Inspired by the “six favorite pictures” things I’ve seen going around, here’s a wallpaper (1440x900, which is my screen size; I can crop it if you want me to, or otherwise put it in a different format. I just didn’t want any artifacts to wind up on it) of my six favorite pictures of Shadow.

Four of these are official pictures, and the other two (from left to right) are the cover of Sonic the Hedgehog #124 (drawn by Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante) and Sonic Universe #7 (drawn by Tracy Yardley).

This is free for use. I simply ask that you leave my little watermark on there. Thank you. :)

So I’m really feeling quite chuffed with my amateur image editing skills - the wallpaper on this site was originally 1400x900, and I’ve now expanded it to ~2100x1200 so that it doesn’t look ridiculous on larger screens (see for reference - that’s next on the list).