I was raised very, very strictly with Christian Science. I didn’t have a shot or an aspirin or anything until I was 13 years old. We had to go to church, do testimonies every Wednesday night. I think all religion is based on what happens after this life. You live a certain way so that when you die, things can be good. But why can’t things be good now? Why can’t you understand that you’re in heaven now? That’s how I live. I believe in God. I think that God is everywhere. Every morning I look outside, and I say, “Hi, God.” Because I think that the trees are God. I think that our whole experience is God.
—  Ellen DeGeneres

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is there a possibility of zeke being bi? or is it a common 13-year-old boy thing to be sexually interested in nearly everything that exists? i see zeke having "moments" with jimmy jr and gene but he also shows a fondness for boobs (the museum episode) so it's like HMMMMM. i wouldn't be surprised because the show is known for being super cool about stuff like that being the norm but i'm wondering what you/your other followers think.

while we don’t have too much information to go off of, I think zeke being bisexual is absolutely a valid interpretation of his character! there certainly seems to be a close (arguably verging on romantic) relationship between him and jimmy jr. so I’d say it’s definitely a possibility.

I like this idea quite a bit – definitely on board with a bisexual zeke

All right.

So Oreo here is 13 years old. We adopted her and her sister Midnight from a rescue group when they were six months old. They had been found starving in a crawlspace together.

Oreo started not eating very much. We took her to the vet. Her bloodwork was good and her physical exam was good, and the vet gave us an appetite stimulant and told us to come back.

She is eating more now, but still not like usual. And today the spousal person took her back to the vet, and the labwork and everything was still good, so they did an ultrasound.

It showed something in her GI system. It could be irritable bowel syndrome. It could be a mild form of cancer. We don’t know.

We need an endoscopy to find out. An endoscopy that will cost $1100 to $1200.

We don’t have that much in our bank account.

So. If we put some on a credit card, some from the bank account, and use my Christmas bonus from work last year, we might be able to pay for it. But we’ll be stretched to a breaking point.

I never wanted to do this, but this is my Oreo baby who always sits in my lap and who sleeps on my pillow and who loves me and she is my special kitty friend and I am her special human friend.

I don’t have anything set up yet. I’ll look into that over the weekend.

But…would you guys want to commission your own medleymisty story from your own prompt? I could see if I could find a cost effective way to self-publish a collection of my stories that you could buy, including ones that I’ve set to private on the WordPress. I’m up for any other suggestions. 

And yes, the official post about it will have links to samples so people who haven’t read my stuff yet will be able to check some of it out and see that yes, my writing is worth paying for.

My pride won’t let me just straight out ask for donations, but I am willing to use my ability to write to help my baby. 

She’s sitting in my lap right now. She says purr and meow at you.

A 13-year-old girl turned to her school for help after she reportedly failed to convince her parents to call off her wedding, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow. The teenager wrote a heartrending letter begging her principal and teachers to do everything they can to save her from becoming a child bride.

“I took an oath at the time of admission that I will not get married before I turn 18. I do not wish to get married early,” she wrote.

Read more via The Independent


Since I was 13 years old Taylor has been a huge part of my life and I will forever be thankful for how much she has helped me through her music, interviews and her kindness towards the world. I remember falling in love with Love Story and its so amazing to see how far Taylor has come in the last 5 years and how she would have taken over the world.

Although Taylor has been a HUGE part of my life, seeing her live has never been something I have been able to experience because I haven’t been able to afford it and it sucks and the only thing I can do to support Taylor is buy her albums as that is the least I could do after all Taylor has done for me. Recently I started working at MEN Arena (Manchester UK) and although I have this job I still can’t afford to see her live because 1) I only started this job a month or so ago and haven’t been able to work because of my exams 2) the money I have earned so far I have spent on basic needs (which sucks so so much). But my exams are over by 16th July and Taylor is coming here on 24th June so I will be working the day Taylor is performing and it would mean SO much if I could somehow meet Taylor when she comes. Taylor is honestly queen and would probably somehow find me and come say hi (I hope so anyway!!!) My shift starts at 5:00pm normally which is a few hours before Taylor’s performance starts so it would mean so much if Taylor did come and say a quick hi to me!

taylorswift if you are reading this please could you somehow come and say hi or arrange for me to come say a quick Hi and a hug? I know you are so busy and will have sound check etc. to deal with but this is an opportunity I may never get again and it sucks so much that I can’t afford to see you live and I hate that money is a barrier for me :( i love you so much Taylor and I hope I do meet you one day.

Love you x

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I think we all feel like babying him cus on how Jungkook acts. He acts all touch and rough but he just a softie inside. No wonder the members baby him so much. Im 100% with you on feeling protective of him cus some fans have this dislike for him.

anyone who doesn’t like kookie can come fight me because my son has done nothing but work his ass off since he was 13 years old. he sacrificed being with his family in busan, being with his friends in school, so he could train train train. he didn’t get to go to high school when all of his friends went and that’s another reason why his high school entrance ceremony was such a big deal (and makes me emotional to this day)

he might be spoiled with his three sets of parents: his biological parents, mamajin & daddy yoongi, and mama hope and papamon. (plus his brothers the 95z) but it’s not like he doesn’t deserve it. after all that boy’s done i’m happy they all spoil him rotten lmao

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Do you have a post about the fact that women rape men? I've seen it before and I think it was here. If so can you link it to me?

more than 5 million men in the United States have been “made to penetrate” someone else in their lifetime, whether by coercion, intimidation, or because they were incapacitated

In a largely overlooked study focusing exclusively on college males, 51.2 percent of participants reported experiencing a least one incident of sexual victimization, including unwanted sexual contact (21.7 percent), sexual coercion (12.4 percent) and rape (17.1 percent)

Female gym teacher rapes boy 30 times

Female drama teacher charged with raping male student

Female teacher of the year charged with child rape

6th grade teacher charged with rape of 13 year old boy

A list of female teachers raping students

Woman charged with raping man

Seattle woman breaks into man’s home, rapes him

Norwegian woman charged with rape

Cody is normal, gay can be normal jerk wads

So I’m by nature opposed to public rants and general expressions of non-skippy things. But having seen some of the Bitc-err unpleasant messages in bloody chan-of-the-four about it being wrong to describe Cody as the most normal and then make him gay, just…grr. So ignore the following possibly less than cheerful post. ^_^

The kids are fighting bloody ghosts. One of them is a serial stalker/arsonist/reporter with an enabler and a possible narcoleptic editor. You have kids who bloody duct tape themselves as fashion/gym wear. Let’s not forget someone who is literally one with the shadows. And of course an elastically faced bully with stunt man level protective hair gel. In Mayview why can’t a kid whose perfectly NORMAL in all of the aspects of not being possessed, spectral, non-psychotic, also be gay? Why can’t gay be normal again? Does it hurt your feels that a 12/13 a year old reading this and possibly being in the self-discovery process might get a positive message about their experiences being perfectly normal/ok? Were you diminished? Multiple states can be normal since its defined by a societal definition of what’s acceptable. Forgive me if I think lots of things should just be considered normal and acceptable, I didn’t realize your special-ness had been under attack. If it makes you feel better, being an entitled poop-head that feels other people’s acceptance or expression in media somehow is offensive to you personally, is perfectly normal for the states so you still have that all to yourself! And welcome to it.

On that note. A slight side to the people taking the slightly less offensive line in chan and here of, “OMG they’re 12 just fight ghosts and don’t date.” People mature at different rates!! What was normal for your personal development is not the gold standard for all of humanity. If you genuinely don’t think any 12 year old ever has had a crush/date/kiss or realized their orientation, I can think of dozens of Cartoon Network/Disney/real life examples that beg to differ(heck I crushed in Donatello at like 11-13 range which involved some awkward talks with mum and dad.).
And I’m not saying your experiences weren’t valid! Like I said, people age differently. But please stop leaving bitter “OMG they’re 12” posts. I have a 12 year old cousin who has a boyfriend. I’d rather she not hop into the paranatural fandom, see your OMG gross and think there’s something wrong with herself because of your issues. It’s ok to have a NOTP. It’s ok to want stories that focus on adventure without implying romance. I get it. We all have different puberty/maturity rates. Different reading preferences. That’s why it’s so great people can tag their art stories so you know when to walk away. So you know if it’s got a ship. It’s an AU. Set in a different time.

THERE is nothing wrong with your preference. Some people will never reach that point in their lives where they are even interested in romance. And that’s a perfectly wonderful lifestyle/orientation/position. Some people had bad childhood experiences dating or worse and the topic is uncomfortable. Others just didn’t get to they point till they were 15. And you know what? That’s ok! ‘All of us Snowflakes’ and all that. But please, you can express a preference for non-ship stories without making it sound like a 12 year old dating another 12 year old is evil, and Zach making a kid gay is perversion incarnate designed to offend your delicate sensibilities.
I presume most of you are awesome people who just get caught up expressing yourself in a public forum and a well watched tag, and don’t realize your not coming across as expressing a preference but rather passing judgement. And I’d rather not have to have the “no you aren’t a slut, a perv, or weird for dating a boy in your grade” talk with my cousin AGAIN. ( seriously I had this talk with her once because of a different fandom saying similar things. And it’s the one reason I have not pushed paranatural on her because people here post that under the tag all the time. Without, “I believe” genuinely realizing how they sound to kids reading the tag.)
Again if you don’t like a ship, a kid being gay/trans/ace/or what have you, try to express that as a personal reading/experience preference and not as a moral failing of every person who disagrees with you by relying on “gross” or all caps or exclamation marks!!!!! there are kids in Jr. High. (Or middle school depending on your district) who don’t confirm to your world view and don’t need to be made to feel like there’s something wrong with them . ^_^.

We are a great fandom of lots and lots of people, the youngest of which deserve a supporting and accepting forum! ^_^

Oh and if you think truly that non-binary, gay, ace, or any thing else that happens or may one day happen in paranatural(fingers crossed for ace, because it’s so outside of my personal experience that I NEED to read it well written so I can enjoy a fresh viewpoint! So someone write it already!!) is an insult to your definition or normal while excitedly whining about kids fighting ghosts in the next breath at least think about the kids who might, just might be benefiting from the positive exposure and think long and hard about how much it really hurts you versus how much it really helps them.

Love y'all. ^_^


My 13 year old teammate stomped dub full and dub cork for the first time last night!

Hey taylorswift I’m Aj. I’m your biggest fan in the Philippines. I’m 13 years old and I dont regret being a swiftie for how many years.

Honestly you’ve taught me how to be confident, a lot of things, musics and you even made me a lot of friends or bestfriends. I am so grateful that you existed. I was so worried that I didnt got the chance to see you here in Manila because its too far away from home. Really far. But this time I promise to myself that if you are going to do your 1989 Tour here in Manila. I WILL COME. I SHALL COME. I wouldnt waste the chance to meet my queen. My inspiration. Yeah my inspiration cause I’m in tenth honor because of you.

Taylor even though you wont notice me I will be always a swifty. Even though I will just be another swifty in the sea of millions I shall support you until the end because I love you. I really really love you because of what you are and who you are. Just be yourself because you’re taymazing and I love that. Okayy so this so long and I’m getting emo right now and I dont want you to see me ugly crying. TAYLOR THANK YOU SO MUCH. I MISS YOU SO MUCH AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUU!

Tom felton about burberry:

Tom Felton also recently put down roots in LA and felt like the event was a homecoming of sorts. The Harry Potter actor has been wearing Burberry since he was only a child and has grown up with the brand. “I wore it to one of my first ever premieres,” he said. “I didn’t really know much about clothes when I was 12 or 13 years old. It was a love at first sight kind of thing. It just fit me really well.”

Although his co-star Emma Watson has since become one of the most stylish actors on the red carpet, Felton said most of the Harry Potter cast was not very sartorially inclined. “I just remember at the first premiere I picked my own suit and I insisted that I went untucked,” he laughed. “My grandpa said to me in the car, ‘Please tuck your shirt in.’ I said, 'Grandad, trust me. This is cooler.’ And now I cringe at the pictures.”

ok but like u know what though
u can say “OH THE HORRIBLE SJWS” all u want but don’t act like the anti sj(w) community is any better
like yea, some sjws can be pretty nasty. but i dont see anti sjws criticizing / examining their toxic behaviors independently and in their community (e.g. “things that need to stop in the ___ community) and i see you guys bully 13-year-olds for their genders all the time and i see you purposely giving people panic attacks or breakdowns and you make fun of people’s triggers because you don’t care about mentally ill and disabled people
also, the majority of the anti sj(w) community are adults. you should be responsible enough and mature enough not to harass and pick on kids and teenagers online or at all???
you’ll harass somebody just because you don’t like their gender or because you don’t think their mental illnesses are real and that’s TOXIC and you cant deny that
and ive seen so many of you use slurs you cant reclaim too, and then make fun of ppl for getting upset about it when they’re the ones who are personally hurt by it
yea, there are problems in the sj community but at least we try to examine ourselves. its time for you to do the same thing

honestly, every time i think about that one time we talked about the illiad at school i remember my teacher actually saying

“achilles and his best friend, the person who was known to be the dearest person to him - there are even hints of a homosexual relationship”

she actually said that

and the most of us little 12/13 year olds where really shocked because she just said things like that 

but now that i think of it i´m so glad she did

she was my absolutely most favourite teacher ever she is such a cool person in general omg

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I really think that all of this sarada-sasuke-sakura thing will end in a kind of happy thing and then we will procede to watch the boruto movie and be happy because kishi has fucked us up worse and come up to be pretty good in the end

Im 95% sure this will have a happy end, but that’s not the point.

Whatever end we get out of this DOES NOT justify the means. That’s why I’m angry. I’m angry that Kishi did this in the first place, it doesn’t even matter how he ends it.

And let’s talk about the Boruto movie:

- Sasuke comes back, obviously, because how else would the movie work otherwise.

- The kids are 12-13 years old and and are presumably going to graduate soon if they haven’t already.

-That means that the chuunin exam probably takes place within a year, two at max, from now.

- Sasuke comes back and trains Boruto. That probably takes up a significant chunk of time.



Let me clarify, I don’t hate Sasuke and I’m not mad at Sasuke. I’m extremely disappointed in Kishimoto and the direction he’s chosen to go.

Other people may have different views on how long it should/would take for Sarada to wean out of her resentment (have you ever resented a parent? that shit does not go away anytime soon.) and come to trust and forgive him, but to me that’s a years long endeavor and not something a welcome home hug is going to fix. And prioritizing Boruto over fixing his relationship with his daughter is absolutely unforgiveable.

Things may turn out different, this is only chapter one. But the events we have been presented with have forever altered their story and the direction of their relationship and family and I am not going to sit back and be satisfied with whatever excuse he gives us for Sasuke acting so far outside of the character in the original story that Kishimoto told to us.

(I’m not angry at you, anon, I’m just venting.)

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Whats the biggest piece of advice you would give your 13 year old self?

If you’re scared, it’s okay to say no.