today’s Transgender Day of Visibility and i’ve spend the past few hours thinking about whether or not i should participate bcuz i’m very insecure about myself but everyone is so beautiful and strong and amazing and inspiring and i just wanna say that i’m very proud of all of you and i wish for you all to find happiness okay just hang in there and never let anyone invalidate who you really are.


I’m going to take the time tonight to talk about Yugi Mutou.Recently I’ve received some messages (which are most likely trolls) about Yugi saying he’s a useless character in the series.

For starters, without Yugi, Yugioh wouldn’t be here?

First. Let’s look at the forbidden Season 0

Yugi is a shy and timid character at the beginning of the series. He gets picked on and doesn’t really know how to make friends, he seems to have a type of anxiety disorder (This could totally be me putting myself into Yugi’s shoes as I don’t believe this is said in canon). 

• I feel a lot of young children, teens and adults can relate to this. This makes Yugi so important because shy and quiet characters are often refered to as “cute” but not in Yugi’s case (usually the cute stereotype is limited to females from what I’ve seen). 

He’s picked on for it which I know several of us can relate which is why representation is important in children’s shows. He’s not a really “manly” or “cool” which is one of my favorite things about Yugi.

Although Yugi is shy and very timid, he still finds it in himself to stand up to the bully when Jounouchi and Honda are being I’ll say harassed. Yugi stands up for them and puts himself in danger to help people that he considers friends even though they treated him like shit.

• I don’t know about you but I think that makes Yugi a very strong character already. These people treated him badly but he still finds it in his heart not only to stand up for them but he actually calls them his friends and is willing to put himself in harms way to protect these people. That takes courage and a very kind soul.

• Yugi is picked on for being different or (weird) but I think that’s his best trait. He’s genuine and sticks to what he likes, even though he is self conscious about himself, he doesn’t change himself to please others. 

For example, he stays in the classroom alone to play by himself because he isn’t a fan of sports. He is true to himself and that is such an important thing to teach children.

• Yugi is honest and a pure character. He doesn’t like doing bad things or hurting people. He also doesn’t like embarrassing or humiliating people. For example when Seto Kaiba stole his grandfather’s BEWD card, Yugi chose to confront Kaiba when they were alone, if given Kaiba had not returned the card. 

Yugi clearly saw what Kaiba did but he believed that Kaiba would come to his senses and give the card back. Yugi could have easily caused a scene there. Instead he chose to stay quiet in hopes of Kaiba returning the card. 

There are several instances not only in season 0 but in the manga and DM as well where Yugi (Not Yami Yugi) But actual Yugi, puts himself in danger just to protect his friends. He tries to protect Anzu several times if I remember correctly.

Yugi is selfless, caring and considerate. Not only is Yugi cute in every possible way but he’s smart. He solved the millennium puzzle on his own (which I think was really impressive)

Stepping away from Season 0 for a bit let’s look at Yugi in Duel Monsters

He’s still pretty quiet and shy, not as timid as he seemed to be in Season 0

He seems to have more confidence in his abilities 

Yugi in DM shows a lot more bravery than his Season 0 self but only slightly. He’s more outspoken I’ll say. More willing to speak up for what he believes in.

There are several instances in which Yugi sacrifices his own feelings for the benefit of others, the main one I’m thinking of is when Seto Kaiba stands on the ledge of the building where Yugi and Kaiba are dueling at Duelist Kingdom.

Yugi is practically heartbroken at the fact Yami was so willing to sacrifice Kaiba’s life. Even though Yugi wants to save his grandfather’s soul, he knows it’s wrong to sacrifice the life of someone else.

People disregard this a lot, it takes great strength to do what Yugi did. Imagine your own family member in this same situation. How many of you can say you would  willingly let a stranger, a rival, take priority over your loved one? Seriosuly.

Yugi throughout the series has made an impression on Yami Yugi. 

I recall Yami even promising Yugi to control himself more? To be more caring?

Yugi has influence on not only Yami Yugi but Joey Wheeler (Jounouchi Katsuya) as well.

Due to Yugi’s kindness, Jounouchi and him become close friends. Why? Because Yugi put their differences aside and helped Jounouchi when he was in trouble. This is more of a season 0 reference but I wanted to bring it up again because it’s fucking important.

If it wasn’t for Yugi and his forgiving nature he never wold have befriended Joey Wheeler.

Joey plays a big part in Yugi’s character development and emotional state of mind.

They are literally best friends. Look at that love. Joey helps Yugi a lot throughout DM and honestly-The Duel between Joy and Yugi is such a great example of why I love Yugi so much

He doesn’t give up on his friends. He thought of every possibility and every possible way to save Joey during this particular duel.

He even went this far as to remove his millennium puzzle to duel on his own against Joey. His determination to save his best friend is something to admire and marvel at.

Remember when he uses Red Eyes to try and bring Joey back to his senses?

He cares so much about his friends and it breaks my heart.

Yugi cares more about his friends than he does himself. Selflessness is a rare thing nowadays.

Remember when Yugi is struggling during a duel in the shadow realm? Why? Dueling for his friends? Oh yeah. Another selfless act.

Battle city. Oh gosh ok.

Remember when Yugi defeats Bakura? And he refuses to take Bakura’s rarest card because he’s not interested at all? Instead his worried over the well being of his friend? Because I remember.

Remember Yugi breaking down and crying because Joey has been Injured? And he blames himself? 

Yugi is so caring towards his friends that he literally blames himself for Joey’s injuries. That’s so upsetting to me, he blames himself. He is so upset here that he’s in tears.

 I won’t rant on this more because I’m tying to keep this short.

Let’s skip ahead now to season 4. The season I really was pissed at Yami

The Seal or Orichalcos was said to be dangerous and Yugi warned Yami and pleaded with Yami not to use it because it was dangerous. Yugi was concerned with the well being of others and what does Yami do? Uses it.

My baby got his soul taken away. He sacrifices his soul in order to protect Yami. Excuse me while I go cry. ( Not sure if this was a 4kids thing only or if it happens in the original version)

Selfless Yugi everyone. 

Yugi is so unbelievably brave for the things he does.

It takes so much strength and courage to protect your friends the way Yugi does.

It takes so much heart and love for someone to sacrifice yourself to keep them out of harms way.

Remember when Yugi has to Duel Yami? Talk about strength. Yugi said all the things Yami needed to hear, to get Yami on the right track. Regardless of what Yugi really feels he tells Yami everything needed so Yami can grow and learn not only as a duelist but as a man.

In the last season Yugi experiences the most character development in my opinion.

He has been separated from Atem/Yami Yugi and is desperate to help him in any way necessary.

When the crew is looking down on the ancient Egyptian world they hesitate on how they are going to get down. Desperate to get to his beloved friend, Yugi has no hesitation as he jumps out of the pyramid in the sky to save Atem. This was the moment I seriously fell for Yugi (no pun intended) He is so selfless and caring that he literally has no time to over think things and he charges head on to save his friend.

Yugi is constantly trying to find Atem in this season. He’s determined to rescue his partner.

Yugi has a moment where he admits his wish on the millennium puzzle when Honda/Tristan is taken over by Bakura

He is so emotional over it because what was his wish again? OH YEAH. 

He wished for friends. Friends you guys. Friends.


When reunited with Atem you can see the adoration and care he has for his friend. Yugi has gone though so much to be reunited with Atem and this, this is what love looks like whether it be platonic or not.

Everyone remembers the Ceremonial duel between Yami and Yugi. 

Not only is this duel an emotional and stressing duel but I think Yugi’s character development shines through here (as it should)

Yugi duel his best against Atem, despite knowing the consequences of winning the duel. He wants his friend to finally be at peace but at the same time doesn’t want Atem to leave. 

Yugi shows his own personal strength in this duel by matching and rivaling all of Atem’s moves with his own. He uses his own methods and relies on himself, he no longer feels that need to have Atem by his side.

Remember they’ve been dueling together for so long that the fact Yugi stands his own against his practical soul mate is amazing and so inspirational. I say soul mate meaning it can be platonic or romantic (Whatever you want)

By winning this duel Yugi realizes Atem will be leaving to the afterlife. That’s very brave of someone, to be able to go through with knowing you’ll never see one of your most precious friends ever, and it’s shown as Yugi cries after the duel. He’s upset no less but he is happy that he was able to help his friend. 

This is something I think is admirable. Something I think a lot of us can learn from.

I’m in no way saying Yugi is the only character to ever do this but for the series Yugioh, Yugi is an amazing character that has gone through hell for his friends and while I love all the characters, Yugi is one of the most important characters in the series and will forever remain my favorite character.

Also, I realize I left A LOT out but I already took up so much space soooo. Yeah. Anyways,

Yugi is most certainly not a useless character and anyone who thinks that needs to rewatch the series