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male anime characters heights~
  • 155cm (5'1"):Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • 156cm (5'1"):Atsushi Otani (Lovely Complex)
  • 157cm (5'2"):Nai Muhinyi (Karneval)
  • 158cm (5'2"):Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)
  • 159cm (5'3"):Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)
  • 160cm (5'3"):Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa)
  • 161cm (5'3"):Yukiteru Amano (Mirai Nikki)
  • 162cm (5'4"):Kouta Tsuchiya (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)
  • 163cm (5'4"):Armin Arlert (Shingeki No Kyojin)
  • 164cm (5'5"):Masayuki Hori (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)
  • 165cm (5'5"):Onoda (Yowamushi no Pedal)
  • 166cm (5'5"):Shimura Shinpachi (Gintama)
  • 167cm (5'6"):Shirou Emiya (Fate/stay night)
  • 168cm (5'6"):Tetsuya Kuroko (Kuroko no Basket)
  • 169cm (5'6"):Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • 170cm (5'7"):Shion (No.6)
  • 171cm (5'7"):Akihito Kanbara (Kyoukai no Kanata)
  • 172cm (5'8"):Kirito (Sword Art Online)
  • 173cm (5'8"):Okumura Rin (Ao no Exorcist)
  • 174cm (5'9"):Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)
  • 175cm (5'9"):Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin (OHSHC)
  • 176cm (5'9"):Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass)
  • 177cm (5'10"):Rin Matsuoka (Free!)
  • 178cm (5'10"):Nice (Hamatora)
  • 179cm (5'10"):Noiz (DRAMAtical Murder)
  • 180cm (5'11"):Makishima Shogo (Psycho Pass)
  • 181cm (5'11"):Kageyama Tobio (Haikyuu!!)
  • 182cm (6'):Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita)
  • 183cm (6'):Kisuke Urahara (Bleach)
  • 184cm (6'):Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
  • 185cm (6'1"):Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!)
  • // taken from myanimelist and anime wikias; please message @theintertwinedfates if you noticed any mistakes (▰˘◡˘▰)

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What if Murasakibara develops a crush on the daughter of his favorite cake shop (where she help her father), she is also a Yosen studenpt (same year as him) but she is tiny (5'0" - 155cm). So my request if for Murasakibara's confession and first kiss with tiny S/O

Sorry for taking so long with this! >< I hope you like it~

“Mura-kun!” Looking up in your direction from his bag of half emptied chips, the purple haired basketball player sees you running towards him, clutching a container to your chest. A grin is plastered on your lips and when his purple eyes meet with yours, you wave at him, calling out to him again.

“(L/n)-chin seems really happy today,” Murasakibara comments when you’re standing in front of him.

You smile at him in reply, pausing to catching your breath before greeting him and Himuro, who’s standing right next to Yosen’s center, good morning. Himuro returns your morning greeting with his own smile while Murasakibara’s attention drifts to the container in your hands. Without waiting for your friend to ask about it, you extend your arms and present the box to him. “These are for you! Otou-san was trying a new recipe yesterday and he wanted you to sample them.”

A spark of excitement flashes briefly in Murasakibara’s eyes and he eagerly takes the box from you, opening it immediately. Sitting inside are four slices of cake, all nicely decorated with fondant and colourful icing. Crumpling up his bag of chips, Murasakibara picks up one of the pieces and takes a bite. You watch on with anticipation.

“This is good,” Murasakibara informs you as he swallows and licks the corner of his lip where a speck of icing had stuck onto. “The texture is perfect.”

You grin up at your friend. “I’m glad you like it! Otou-san will be happy to know. Maybe we’ll be able to add this to the shop sometime next week. You know you’re the hardest customer we’ve had to please, Mura-kun?” you tell the purple haired male.

Murasakibara looks away from the rest of his slice of cake to peer down at you, an uninterested look settling on his face as you update him on the status of your bakery’s stock. Even though he had just been there yesterday and knew what sort of cakes your father had baked, he didn’t bother with telling you to be quiet and listened intently.

This had gotten to be quite a frequent sight for Himuro. Every time you’re around the purple haired basketball player, he would always seem to perk up. No matter what you’d be talking about, he’d hang onto your every word, remembering the things you talked about. It had been an odd sight at first, to Himuro and everyone else at Yosen that spotted the two of you together. The height difference between the two of you was quite obvious and most people couldn’t help but stare in surprise. Murasakibara had waved it off when Himuro had asked him about it once, telling him that it didn’t matter and that your father’s cakes are delicious.

“Himuro-san, do you want to try one too?” you offer Yosen’s shooting guard, drawing him out from his thoughts.

He would’ve said yes if not for the intense glare Murasakibara was shooting him. “No thanks (l/n)-san,” Himuro replies with a soft chuckle and a smile, “I think Atsushi wants them for himself.”

“Muro-chin,” Murasakibara grumbles, narrowing his eyes at his fellow team member. The black haired male merely laughs at this.

“Well, I have a few things to take care of before class. I’ll see you later Atsushi, (l/n)-san.” Himuro bids the two of you good bye before walking away, leaving Murasakibara alone with you.

“Are you going to drop by today after practice?” you ask your friend. “Otou-san’s planning on baking a chocolate cheesecake. I’m sure he’ll love having you taste test it.”

“Eh, I don’t want to,” Murasakibara replies after a few seconds of pondering.

You frown at this, your eyebrows furrowing slightly. This definitely wasn’t the respond you were expecting. Murasakibara never passed an opportunity to be a taste tester of your father’s cakes. Every time he dropped by, which was almost daily, you’d see this look of absolute bliss shining in his eyes as he looks over the different cakes you had for sale. “Why not? Are you busy today?”


“Then why?”

“I want to taste test (l/n)-chin’s cakes.”

“E-eh? Again, Murasakibara’s reply catches you off-guard and you can only stare up at him in confusion. “Why mine? They’re not that good, at least compared to Otou-san’s.” And it’s true. While you help out a lot at the store, your skills when it comes to baking can’t hold a candle to your father’s. The things you bake are of course edible and they’re pretty tasty too, but your father’s are definitely better.

“I like (l/n)-chin’s baking more,” Murasakibara adds, which only deepens your confusion. The slice of cake he had taken is still unfinished, and instead of polishing it off, Murasakibara puts it back into the container and closes the lid. This just makes you even more confused. You’ve never seen Murasakibara put food away like this, especially not one of your father’s cakes.

“Mura-kun?” you call out to your friend, a tinge of hesitation in your voice. Somewhere along the line, this encounter had gotten quite strange to you.

“I really like (l/n)-chin’s baking,” Murasakibara repeats, shoving the container back into your hands. You fumble with the box, almost dropping it but the purple haired male pays it no mind. “We should bake something together.”


Murasakibara frowns. You clearly aren’t catching the implications of his words. “(L/n)-chin.”

You hum in response, expecting him to say something but instead, Murasakibara’s big hands are on your shoulder. His legs are bent so that it’s like he’s kneeling in front of you and for the first time in a long while, his face is directly in front of yours. He calls your name again and you open your mouth to answer. No words leave your mouth though. Murasakibara’s lips are pressed against yours for the briefest of seconds but in that moment, it feels like an eternity. Heat quickly rushes up to your face, turning your cheeks red and probably making it seem as if you’ve been stricken with a fever.

Murasakibara pulls away from you but remains at your level, staring at your face. You’re also staring back at him but mostly out of shock. Your heart is pumping rapidly in your chest and your thoughts are scrambled and incoherent. Your lips buzz from the contact and parting them slightly to let your tongue trace the rim of your lip, you can taste the chocolate from the cake Murasakibara had eaten. You know what that cake tastes like, you had tried some of it earlier this morning, but the flavour that reached your taste buds is so much sweeter than what you had tried.

“(L/n)-chin, I like you. As more than a friend,” the purple haired male informs you, pulling you towards him.

“Mura-kun, I… This is really sudden…”

“I just wanted to let you know,” he replies with a shrug of his shoulders but he keeps his eyes on you expectedly.

A few seconds of silence tick pass. Your cheeks are still burning, your heart is pounding, and Murasakibara’s steady gaze on you isn’t helping at all. A nervous laugh eventually breaks forth from your lips and you avert your gaze from the purple haired male. Even without looking, you know that he’s frowning at your response, or lack of one. “I like you too, Mura-kun,” you reply in a soft voice. You really do. The purple giant had grown on you, especially after seeing him at the store day after day, and then seeing him at school too. You’re just not sure if you like him in that way, but the fluttering feeling within you tells you yes, that you do.

A lazy smile blossoms on Murasakibara’s lips and his eyes light up, looking a lot like whenever he’s browsing through the cakes your father has on display at the shop. You can’t help but genuinely laugh at this, since it’s a sight you’re used to seeing a lot, and Murasakibara merely smiles even more at you.


I ended up sacrificing sleep time so I could pull off more doodles tonight, so have a little lore:

The fuzzy elves (current official name “cynd”) are a hermaphroditic species with no concept of gender, a very different empathy/emotion and sensory processing system than humans do, and a mostly nomadic society.

Physically they’re smaller than humans in general, with an average height around 155cm (5′-5′1″), have hard claw-like nails, fanged teeth, tails, fur along their backs, and pointed ears. The latter three as well as coloring and some other features are dependent on their subspecies. (Portrayed above are forest, island and mountain varieties respectively)

I’ll post more on them and actual good refs when I get the time, probably? Feel free to ask if you have any questions on them though, I’m always open to answer!

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i feel so insecure about myself. i'm 155cm and i weight around 75kg. i have such thick bones in me and it makes me look fat. or maybe i am fat. i tried to lose some weight, but it's hard when i don't have enough motivation.

you can decide to change if you want to change anytime. “시작은 그 일의 가장 중요한 부분이다” starting is always the hardest part but after you made something you feel better. i hate working out i can barely motivate myself to do it but once i did it i feel so relaxed and satisfied.
i dont say start to work out now, just figure out what you want to change. if you can change and like yourself like this thats okay. if you decide you change your appearence thats also okay. finding motivation is always hard but dont forget you dont need to hurry or rush anywhere because you are already on the good and stable way.
people give up easily i think bcuz its hard to give time to things.

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1) Who was your first kpop group? snsd

2) Who do you ship? me and gri, 3 is a good number

3) What is your favorite song RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT? bae bae

4) Weekly Idol or Beatles Code? I’ve only ever seen Weekly Idol

5) How tall are you? 155cm

6) Who would you ship yourself with? hes not my bias but i think me and top are very much alike in everything

7) What 3 groups do you think are underrated? sorry im new i havent analized the girl groups i listen to

8) What do you love about yourself? my strengh and carefree lifestyle

9) Describe your ideal type someone deep, like really really deep, deep like in the movies who i can talk the whole night to and never get bored, someone who sees life in his own way

10) Your favorite kpop album ever coup d’etat

11) I’m gonna be super mean and ask you to choose between- Doni and Coni Doni

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i looked at your review for beautiful halo but is there any way you can tell me your size, like weight/height? i'm a bit on the bigger size and i'm not sure if a size L on there would fit me or not :/ i know numbers can be uncomfortable for some so i understand if you don't wnat to share. thanks ahead of time!

I’m 155cm in height, my bust is 94cm, my waist is 74cm, and my hips are 102cm. i usually wear a medium/small in usa clothing sizes but for beautiful halo (and nearly all online asian clothing stores, really) I have to get a large or an x-large, maybe even an xx-large depending on the clothing item. i mentioned it in my review, but be sure to measure yourself a couple times to get the correct measurements since a lot of asian clothing runs quite a bit smaller compared to western clothing sizes.

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I was a long time not at the gym and today I was and one of the trainers there literally told me I am fat, he was kind of joking, but it hurt my feelings.!I think this is really rude and disrespectfull, I am 155cm and weigh 59kg so it's not the best, but still healthy I believe. What should I do now?