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Do you think premarital sex is a sin in today's world? I am a firm believer in God and I thank Him for this beautiful life I have been given. However, I am sometimes worried that scripture is outdated. When the Bible was written, most people got married at the ages 13-16, so premarital sex was very uncommon as it was. Today however, we are much older when we get married. Do you think premarital sex is a sin? If so, why and how bad of a sin is it?

I do think that premarital sex is a sin. God intends for sex to only be between a husband and wife - not to punish us, but to make sex more meaningful and special. I do understand that people got married younger in the past, but that does not alter God’s intention for us. (Plus I don’t think we are mature enough to pick who we are going to marry and have sex with at 13 years old.)
Purity is the most wonderful gift you could give to your future spouse - if it’s the right person, they will appreciate it so much. We shouldn’t be trying to change God’s word to conform to the ways of society. Follow what God says, not what people say.
No sin is worse than another. All sins are equal in God’s eyes.
Hope this helps!
God bless xx

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We met as 13 year olds. Lost contact bc he lives in a different state. We got back in contact spontaneously at the age of 17 and we haven't gone a day without talking since. He's moved a thousand miles to be near me and we're going to get married. He's still my forever crush tho.


I hate when my brother’s friends sleep over wtf i don’t want to have to worry about strange 13 year old boys i don’t know seeing me when I just woke up……

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13 year old and a 19 year old, possible or too different?

Hell no. That’s a middle schooler and a college kid. And it’s illegal. No. Hell no.

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People really need to learn what the word pedophile means. You are not a pedophile. Pedophiles are "adults or older teens" that are exclusively attracted to prepubescent children. You have to be at least 16 to be considered a pedophile, and the object of attraction must be at least five years younger for it to be considered pedophilalia. So, a 17 year old dating a 13 year old is NOT a pedophile, and a 15 year old dating a 13 year old isn't even close.

finally.thank youuu

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I just wanted to tell you, that Sophie in her latest interview (to Town&Country) talked about the possibility of Sansa having a sex/nudity scene, and she said (I quote) "I know that if they took me in that direction, it would only be because it was very necessary. David and Dan are like big brothers to me. I think if a scene like that was filmed with Sansa, it would make them feel very uncomfortable because they still see me as a 13-year-old girl" - this made me feel a bit relaxed tbh but idk

It puts my mind at ease, at least just a little, as well! Thank you so much, Veronika ♥♥

(Publishing because I’m sure some other people will love to read this as well.)

I’m not a scientist or anything but if our solar system is like 4.5 billion years old and we have seen galaxies that are 13 billion+ years old, I bet there are aliens who have abandoned their physical forms and are quite possibly immortal.
Immortal ghost aliens.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
—  Pretty much every 13 year old who thinks racist jokes are funny