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Hey sorry I sort of highjacked your post and Beekeepcain and I have been going back and forth. I know some people get really protective of their posts. Beekeepercain right though. Jared will not see you as some cute little doll person. You are a toy to be played with. I have now been to four cons and the reason Jared recognizes me is because I'm so tiny. 5' just under 130 pounds. The last few times he has seen me have resulted in "You're the little one!"

Those posts are kind of a free for all, so hijack away. Besides, you’re funny. He recognizes you because you’re tiny. What a legacy. I’m barely 5’ and about 105 pounds so yeah I’m gonna get tossed around help

My name is Maya. I’m 22 and I don’t fit into any US size really… I’m short/very curvy.

I’m 5'2, ab 130ish pds. My measurements are awkward. 38 bust (DD), 28 waist, 38 hips. I grew up being known as “chubby” essentially, because I’m nothing like anyone I’ve ever known proportionally.

But..I grew up. &…I love the way I look. I embrace my huge hips& THUNDER THIGHS! ;3 …And guess what? Other people don’t seem to mind.

It’s great seeing that THERE ARE OTHER WOMEN BUILT LIKE ME!!!!

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I'm sorry how can you feel comfortable at 500 pounds. You look like you're going to tear through your clothes and break the floor boards. You'd look so freaking cute as 130 pounds omg. It's really a shame

do you perhaps have a sexual fetish/preference that you’ve ignored and/or are ashamed of? cause your entire message was entirely exaggerated and pretty specific sooooo, just thought I’d ask. I promise to not rip out of my clothes in front of you, don’t want you to get too excited.

Todays Weigh In

Last weigh in: 130 lbs

Today: 127.2

Down a total of 2.8 pounds, which I am happy and okay with, I mean, it’s been a week, a week of me not getting on the scale, which is something to be proud of, and that’s even with my eating a little too much on Monday, including a cookie. At this rate, I’ll be at my UGW by the time I go to Disney. I just need to make sure I keep the workouts intense, keep my eating where I want to be!