somewhere there's a feather*

Orton…it even makes french fries look sexy!

Feather-print top, $16, Forever 21. Mesh cami, $3, George at Walmart. Cargo jeggings, $9 on clearance at TJ Maxx. Suede ankle boots, Two Lips, $15 from 15dollarstore.com. Sunglasses, $5 at Walmart. Lipstick, Revlon Matte “Strawberry Suede”, discontinued, $5 on eBay. Bag, Zac Posen, $300 on clearance at Nordstrom Rack.

*Song by Nico

the gymnast, high above the ground*

Lola’s other BFF Sophia had a tumbling/gymnastics birthday party at the YMCA, and Lola went NUTS, now she wants to take classes and have her next birthday there, the whole nine. The “sports” setting on my new camera got quite a workout…but let’s just say I shan’t be getting a job at ESPN The Magazine anytime soon.

As you can see, I received my neon bag from swaychic.com, and can I just tell you it got to my door the DAY AFTER I ordered it? True, it only shipped from LA a few hours away, but still! That’s service! The bag is smaller than I expected, but I love it and it is getting raves everywhere I go. Raves alternating with comments about scorched retinas.

Top, vintage from my mom. Jeans, J & Company, $15 from 15Dollarstore.com. Shoes by Cooperative, $20 on sale from Urban Outfitters. Bag, $34 from swaychic.com. Nail polish by Klean Color, $1. Lipstick, Cover Girl “Spellbound” mixed with Rimmel “In Vogue”.

*Song by the Decemberists

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e-commerce ecstasy: 15dollarstore.com

I cannot street-team hard enough for 15dollarstore.com. Yes, you have to sift through loads of stuff. But there are GEMS to be had, and you just cannot beat the price! Most of my staple denim has come from there and one of the greatest coups was this pair of Two Lips ankle boots.

It all started back when Lucky magazine did this “The Art of Layering” article and featured the Kensie Girl “Mallie” boot. Oh man was I hot to trot for these things, I went out and bought socks just like this and wore a bunch of different takes on this outfit.

The problem–these boots were nowhere to be found. I couldn’t find a reasonable facsimile for the life of me. Since then, Joie came out with the “Elvis” boot, similarly sold out everywhere but who cares cos I cannot pay over $200 for shoes.

Enter 15 Dollar Store to the rescue! I got the brown ones pictures above as well as the black ones, and I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on them. They are real suede! My only requirement for shoes! And they were $15!

They still have a few pairs in grey if you are a size 6:

They also have my favorite J & Company skinny jeans, they are the best!

Romeo & Juliet Couture is hit-and-miss to say the least, but you can’t argue with the fact that they are damn spendy at regular retail. So go knock yourself out cos 15 Dollar Store gets looooads of R&JC.

Phew! OK, 15dollarstore, I will now officially step off of your jock.