remember when i decided to get the shoebox project bound into a book because apparently i am absolutely raving (here is a post about getting your own) well yES IT ARRIVED TODAY IN THE MIDDLE OF A BLIZZARD AND I LITERALLY OPENED THE DOOR TO THE COURIER AND SCREAMED “YEEEESSSSS” AND THEN TRIED TO DRAG HER IN FOR TEA BUT SHE WAS HAVING NONE OF IT 

it is the most exquisitely beautiful thing i have ever laid eyes on 

it’s 719 pages of perfection 

Vairumā gadījumu mīlestība ir liekulīga: skaistas meitenes iemīlas (un no visas sirds tic, ka patiesi) džekos, kuriem - kāda sagadīšanās - ir nauda kā spaļu un kuri spētu viņām piedāvāt skaistu, izsmalcinātu dzīvi. Vai tad tas nav tas pats, ko dara ielenes? Ir gan.
—  Frederiks Beigbeders, 99 franki
Zulily: Lay-N-Go Storage Mats, $14.99!

Zulily: Lay-N-Go Storage Mats, $14.99!

Calling all parents! Today only, the Lay-n-Go toy storage and mat, awesome for storing toys on-the-go, is currently priced at $14.99, a savings of $29.01 off regular pricing! This mat and fordable storage system also comes in pink, yellow, and green as well; all mats come with a 12-month warranty as well. To find out more about this offer, click here! Enjoy!

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