The latest special edition of Doctor Who Magazine reviews an incredible year for the programme.

Highlights include DWM’s first interview with exec producer, Brian Minchin, in which he reflects on Peter Capaldi’s first year as the Doctor and looks forward to further adventures.

Also inside this 100-page issue:

• Features on every episode in Peter Capaldi’s first series.

• We speak to the team that accompanied Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on the Doctor Who World Tour.

• Fourth Doctor Tom Baker discusses his return to television and audio Doctor Who.

• Eighth Doctor Paul McGann reveals what he thinks about Capaldi’s Doctor.

• Orchestrator and conductor Ben Foster previews the 2015 Symphonic Spectacular.

• Inside the new ‘making of’ show, Doctor Who Extra.

• Behind the scenes at the new Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

• Interviews with some of the key players behind recent books, soundtracks, audio dramas, DVDs, Blu-rays and action figures.

• Highlights from the year’s newspaper and magazine reviews of Doctor Who.

• A round up of Doctor Who’s awards and honours from the last 12 months.

• Detailed tributes to the Doctor Who luminaries who passed away in 2014.

…and much more!

Doctor Who Magazine: The 2015 Yearbook is on sale Thursday, 18th December, priced £5.99.


This is just amazing! :D 

Shush, love Capaldi’s Doctor ù^ù 

Doctor Who Adventure Calendar 2014 - Day Seventeen

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The name Clara comes from latin word clarus, which means clear or bright and that is the exact thing, what means Clara for the Doctor.

This is from fanfiction I’m working on: 'Clara, my Clara.' He whispered. He liked the taste of her name on his lips. His always bright and shining Clara, the light in his darkness, like the ancient light of Pharos, navigating sailors through the dangerous reefs. She’s got dark sides too, like the lighthouse moves it’s light and makes shadow, but she was very very dear to him, the closest person he had. He needed her. He needed her to say to him, that he is doing good, that he hadn’t turned to evil, because it was so hard now, to recognize what is good and what is bad. It shouldn’t be but it was. He had lived a long life and had so many memories, all mixed up together. It was like to have voices in his head screaming over each other, he almost had headache. But she always quiet them.