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Welcome to weekly Snapshot for week 24! The updates included in this snapshot are: 

You can now use “/publish” to open your single-player game for LAN friends to join. This is still very much work in progress, so it lacks some necessary settings such as what game mode your friends will get, and if they should be able to use cheats or not. Also, the “/publish” command is temporary, you can’t even access it if you haven’t enabled cheats =)
The Ender Chest has been changed to have an inventory per player and not per world. Also, knocking down the chest will break it into 8 obsidian, unless you have Silk Touch.
The texture pack folder button now works on Mac
A lot of smaller changes and fixes (which are included in the video, thank you redstonehelper on reddit)

Want the snapshot? You can get it here:

Thank you for watching. Know of anything I missed? Please let me know.