Drunk Calum.

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"[Y/N], I’m going out with the lads tonight for my birthday drinks, you’re okay with that aren’t you?" Calum smiles at you as he pulls the shirt over his head.

"Yeah, as long as I get to spend tomorrow with you?" You smile back, you can smell his strong cologne from where you were lying.

"Of course baby." He smiles and walks across to you. You sit up and he kisses you on the forehead. You get a good smell of his cologne.

"Cal, you smell so good." You say.

"It’s that cologne you bought me a month ago, I never got around to wearing it because I forgot to take it on tour with me." He explains, looking in the mirror at his hair.

"Promise you don’t sleep with any girls tonight?"

"None other than you." Calum grins.

"Who are you going with?" You ask as Cal puts his shoes on.

"Just about ten of us, except Michael…he’s-."

"He’s not going out on your birthday celebration night?" You laugh.

Cal smiles.

"I’ll text him, if he doesn’t want to go, he can at least come here then we both wont have to be alone."

"Don’t say alone, it makes me feel bad." Cal pouts.

"You have a good time, okay?" You smile.

Calum nods. He sits on the edge of the bed.

"Is he coming?" He asks, referring to Michael.

"Apparently, he’s still hungover from last night?" You say, reading his text.

"He didn’t even go out last night." Cal laughs, shaking his head.

“Oh, he got drunk on his own.” You giggle.

"Invite him around then, tell him we’ve got the X-Box set up." Cal laughs. You know Calum wanted Michael to go out with him, but you also knew that Michael wasn’t really that into partying and what not.

You nod and send Michael a text. He replies

"Be there in 10 minutes :-)"

"He’ll be here in ten minutes." You state, Cal nods.

"Do not show Michael where the beer is," He says. "If you need anything, call me." He smiles, and slips his phone into his back pocket.

You get up from the bed and walk over to Cal. You hug him, his arms wrap around your back. Your hands trail under his shirt. You feel his hands slowly drop to your ass.

"Don’t make me stay baby." He chuckles.

"All the girls are going to be all over you." You pout.

"Not when I tell them I’m not available." He smiles.

"I love you." You smile back. There’s a knock on the door, you walk out of the room. Cal gropes your ass. "I love you too." He smirks slightly.

You look back at him and grin before opening the door to Michael.

"I bought two pizzas, four beers and a shit load of games and movies." He says as you let him in.

"I hope one of those beers is for me." Cal grins.

"Shit…fuck…balls, I left your present at my house." Mikey says, running his hand through his red hair.

"Don’t worry, its alright," Cal shrugs. "But honestly, give me one of the beers."

Michael passes him one.

"I did buy you some vodka?" He laughs, passing Cal the bottle.

"What time are they picking you up?" You ask.

"At ten, so in like six minutes." Cal twists the vodka lip open and takes a mouthful. You lean against the door.

"How the fuck can you drink it straight?" You ask.

"Get used to it after a while."

"You sound like a raging alcoholic." Michael jokes.

You hear a beep outside. “Well, that’s me.” Cal smiles, he kisses you softly on the lips. You taste the strong liquor still on his lips.

"Michael, keep her safe, don’t get her drunk and keep her away from any fire…she burnt herself a few days ago whilst cooking." He winks at you then looks at Michael who was turning on the TV. Mikey nods.

"Have a good night, don’t get too drunk." You laugh and wave him off.

You shut the door and sit next to Michael on the sofa.

"Do you think he’ll get really pissed?" You ask.

"Calum lives by go hard or go home." Michael chuckles slightly.

"But what if he sleeps with someone?"

"He wont." Michael shakes his head.

"Are you sure?"

"I know I wouldn’t if I was absolutely pissed and forgot I had a really attractive girlfriend," Michael says sarcastically. "Shit sorry, I’m making it worse."

"Just relax okay, have a beer…or two…it’ll be fine." Michael smiles, passing you a beer. He sets up the X-Box.

"Are you playing?" He asks.

"No, I’m shit at it and I’m writing stuff." You reply, laughing.

"What are you writing?" Michael says, eating a slice of pizza.

"Just a card thing for Cal." You reply.

"Read it."

"I haven’t finished yet." You say.

"When you’ve finished?" Michael asks.

“Maybe.” You smile, taking a sip of beer.

Your phone rings. Your eyes flutter open. Michael was still playing. He smiles slightly. “You fell asleep, I put my jacket on you because you muttered something about being cold.” He laughs, you smile.

Calum was calling. You glance at the time. 3:43. Shit.

"Calum is calling!" You sit up quickly and answer it.

"Hey babe, I thought, I think…it was maybe…um…the car, I forgot my car, I don’t know, you fucking said…wait a sec," He slurs. There was a rustling sound, a girls laugh and cheering in the background. "Cal?" You say quietly.

"Anyway, the blue men, I’m blue Ba Da Bee… they are saying I cant drive and I said car or well I think so," He chuckles. Someone grabs the phone. "We need a car, I mean lift." He says. The blue men, did he mean police?

"Ashhhh," Calum whines. "You pick us up, we are uh, naked lady bar?" Calum mumbles.

"Michael, he’s so drunk." You say, putting the phone on speaker.

"Girls like naked bar place, yeah…like you." He laughs. Michael smirks, you slap him playfully.

"Cal, where are you?" You bite your lip.

"Naked lady people, pole place." He slurs.

"There’s that stripper bar that we took Luke for his 18th, it could be that one?" Michael suggests.

"Cal, pass the phone to Ashton."

"Whyyyyy, you are my girl not hissss." He coughs, and you hear lots of noise in the background. A firm voice is heard.

"Hello [Y/N], I’m Officer Norman, your friend here is quite drunk, we are currently with him and his friends outside of Dark Zels Adult Club, none of these men are in the position to get behind the wheel, I need someone to come and pick them up, who is not intoxicated or else I’m going to have to take them back to the station until they sober up." He says firmly.

Michael pauses his game. “Oh fuck.” He mutters.

"I cant drive, I’ve had like 3 beers and some of that stuff in the kitchen." Michael says.

"I will." You whisper.

"Okay, can you stay with them until I get there please?" You ask the Police Officer.

"Of course…your friend is also in possession of um, a few ladies pants around his neck, um…it’s not an offence but there are a lot of mature adults around that aren’t intoxicated, they are staring quite a lot…" He says.

Michael frowns. You roll your eyes and pass the phone to Michael while you walk in the other room to put your shoes on.

"Please make him take them off, that was his girlfriend…we are coming to pick him up…please make sure theres no girls around before we get there for his sake." You hear Michael say.

"I am not in charge of person affairs Sir, I’m sorry, although I will ask for him to remove the garments." The officer says. The call ends.

You pull a jumper over your clothes. “How could he be so stupid?” You say, running your hand through your hair.

"Look, he’s drunk…very drunk." Michael starts.

"You’re right, he loves me, he would never cheat on me…" You repeat outloud.

"Should I stay here?" Michael asks.

You shake your head. “Please come…for moral support.” You smile slightly. Michael gets up and heads out to the car. You grab the keys and lock the house door.

You look over at Michael in the passenger seat. “Thank you for coming over.” You say.

"Didn’t have anything else to do anyway." He shrugs.

"Do you know where this club is?"

He nods.

"Turn left," Michael directs. "At this Furtham Street, turn left again and them it’s just a straight road from their into the club strip where it is." Michael says.

"I’m so tired." You yawn.

"You went to sleep like an hour after Calum left, I don’t think you finished that letter." Michael says, opening the window slightly.

You see the lights from the clubs in the distance. Your heart pounded on your chest and butterflies were felt in your stomach.

You pass several clubs that people were pouring out of.

"This purple building here, this is it." Michael points. You pull up the other side of the road. Michael and you cross to the side which the group and the police officer were. Calum was standing against the wall. Four pairs of black, pink, red and grey panties were hanging from Calum’s neck. Lipstick marks were smudged over his face. His eyes were bloodshot.

"He uh, got a bit drunk." Ashton states. He seemed the least drunk out of the bunch.

Luke was talking to the police officer. You stood with Michael watching them.

"I don’t think I can do this Michael." You whisper, you hold back the tears. Stop crying, you tell yourself. He’s drunk.

"Calum." You say. Your voice was shaky. You walk to him.

"Why are you here?" Calum slurs.

"I’m here to take you back home." Your arm wraps around his back.

"No stop…I’m having fun." Calum whines. The police officer gives you a slight smile before getting into the car.

"Wait, just stay for a few minutes…I have a feeling he’s not going to get in the car." You hear Michael say. The police man nods.

"I’m not going." Calum shouts, his arm jerks away from you, hitting you right in the boob. You scream.

"Calum!" Michael yells. Calum stumbles back.

Michael walks to you. “Are you okay?” He asks, wrapping his around around your shoulder.

"Stop Michaellll, she isn’t your person." Calum sits down against the wall.

"I’ll be okay." You nod, taking in sharp breaths of air.

"Calum please, you’re worrying me." You bite your lip.

"I’m older now [Y/N], you aren’t my mum." Calum spits on the ground.

"I’ll deal with him, you go and wait in the car." Michael says.

"No." You shake your head. "I’ll get him in the car, don’t worry." You smile slightly and crouch down next to Calum, he stinks of alcohol.
“Calum, I love you a lot, and I really want you to get in the car so we can go back home and then you do do whatever you want.” You say.

"Can I fuck you?" Calum says, his voice loud. The boys laugh.

"Whatever, just get in the car please." You say, rolling your eyes.

Michael helps Calum up.

"The car will fit 7 people in…" Michael says.

"There’s 4 of us, them two only live down the road." Ashton says. The four boys, including Luke and Ashton all follow Michael, you and Calum.

Luke walks out infront of a car, the car beeps and you quickly pull him back by his arm.

"You look nice." Luke slurs.

"Okay, Luke…just uh, hold onto me, you aren’t going to be able to cross the road on your own." You say, Ashton and the others were already across the road. Luke grabs your waist. You move his hand to your arm and walk across the road.

You help Luke in the car and when everyone is in and buckled up, you start driving.

"Look, they aren’t going to have remembered their keys, just take us all to my house…even Calum if you want him to sober up." Michael says.

"Don’t worry about Cal…are you sure about the others?" You ask.

"Yeah, honestly…if we all stay at your place, Cal will just continue to mess about with them." Michael says.

You nod. He directs you to his house. You help Luke once again to the door. “I hope everything goes okay with Cal, just remember…he is drunk.” Michael shows a sympathetic smile and walks you to the car.

"Bye Cal." He smiles. Calum puts his hand up to wave, but almost forgets too?

You smile and drive off. It’s a silent and short drive. You don’t say anything until Calum is in the house.

"Can we fuck nowww?" Calum stumbles to the bedroom.

"No, I’m going to sleep, you are too." You say.

"Whyyyy?" Calum runs his hand through his hair.

"Please don’t make this hard." You say.

"My dick is hard." Calum laughs and then falls on the bed. You take the jumper off and throw it on the floor. You slip off the clothes you were wearing and put on pyjamas.

"Stay naked," Calum giggles. "That’s what the girls did."

"What girls?" You ask, getting into bed.

"The girls who suck-." You put your hand over Calum’s mouth. "Please don’t". You say, tears fall from your eyes, down your cheeks.

"Why are you crying?" Calum says after a while.

"Don’t worry, you probably don’t even know where you are or what you’re doing." You sigh.

You turn the light off. Calum cuddles up to you.

"Goodnight Calum." You whisper.

Sunlight sneaks through the curtains. You open your eyes and look at the time. 11:00am. Calum wasn’t next to you. You quickly get up and walk into the other room. He was sitting on a chair drinking water. His tanned chest showing with his jeans hanging just below his hips. If you weren’t so caught up in what happened last night, you would admire the sight.

"I’ve got such a bad headache." He says, his voice is croaky and raspy.

"Hmm." You say, leaning against the door frame.

"Do you remember anything of last night?" You say.

His head knocks on the table. “Fuck.” He shouts, getting up from the table.

"Cal." You say quietly.

"I’m so sorry, I saw pictures on my phone, I’m sorry…please don’t leave me." Calum walks to you, he pulls you into a hug.

"I’m not going to leave you, but you did hit me in boob yesterday, I don’t think it was on purpose, and you said mean things." You say.

"I hit you?" Calum pulls away from you. He walks away.

"I hit you and said mean things." He repeats, his hand running through his hair. He paces up and down.

He pulls at his hair and starts shouting profanities. “I fucking hit you, fuck.” He yells.

"Cal, calm down."

"No, I fucking hurt you." He yells, coming close to you. His breathing is hitched and his jaw is clenched

"Stop, y-you’re scaring me."

"Did I scare you yesterday?" He says.

"Are you scared of me now?"

"I love you, now lets just watch movies or something today and then tomorrow when you are completely sober, we will talk about it." You say.

"I don’t think I can be near you knowing I hit you." He shakes his head.

"Cal, you didn’t do it on purpose, I was trying to get you in the car and you kind of shook my grip off a bit too much." You explain.

"I still hit you and caused you pain." Calum shouts. You kiss him softly on the lips. He doesn’t kiss back.

"I love you, please don’t do this, kiss me." You plead, standing on your tiptoes. Calum kisses you softly. You smile against his lips.

"Lets forget about it for a bit, okay?" you say.

"Okay," Calum smiles slightly. "I love you a lot [Y/N]."


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Top Five Cycle 19 Moments (requested by journeytoherwings)
2. The Best Reaction Gifs of the Cycle, Hands Down (or dramatically clutching your face or heart)

These gems come from the comeback episode and damn, son, these reaction gifs are DRASTIC. Seriously, what ungodly horror prompted this? These girls look like me watching the Pale Man scene in Pan’s Labyrinth for the first time. (Note: Pan’s Labyrinth is NOT Spanish Alice in Wonderland. Repeat: IT IS NOT SPANISH ALICE IN WONDERLAND.) Like damn, Laura, is someone dying before your eyes in a more horrific way than even the best gore writers could think up? What’s up with you, Disney? Did you just find out Hans is the villain of Frozen?

You know, since I had not watched the cycle since its initial airing, I forgot what episode gave us these wonderful gifs. Both girls are kinda cry babies anyway, so, like, I knew it was an overreaction to something dumb, but I did not realize just how dumb it actually was. What is it, you ask, that elicited such a passionate response from these girls? I will tell you: Tyra announced that this cycle’s international destination was Jamaica. Yes, this is all provoked by a PLANNED PLOT POINT. And not even a new one. It’s the same motherfucking plot point that has happened for 18 motherfucking cycles. OK, excuse me, I should say *17 motherfucking cycles, since the shorties didn’t actually leave the US in cycle 13.

I’ve never been to Jamaica, so I don’t know for certain, but I am pretty sure that I would not react like a mangled dead body just fell from the ceiling or something. Jesus, girls.


Do you know what Pens do for me? They show me this two. I falling love both too easily. Oh good why? Okay I know reason to Olli. Because he is from Finland too like me. So he is Fin baby. Okay he is older than me but still. Then we have here Beau. LOOK THAT SMILE. Really. His smile is cute <3 I can’t anymore….


okay I love whole Pens team but this two are my fave players <3