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it’s has been a long time since i updated my favorites page , so i have decided to make new one so i can add new amazing and great blogs that i am following on my own blog! hope you participate i can’t wait to check your perfect blogs :)


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anonymous asked:

talk about hirohamadonewithyourshit for the url thing?


Send me a url and I’ll answer the following;;

Opinion on;

Character in general: my perfect child who must be protected at all costs
How they play them: their portrayal of Hiro is nothing short of amazing, seriously. its like i can literally hear Hiro in their replies
The Mun: we havent really talked much, but i know for a fact that theyre awesome

Do I:

RP with them: not really, ive kinda been to shy to put in a starter
Want to RP with them: omg yes! RPing with senpai would be amazing beyond all words!

What is my;

Overall Opinion: and all around amazing person and amazing RPer. 150% perfection

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

[First image: Pocahontas and Meeko in a canoe. Pocahontas is grinning almost manically and leaning forwards as she paddles.

Second image: Nakoma, shading her eyes as she looks upwards. She is speaking with a look of concern.

Third image: Pocahontas turning her canoe and slowing towards a halt. Her hair streams behind her and she smiles.]


(804): Please text me if you survive.


The 70 Best Basketball Tumblrs

(In no order; tumblrs are numbered for counting purposes)

1. Fat Shawn Kemp  (Retro images)
2. Ron Artist (or MettArt World Peace)  (Art inspired by basketball)
3. NBA Tumblr (The NBA’s official tumblr. Mostly retro images)
4. Double-Scribble (“Your daily dose of basketball art.”)
5. Fuck Yeah Air Jordan (Michael Jordan related images and .gifs)
6. Got ‘em Coach (Images, .gifs and commentary)
7. Basketball Never Stops (Recent images)
8. Kicks on Cards (ID’ing sneakers on basketball cards)
9. NBA Off-Season (Images, .gifs and commentary)
10. Fuck Yeah Seattle Supersonics (Photographic love letters to the defunct franchise)
11. Vintage Sports (Retro college and pro images)
12. Double Clutch (Commentary)
13. Hakeem Mutombo  (“An appreciation of basketball, past and present”; partially vintage)
14. Station To Station (Mostly basketball images)
15. Basketball Rules Everything Around Me (Vintage images)
16. Don’t Fake The Funk On A Nasty Dunk (Images of basketball past-and-present; incl. magazine scans)
17. Slam Magazine Online  (“The Basketball Bible”; images)
18. Kobe for Vlade (Vintage images)
19. Flight-Time (Mostly vintage images; incl. magazine scans)
20. The Grand Archives (Images; not strictly basketball)


21. NBA Gifs (.Gifs)
22. Because They Don’t Have Fours (“An Appreciation of ‘90s/Early-2000s Basketball”; Mostly links to retro youtube highlight reels, great commentary)
23. Fuck Yeah Basketball (Images from all levels of basketball)
24. F Yeah Boston Celtics  (Boston sports specific; mostly Celtics)
25. Everything Celtics (Celtics specific)
26. Sports Page (.Gifs, memes and news/commentary)
27. The Johnny Kilroy Collective  (Basketball cards; great archive)
28. Chitwood & Hobbs  (Not strictly basketball; images and commentary)
29. Knicks Knotes  (Knicks specific images, .gifs and analysis)
30. Charity Line (Vintage images)
31. Oakley & Allen  (Not strictly basketball; rare vintage images)
32. Simply Basketball  (Images from all levels of basketball; post everything and anything)
33. Balls Don’t Lie  (Strong archive of images)
34. The Hightop Fadeaway (“NBA Hoops, Hip Hop, High Tops and Fadeaways for 30-somethings.”; Mostly retro and off-court images)
35. Fuck Yea[h] NBA (“I once cut my arm and the NBA dribbled out”; Video, commentary and images)
36. The Basketball Romantic (“A Bohemian View of the Game”; Archived photo content
37. Hoop Dreams (Vintage content plus some current)
38. Get Banged On (Videos)
39. NBA Never Sleeps (Images, .gifs)
40. Basketball Fan 4 Life (New images, some retro)


41. The Score (Images; not strictly basketball)
42. Baller Shots
43. Addicted 2 the Game
44. Steven LeBron
45. Winston Wolfe
46. Skeet On Mischa
47. SI Photo Vault
48. J.E. Skeets
49. Your Man Devine
50. Shane Writes
51. Baron Davis Neck Beard
52. Bethlehem Says
53. ESPN’s The Daily Dime
54. Hoopspeak
55. The Tickr (Images, memes, videos, commentary)
56. Basketball and Shit (Images)
57. Game Action (Images, .gifs)
58. Pick and Roll (Strong archive of vintage images)
59. Storming the Floor (Mostly college basketball images)
60. 24 Seconds


61. F Yeah BBall Players
62. Hooping Is A Way of Life
63. NBA Doppelgangers (Images; “The NBA and their look-a-likes. Happily providing posts daily.”)
64. Classic Kicks (Mostly scans of sneaker ads/covers; not strictly basketball)
65. Shaqnosis (Vintage images)
66. NBA-4-Life (Images, .gifs and memes of current basketball; Retro content is MJ-centric)
67. Joaquin the Dream (A lot of off-court images, .gifs; archive contains non-basketball content)
68. The Coaching Staff
69. Point God (Images, gifs; not strictly basketball)
70. Dunks & Dimes (Images)

Special shout-out to Jersey Love (Primarily images, also memes, news):
…I’m not sure I’ve seen anything else like it: nearly 700 posts in April and 900+ in May, all but three of them related to basketball. (I’d like to tell you how many posts there were in January and February but my computer freezes before I can scroll down far enough in the archive to find out.) An exceptional batting average in regards to quality posts, too. Certainly one of the bigger collections of neat basketball content that you’ll find on tumblr. It’s a good stop for anyone who wants to see today’s best posts all in one place.

**#1-40 compiled by Dunk of Death. Additions from Fuck Yea[h] NBA, SugaShane at NBA-Offseason, and Double Clutch have been incorporated in my copy, as well as other basketball tumblrs I decided to include. Hit me up with your feedback.**

  • Carson:Y’know I was thinking, what if we uh, buy a place?
  • Elsie:Then all our stuff would be there.
  • Carson:Well, what if all our stuff was there?
  • Elsie:Then we’d be going back and forth all the time, I mean it doesn’t make any sense.
  • Carson:Okay. What if we lived together and you understand what I’m saying?

[First image: Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, talking and raising one hand.

Second image: Stefan, Leah, and baby Aurora, with Stefan looking offscreen sternly.

Third image: Maleficent looking offscreen with her chin raise and both hands on her staff.]

(740): I have a surprise for you guys

(937): What is it?