What if Delta
  • Delta:May I suggest buying a dog?
  • Delta:*omg plz epsilon plz say yes i promise to administer proper care and build a firewall for it and feed it cookies and debug it every day and omg ill name it york omg plz epsilon*
  • Epsilon:Yeah. I'll consider it.
  • Delta:*OMGYUS*
  • Theta:We're getting a dog?!
  • Epsilon:No, Theta.
  • Delta:.................The model 44 does use computer-assisted aim. *i'll model 44 your ass u dream crushing bastard*

Morgan has turned almost savage. Entirely sub-human with all his traps and his thoughts etch-a-sketched throughout an armory. It was so painful to see him not being able to distinguish what was real and what was not. Carl shooting him showed how strong Carl was, and how weak Duane was. Carl was even able to shoot his mom which Morgan hinted Duane could not. Also Lori didn’t turn like Jenna. However Morgan and Rick are somewhat the same characters now. Their actions are defined by their guilt. It was cute seeing Carl and Michonne bonding. I also felt very bad for the rats.. Also Rick took that knife like a boss. I kept screaming about his hand. And Michonne’s sense of home-decor was adorable.

P.S. this episode is the only one I could compare to Say the word and Days gone bye



↓主軸ストーリーに関する感想↓ *日本未放送ネタばれあります*

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a lifelong love letter

So, one year of actually having known each other.

We talk so much about the many times our paths could’ve crossed for the first time, but didn’t, and thinking about it, maybe we were not yet ready. Maybe the first time we met, we met because it was time.

Here’s to one year of knowing one another, and here’s to us for forever, my beloved Babaa!

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THIS EPISODE??!!??!?!?! holy fucking shit. no i am totally not okay. it started out all fun and hilarious and now i just feel like crying for hours. 
and did i have to see jen’s dead body again?? my poor heart THIS IS SO NOT OKAY EVERYTHING FUCKING HURTS