I'm not a CSI fan but...

I am curious to see this 13x15 (I assume that’s the future episode with this woman whose husband is in Peru and is cheating on her)

Sounds like fun >:)

Where can I stream?

It may be healthy for my Shawol body and soul. Running on Korean Standard Time is not healthy at all.

so I just read about CSI ep 13x15 and the GSR breakup and oh my god are you FREAKING KIDDING ME.

What the hell kind of stupid idea was that? Breaking up Grissom and Sara is like a great big “up yours” to the last twelve years of the show; what a waste of six years of “will-they-won’t-they”, a year and a half of an amazing canon relationship plus all the off-screen GSR since then. Not to mention the huge GSR fanbase. It’s like the writers have taken one look at GSR, gone “oh no, you know what, Grissom’s never coming back anyways so instead of letting them have a happy, if somewhat unconventional, relationship, let’s just say FUCK YOU to all the shippers and the GSR fans out there and break them up, now that’s a good idea”. 

do they not realise what a large portion of their viewers they could lose through this?

Seriously though if you can tell me why this might be a good thing please, do let me know?