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اليوم أكملت عشرين عام من الوجود، شُكراً بحجم الكون لِكُل إنسان مَر بحياتي، ولِكُل إنسان تصدّق علي بكلمة طيبة.

by outlawing memes, putin inadvertently became the biggest meme of them all, how ironic, a self fulfilling prophecy, such poetic justice, what a perfect tragedy

Favorite Steroline Moment - #20

Favorite Steroline Moment - #20

Well, I have a lot of reasons to like this scene. First of all, this dialogue:

“Who volunteers themselves for witchyelectroshock therapy?”

“Me and I would do it for you too.Look, let’s just say they do fry my brain…”

“I’ll kill them.”

“Right. And then you’ll spiral out of control for killing them and then, do me a favor, remind me we were friends.”

1. He makes pretty clear he’s not doing this just to protect Elena, he would do this for Caroline too. It’s Stefan’s way to say that Caroline is as important for him as Elena.

2. Stefan knows Caroline so well that he knows she’ll ‘spiral out of control’ if she kill someone.

3. He’s in danger of losing his memories again, and the only thing he’s concerned about is remember he and Caroline are friends. How cute is that?

Then Enzo shows up, offers himself to deliver the serum to Elena and Damon and Caroline gives him a look of disbelief. He sees that, and invites her to come with him, but she refuses immediately

“No, I’m gonna stay with Stefan”

Which actually means

Elena’s my best friend, and I don’t trust you to save her life, but if I have to choose, it’ll be Stefan

As the scene goes, we see the travelers starting the spell, Stefan’s pain and the desperation in Caroline’s face. She’s so worried about him, and she tries to make Sloan stop the spell several times.

“You’re pushing him too hard, he’s gonna lose everything. Stop!”

When Sloan doesn’t stop, she threatens her with a knife, and proposes a deal. The conversation between them is not in the scene, but we know she offered herself to go to Atlanta and kill the doppelganger. And this could sound like trivial in a show about vampires, but we all know Caroline and we all know how difficult this is for her. It’s Caroline, she never kills anyone. But to save Stefan, she would do “just about anything”.