YES. This is happening.

I am super excited to share to you guys that I will be making an Artzine for Taylor Swift’s album, "1989." It will feature original illustrations made by yours truly, inspired from every track of the record. 

Like what Swift told about her album, my project is very different and brave from what I have done so far as an artist, and it’s all-out Taylor-love. 

The magazine will be available soon up in my bigcartel shop. Yes. It will be available in a physical magazine, and will be shipped right to your doorsteps. So keep updated!


instagram: @jethroianart

twitter: @jethroianart


Im sad so thought id share a my story and what’s on my mind. Like my polaroid sweater!? My grandma one of the greatest kindest lady in the world, that has passed recently, and i miss her so much , led her into trouble so now im scared my family mite loose everything cause no loan will accept us, it hurts me so much to have seen my grandma get taken advantage of. now her kindness and giving to people, and never cing the bad in anyone,has ended us up in almost bankruptcy soon .im so scared and worried i llive with my grandpa i mostly stay home and help out, as i dont have any friends either because same thing happened to me as it did to her . i was blinded by the fact that i just wanna see people smile or be happy and ill do i mean anything if it makes someone feel better. And i just feel so hurt and alone , only people i have to talk to is on here u guys and u taylor make me happy❤️i have no friends anymore, so im sitting n my room on weekends listening to 1989 so i can try to smile again and believe , things i pray will get better , when u do good things for people like u do taylor it makes me so happy, and thats a gift in itself. I will get out of bed today and try move on because are my light in the darkness and my hero and the only person, that can make me smile no one will ever be like you in years to come your so very special to me . Im so proud of all uve accomplished and am very proud to be a swiftie. Ur just the most amazing person in the world. i have a fearless tattoo i look at when it gets hard. I just feel like no one cares how i feel :/ Ill i can do is pray and wishing on a shooting star that somehow u mite see this because i love u so much i dont expect anything from u ur music alone and ur smile is enuf! But i could really use some advice to not feel so sad and lonely, if anyone could reblog this mean the world to me been a swiftie for years, spend hours a day dedicated to taylorswift thank u or message me i could really use some friends i dont have right now:/ im not popular so u guys are my only hope, swifties are indeed the best fans in the world i love u ❤️ my bday wish for u to see this as i know meeting u is too impossible. @ 0utofthew00ds mess-of-a-dreamerrr cruisinggrooving dancedaroundtayskitchen taylornation taylornationonline ialmostdo ohsoswiftly awkwardtaylorswiftdancing tree-paine trulymadlyhaylor heldyourpride zoeswiftie13 iheartradio billboard