Oh Sehun with all the ladies •.¸¸.•´¨`♥•(¬‿¬) ⚐ 

Guys, for real, blogs are getting deleted. I don’t know how, or why, but people’s blogs are getting hacked or something and just wiped. I really recommend you all like, prepare for worst. Just in case. Save your theme HTML in a word document, any bios/pages you wanna keep, the works. It’s not some hoax going around, blogs are legit getting terminated. I know a lot of you, including myself, put a shit ton of hard work into characters, so to avoid all that going in the trash, please make sure you’re ready in case something does happen, alright?


Vans Women’s FYF: 90’s Baby

The 90’s we’re back and burning at FYF as girls rocked ditzy floral prints, and vintage band tees like it was Woodstock (the 25th anniversary). Cat-eye sunnies and spandex cropped tops were complimented by Gwen Stefani-esque face jewels, and Shirley Manson attitude. We can’t wait to see how this trend rolls into the fall season.

So how big is too big for a first birthday?  Are airplane rides too much?  Don’t bring out confetti cannons and fireworks?  I think I need to downsize, maybe just a cake he can stuff his face in.  And if he doesn’t stuff his face in it, I’ll be really disappointed.  I want that photo with his eyes lined with chocolate cake, and blue frosting all up in his mohawk.


A haiku from the article: For 1st Time, S.&P. 500 Closes Above 2,000 


A 1960’s Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe at the Golden Globe awards March 5th 1962. Award for ‘World Film’ Favourite Actress’