Tesla Wars: The AC Awakens

By Zachary Giofkou

Somewhat recently, on the 10th of July 2014, we celebrated Nikola Tesla’s 158th birthday! Tesla was an inventor and engineer, known by many as the father of electricity, and the pioneer of the electrical age (the one we’re in now). Probably his most famous invention is the alternating current (AC), a type of electrical current that changes direction every fraction of a second, compared to a direct current (DC) which can only go in one direction. He also developed fluorescent light bulbs, remote controls and electric motors, as well as a plethora of other innovations that we use in our modern everyday lives.

-The voltage change over time for the current flow through the object it is being conducted or sent through

-A representation of the differences between voltage changes over time

Tesla worked against many famous and powerful parties in his time as an inventor. While he was demonstrating the uses and benefits of alternating current over direct current, such as it being easier and more cost effective to transmit over long distances, opponents to the AC/DC argument such as Thomas Edison and the General Electric company (which we know as that space that no one buys in Monopoly) used scare tactics, like electrocuting dogs, to prove Tesla wrong, even though in the end AC won out, and is what we use in the world today.

While being brilliant intellectually for his time, Nikola Tesla was also quite progressive and forward-thinking. He advocated for renewable energies, such as hydroelectric power and promoted women’s rights in the early 1900s. He even rescued injured pigeons he found in parks and nursed them to health in his apartment.

So this July 10th, make sure to visit your local AC split-ring commutator and tell the receptionist what you think about your new favourite electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla. Also, here’s a relevant pun: shocking. Ha ha.

Find out more about the difference between the AC & DC here

Even ZUN believed in me! Thank you, everyone, for all of your good wishes, because I finally did it! I finally beat Byakuren on one continue! Finally!

It only took until my 158th try (with Marisa A, of course) and two more hours, but I did it. I’ve never felt more relieved 1CCing a game than I feel now. I feel even better than I did the first time I did it, with Imperishable Night. It’s finally over!

That ending was wonderful, by the way. That’s why I love Marisa so much, I guess. I do wonder what kinds of endings the other characters got… But there’s no way I’m going through all of that again with another character anytime soon. 

But, you know, looking at this… Does this mean there were around ninety attempts that I didn’t even make it to Nazrin’s first spell card? That’s really sad… Although understandable, I guess, since I was really obsessed with getting the first stage done perfectly. I didn’t in this 1CC, though, unfortunately. To be perfect, I’m supposed to have four lives (I got these) and two UFOs (only got one) by the end of stage one. Missing a UFO has a pretty big butterfly effect in stage two and three, though, since it shifts the timing on grabbing UFOs and means one is lost to Kogasa and another is lost to Ichirin (I think). So I missed three red UFOs there, or two life pieces… But it didn’t matter! I still did it! Hurray!

On to 1CCing Subterranean Animism!

#Bronx #architecture is gorgeous. Here’s part of a lovely #mosaic at an affordable housing development known as Jardin de Selene built in 2009 in #Melrose on E 158th Street.

The mosaic begins on the outside of the building and curves right into its lobby.

Many assume affordable housing to be bland but here in Melrose and The Bronx we have many examples of affordable housing that looks just like a moderate to even #luxury dwelling.

The building was also designed in the #artdeco style echoing that of many of our buildings.

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Ravens jump up three spots to grab Maxx Williams

The Ravens didn’t do much to disguise their desire to add a tight end in the draft and they became the first team to pick one on Friday night. Baltimore traded the 58th and 158th picks to the Cardinals in exchange for the 55th pick and used it to select Minnesota tight end Maxx Williams,…

via ProFootballTalk http://bit.ly/1bnvdXg