editing, and multi-camera support.
EDIUS, the nonlinear editing system from Grass Valley, “is shockingly good to edit with and beautifully easy to use,” says editor, filmmaker, and author Maxim Jago. “But there are a few core techniques, technologies, and tips that will make a massive difference to your editing experience, and that’s where these lessons come in.” In Getting Started with EDIUS 6, Maxim guides you through the complete workflow, from setting up the interface and importing media to working with effects, audio, and titles. You’ll also get lots of tips and techniques for managing, organizing, and outputting your projects.

Topics covered in this workshop include:
* Adding, removing, moving, and trimming clips
* Editing multiple media types
* Using the audio mixer
* Applying and adjusting transitions
* Working with titles and graphics on the Timeline
* Outputting to multiple media

Maxim adds, “Many EDIUS users are self-trained, which means they often miss core fundamentals that would make their editing experience that much better.” So whether you’re completely new to nonlinear editing or already have some experience with EDIUS 6, you have a lot to gain from completing this workshop.

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Thousand Islands Thousand Laws (15fps screen capture)

數位學習---Digital Tutors - Your First Day with Shading Networks in Maya 2015

Digital Tutors - Your First Day with Shading Networks in Maya 2015
1h 16m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 32KHz 2ch | 293 MB
Genre: eLearning | Project Files Included
An important part of creating amazing renders in Maya is knowing how to build materials and shaders that give your geometry just the look youre after. This can quickly become overwhelming without a solid foundation in the process of building a shading network. This training will provide just that for you.

We’ll start off by learning what a shading network is and where in Maya we can build and manage them. We’ll then begin exploring the many intricacies of shading networks beginning with viewing connections and arranging nodes, making and breaking connections and assigning our shading networks to geometry in Maya. Well wrap this training up by creating and applying our own custom shading network. After finishing this training, you will have a solid foundation of knowledge to build on as you begin creating your own shading networks.

Download (Uploadable):

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So, I met my mum today. She had to sign the application form for my student grant. I also brought up my christmas present this year. My current graphics card(Nvidia GTX 650) is chugging a lot, it’s starting to underperform(Assassin’s Creed 4 runs at 38FPS on lowest settings, 15FPS on highest) So I asked my parents to go 50/50 on either the titan or the 780ti(They’re both relatively similar performance wise but the 780ti is cheaper)

Mum said she’d get it for me herself. I told her it was upwards of a thousand euro for it and she said she’d get it. Welp… looks like I’m getting a new GPU AND a PS4 this year! :D

數位學習---Lynda - Distributing Windows Phone Apps through the Windows Phone Store

Lynda - Distributing Windows Phone Apps through the Windows Phone Store
English | AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 227.91 Mb
Genre: eLearning

Building an app is a great first step; now you need to find a distributor and audience for your work. Join Michael Lehman as he covers the end-to-end process of selling and marketing that app through the Windows Phone Store. This course provides an overview of the store and explains how app developers choose a business model (including free, ad-supported, paid, trial mode, in-app purchase, and try-before-you-buy). Plus, learn to create a Microsoft account, register for the store, submit your app, get paid, and take advantage of marketing opportunities offered by Microsoft.
Topics include:

Examining the business models
Creating a Microsoft account
Registering for the Dev Center
Getting paid
Choosing markets
Refining your app manifest
Preparing your assets
Submitting your app to the Windows Phone Store
Promoting your app

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數位學習---Lynda - Building Adaptive Android Apps with Fragments

Lynda - Building Adaptive Android Apps with Fragments | 638MB
Duration: 2h 08m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English

One of the most common issues Android developers face is market fragmentation: the variations in screen size and pixel density among the thousands of phones, tablets, and even desktop computers that run Android. The Fragments API (introduced in Android 3.0) helps you deal with this issue. This course teaches Android developers how to program with the Fragments API, and build apps that work well on a wide variety of devices. David Gassner shows how to define different fragment layouts and add them to activities with XML or Java, create layouts for different screens and use a resource alias to select the right layout at runtime, and communicate between activities and fragments. He’ll also show you how to make fragments work on older versions of Android, with the support library, and use fragments to display dialogs and preference screens.
Topics include:
* Understanding fragments
* Adding fragments to activities
* Creating layouts for multiple screens
* Understanding arguments and callback methods
* Updating apps with support for fragments

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數位學習---Digital Tutors - Incorporating Accessibility into the UX Process in Illustrator [S & T]

Digital Tutors - Incorporating Accessibility into the UX Process in Illustrator | 522MB
Duration: 1h 34m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 32KHz 2ch
Genre: eLearning | Level: Advanced | Language: English
Throughout these lessons we’ll discover how you can start to incorporate accessibility into your daily UX process through the use of inclusive design thinking and a helpful set of guidelines. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of accessibility principles and how they go hand-in-hand with usability.







數位學習---Lynda - Financial Analysis: Introduction to Business Performance Analysis

Lynda - Financial Analysis: Introduction to Business Performance Analysis | 109MB
Duration: 0h 20m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English

The goal of business performance analysis is to identify improvement opportunities, understand their root causes, and take action. These opportunities can come in many forms. They can be performance issues or areas of the business that perform extremely well and can be leveraged even further.
This course, the first in our Financial Analysis series, introduces you to key concepts of business performance analysis. Author Rudolph Rosenberg focuses on the analysis of the profit and loss (the P&L) statement and on the key dynamics you need to understand in order to interpret the performance of your business. Understanding this data will help you make informed decisions that benefit your company in the long run.

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數位學習---Tutsplus - Getting Started with Kube

Tutsplus - Getting Started with Kube | 808 MB
English | 2h 31m | AVC 1800kbps 1280x720 15fps | AAC stereo 64kbps
Genre : eLearning
Kube is a lightweight, minimalistic CSS framework that gets some of the mundane, repetitive CSS tasks out of the way in order to give you a jump start on your web design process. In this course, instructor Craig Campbell will get you started using this great CSS framework.

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數位學習---Lynda - Up and Running with Symfony2 for PHP

Lynda - Up and Running with Symfony2 for PHP | 734MB
Duration: 2h 04m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English
Build PHP applications the modern way with Symfony2, a popular PHP MVC framework. In this course, Jon Peck shows you how to install and configure Symfony and start saving time with typical development tasks, such as directing traffic, creating persistent models, and rendering content with templates. He’ll also show you how to define and validate forms and debug your applications. Don’t reinvent the wheel; start learning how to use Symfony to get a head start on your PHP projects.
Topics include:
* Installing Symfony
* Creating a bundle from the console
* Customizing and generating database tables
* Generating controllers
* Creating, editing, and debugging entities
* Displaying and debugging a form
* Rendering content with templates

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數位學習---Lynda - Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

Lynda - Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
English | .Mp4 | h264 438 kbps | 960 x 540 15fps | AAC 48kHz mono | 2h 20m | 1.31 Gb
Genre: eLearning | Level: Appropriate for all
Have you always wanted to run your own business but not known where to start? Or perhaps you’ve already begun and need a healthy dose of inspiration? In this course, Wall Street analyst, venture capital firm founder, and entrepreneur Whitney Johnson helps you discover the joys of owning and running your own business.
Take a look at how to vet your idea, find your customers, launch lean, grow and scale, and look for funding to expand.

Topics include:
* Finding your idea/problem to solve
* Finding your first customer
* Writing a business plan
* Deciding on a legal structure
* Building a team of employees and advisors
* Marketing your business
* Building a website
* Minding cash
* Managing stress
* Funding growth
* Balancing entrepreneurship and life.

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